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Shibuya Sky Tickets & visiting insider Tips

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Imagine stepping off a sloping futuristic escalator onto an outdoor viewing deck 230 meters above the pulsing heart of Tokyo. As you reach the top, your eyes widen. Unfolding below you is a sea of towering skyscrapers, neon-bathed streets, and miniaturized city scenes stretching as far as you can see.

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Your Complete Guide to Visiting Shibuya Sky Tickets & Tips

Here are the Highlights you’ll learn:

  • The best times to visit for sunset views & avoiding crowds
  • Insider tips for booking discounted tickets in advance
  • What to expect when you arrive and navigate the observatory
  • Top spots for photos on the outdoor deck
  • Fun things to do indoors after sunset
  • Getting there and making the most of your visit

Welcome to the breathtaking world of Shibuya Sky. This is your insider’s guide to experiencing Tokyo’s highest and most thrilling open-air observation deck.

From up here, the neon-bathed streets framing the iconic Shibuya Crossing shrink to look like a model train set. The towering skyscrapers of the financial district jostle for attention on the horizon. On clear days, you can even spot the snow-capped peak of Mt Fuji rising majestically in the distance.

Tokyo Tower vs Tokyo Skytree vs Shibuya Sky

Since opening in late 2019, Shibuya Sky has quickly become one of Tokyo’s unmissable attractions. Perched 230 meters above the city, the open-air observation deck occupies the rooftop of Shibuya Scramble Square, an eye-catching new addition to the district’s ever-evolving skyline.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to plan an amazing visit to Shibuya Sky. You’ll discover the best times to visit, top tips for buying tickets, and how to spend your time taking in all the jaw-dropping views.

From the dizzying heights of the Sky Stage to the futuristic touches inside, it’s a playground built for Tokyo sightseeing at its most thrilling. Ready to rise above one of the world’s greatest cities? Let’s go!

Tokyo Tower vs Tokyo Skytree vs Shibuya Sky

Insider Tips for Booking Shibuya Sky Tickets & Discounted Tickets

With Shibuya Sky’s popularity, advanced booking is a smart move.  Buy Shibuya Sky tickets online here.

  • buy Shibuya Sky tickets online up to 2 months ahead for a small discount.
  • Having a mobile or paper ticket lets you use the faster entry lane on arrival.
  • Check eligibility for discounted tickets – kids, students, and disability card holders.
  • Consider a multi-attraction pass like the Tokyo City Pass to bundle savings.
  • For transport, the Tokyo Subway Ticket or Japan Rail Pass offer great value.
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The Best Times to Visit shibuya sky for Gorgeous Sunset Views

Timing your visit is vital for seeing Shibuya Sky at its picture-perfect best. Here are some tips:

shibuya sky tickets
  • Aim to arrive 1.5 hours before sunset on a clear evening. This lets you see the views in daylight, then watch the sunset and city lights.
  • For the best chance of clear skies, visit in spring or autumn. Summer’s humidity and winter chills can obscure views.
  • Avoid Japan’s rainy season in June-July and major holiday periods like Golden Week when crowds peak.
  • Speaking of crowds, weekdays are generally less busy than weekends.
  • While the neon night views are still amazing, sunset makes for a more dramatic experience.
Tokyo Tower vs Tokyo Skytree vs Shibuya Sky

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Plan Your Visit t0 Shibuya Sky for Ideal Conditions

For the most spectacular Shibuya Sky experience, timing is everything. Visiting about 1.5 hours before sunset on a clear evening lets you soak up the views in daylight, watch the sunset, and see the city light up after dark.

best time to visit shibuya sky

Aim for spring or autumn to increase your odds of bright blue skies. Summer’s sticky humidity and winter’s icy winds can spoil the impact. Check forecasts and be flexible with your plans if needed.

Weekdays are typically less crowded than weekends. But if you want to see a specific sunset, don’t let the day of the week stop you. Just prepare for more company at the viewpoint.

While Shibuya Sky’s neon nightscape is mesmerizing, watching the sunset cast its glow over Tokyo makes for a more dramatic memory. So do what you can to see both.

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What to Expect When Visiting the Shibuya sky Observation Decks

Arriving and getting your bearings is a breeze if you know what’s coming. Here are the key things to expect:

  • Enter Shibuya Sky on the 14th floor ‘Sky Gate’ area to have your ticket verified.
  • Take the dedicated ‘Transition Pod’ lift up to the 45th floor for your first taste of views
  • Ride the futuristic sloping escalator up to the 46th floor outdoor observation deck.
  • Stow bags and large items in the lockers provided before heading out.
  • The best photo spots are by the helipad and overlooking the Shibuya Crossing.
  • For a sheltered perspective, head into the indoor Sky Gallery with its artsy light installation.

Arriving at Shibuya Sky – What to Expect

After emerging from the maze-like Shibuya Station, follow signs towards the Sky Scramble Square building and the lifts up to Shibuya Sky.

You’ll first arrive on the 14th floor ‘Sky Gate’ area. If you have an advanced ticket, use the separate access lane to have it verified by staff. Make sure to use the bathroom facilities on this level too, as there are none higher up.

From here, you’ll take a dedicated lift called the ‘Transition Pod’ up to the 45th floor.

The final leg to the 46th floor viewing platform is via a futuristic sloping escalator. Once you step off, the adventure really begins.

shibuya sky time limit

There is no time limited once you enter. You can stay as long as you want. I stayed from 4 pm until 6:30 pm for sunset.

The Shibuya Sky the 46th Floor Observation Deck

Before heading out to the open-air platform, you’ll need to stow any bags or large items in the lockers provided. Space is limited, so travel light. You can only bring your camera and phone. There is a small fee (100 yen) for the lockers.

Now it’s time to ride the escalator up and take your first glimpse of Tokyo from this celestial height. On the deck, barrier fences help take the vertigo out of the experience.

One of the best spots for photos without fencing obstruction is beside the helipad area, framed by the iconic Shibuya Crossing and Mount Fuji in the background on clear days. An official photographer is on hand here too.

On the south side, outlook points let you peer straight down over Shibuya’s pedestrian scramble crossing. It’s mesmerizing to watch the waves of people surge back and forth between light changes – though not ideal for those afraid of heights!

For a level view across the urban landscape, head to the east or west sides. On fine days, you can even make out Tokyo Disneyland’s Cinderella Castle way off on the horizon.

If the open-air deck is too breezy, head back inside to the Sky Gallery. Its floor-to-ceiling windows still offer sweeping panoramas. An immersive art installation also projects psychedelic patterns onto the walls and floor

the Best Spots at Shibuya Sky for Photos

Drinking in Shibuya Sky’s staggering urban views likely tops your list. But capturing incredible photos to share should be priority too.

Beside the helipad, frame shots with the Shibuya Crossing and Mount Fuji in the background on clear days. An official photographer is on hand here as well.

The south side outlooks let you peer directly down over the pedestrian scramble crossing below. An amazing but vertigo-inducing sight!

For unobstructed panoramas, head east or west. On fine days, even Tokyo Disneyland’s castle pops up in the distance.

If you need shelter from the winds, step into the indoor Sky Gallery to admire the views through floor-to-ceiling glass. An artsy light installation dances across the walls.

shibuya sky tickets

Top Things to Do at shibuya sky After Sunset

Once the sun has disappeared over the horizon, the fun continues inside:

  • Unwind at the lounge bar with drinks and food while gazing at the neon city nightscape.
  • Look out for the occasional pop-up rooftop bar on weekends – reservations cost around 4,000 yen.
  • Don’t forget to browse the gift shop for Shibuya Sky souvenirs before leaving!

you can move up and down between the different floors at Shibuya Sky:

  • You start on the 14th floor to get your ticket verified and can use the restrooms here.
  • Then you take the lift up to the 45th floor.
  • From there, you take an escalator up to the 46th floor outdoor viewing deck.
  • you can go back downstairs from the outdoor deck to the indoor 46th floor Sky Gallery if needed.
  • You can also go down to the lounge bar area on the 46th floor after being outside.
  • Then to exit, you would take the lifts back down from the 45th floor to the 14th floor area.

How to get to shibuya sky and tips for visiting shibuya sky making the Most of Your Visit

With Shibuya Sky’s convenient location, getting there is a cinch:

Shibuya Sky’s location right by Shibuya Station makes getting there a breeze. It’s directly accessible by Japan Rail and three Tokyo Metro subway lines.

  • It’s right by Shibuya Station, directly accessible by rail and subway lines.
  • From the station, allow at least 15 minutes for the lifts and escalators up to the ticket area.
  • Weekend and sunset crowds mean potential queuing – go early if you can.
  • Currently no time limits, so take your time enjoying both outdoor and indoor areas.

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How long does it take to experience everything at Shibuya Sky?

You’ll probably want 2-3 hours minimum to see the views on the outdoor deck, check out the indoor gallery, relax in the lounge area, and browse the gift shop. Arrive 1.5 hours before sunset if you want to see both daytime and nighttime views.

Is there an entrance fee or just the ticket cost at Shibuya sky?

The ticket price online or onsite is the only fee to access Shibuya Sky. There are no additional entrance costs once you get there.

Is Shibuya Sky suitable for children?

Yes, children 6 years and above can visit. Discounted tickets are available for kids ages 6-12 too. Just keep a close eye on them as some areas like the outdoor deck have minimal fencing.

Can you eat or drink at shibuya sky?

Food and drinks are available for purchase at the indoor lounge and bars. No outside food/drink is allowed, but you can bring water.

Is Shibuya sky wheelchair accessible?

Shibuya Sky has elevator access to reach the observatory floors. The outdoor deck area may have some limitations for large wheelchairs due to space.

Do the staff speak English at shibuya sky?

Staff at Shibuya Sky can provide basic assistance in English. Printed guides in English are also available. Having Japanese phrases handy can help too.

How’s the weather protection at shibuya sky?

The indoor gallery provides shelter if the outdoor deck is too cold or wet. But visiting on a clear day is ideal for the best views. Check forecasts before going.

Visiting Shibuya Sky is a must for any Tokyo trip. With these handy tips, you’re guaranteed to experience this incredible attraction at its very best. Get ready for Tokyo sightseeing from thrilling new heights!

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