kyoto bike tour how to get cash in japan Window in Japanese style with view of trees in autumn

5 Epic Kyoto bike tour You Need to Book

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Kyoto is one of the top destinations in Japan for travelers interested in experiencing traditional Japanese culture.

With over 2,000 temples, shrines, and gardens, it can be overwhelming to try and see it all. The best way to cover a lot of ground and see the top highlights is by joining a Kyoto bike tour.


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kyoto bike tour how to get cash in japan Window in Japanese style with view of trees in autumn

Biking in koyto tour allows you to see parts of the city you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise while getting exercise and avoiding crowded public transportation. Here are the 5 best bike tours to book for an epic experience in Kyoto!

5 Epic Bike Tours in Kyoto You Need to Book

1. Full Day Biking Tour Exploring the Best of Kyoto

Tour Duration: 6-7 hours |Price: Check price now |Reviews: 199 reviews, 5 out of 5 stars| Book Now

A Temple on the Lake side kyoto japan, Kyoto taxi tour

This full day bike tour is perfect for active travelers who want to see the top highlights of Kyoto. It covers all of the must-see attractions like the Imperial Palace, Gion district, Kinkaku-ji Temple, and Fushimi Inari Shrine.

  • Tour Highlights:
    • Bike past the Imperial Palace and through the gardens
    • Stop in the geisha district of Gion
    • Visit the iconic Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji Temple)
    • See the famous red torii gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine
    • Enjoy an authentic Japanese lunch

The tour meets at the Cycle Kyoto bike shop in the morning where you’ll get fitted for your bike and helmet. Then your guide will lead you across the city, providing commentary and stories along the way. At the end, you’re dropped back off at the bike shop.

“Our guide, Jay, was a magic. He kept the whole group smiling all day long. We met and started on time. He took us in easy ways but showed us everything we would want to see and hear.”

This is the ultimate full day bike tour of Kyoto and lets you see the top highlights across the city efficiently. It’s best for active travelers looking to pack everything into one day.

2. 5 Top Highlights of Kyoto Bike Tour

Tour Duration: 7-8 hours| Price: Check price now| Reviews: 213 reviews, 5 out of 5 stars| Book now

Kyoto 3 day itinerary Fushimi Inari Taisha 3 week japan itinerary

This small-group bike tour takes you to Kyoto’s top 5 attractions in one day. It’s a great active way to see the highlights and avoid crowds and traffic.

  • Tour Highlights:
    • Marvel at the Bamboo Forest
    • Explore the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine and walk under the red torii gates
    • Wander through the geisha district of Gion
    • Visit the Golden Pavilion at Kinkaku-ji Temple
    • See the iconic Kiyomizu Temple (seasonal)

The tour meets at the Saga-Arashiyama train station in the morning. Your guide will provide bikes, helmets, and bottles of water. The cycling route covers around 25 miles (40km) as you travel between sights across the city. It’s a full day of activity but seeing this much of Kyoto by bike is a unique experience.

“Fantastic tour. Fun and informative. Indra is the man! Riding through Kyoto was an experience in itself. The stops were beautiful and Indra’s stories were compelling & a pleasure to listen to.”

This bike tour is perfect for active travelers who want to see the top 5 bucket list attractions in Kyoto efficiently in one day.

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3. Discover the Beauty of Kyoto Bike Tour

Tour Duration: 5.5 hours| Price: Check price now| Reviews: 224 reviews, 5 out of 5 stars| Book now

The Perfect Arashiyama Itinerary in Kyoto

Escape the busy areas and see a more local side of Kyoto on this small group tour bike tour limited to 6 people. One of the best guided tours of Kyoto it takes you off-the-beaten-path to temples, shrines, gardens, and old neighborhoods.

  • Tour Highlights:
    • Visit Heian Shrine and the hidden garden
    • See the zen gardens at Ginkaku-ji Temple
    • Bike along the Philosopher’s Path canal
    • Explore the old geisha district of Gion
    • Stop at Nanzen-ji Temple and see the aqueduct

The tour meets at the bike rental shop called Fuune near Kyoto Station. They provide you with a bike, helmet, and guide. You’ll cycle for around 5.5 hours and cover lesser-known sights and neighborhoods. It gives you an intimate look at Kyoto away from the tourist crowds.

Kyoto bike tour reviews:

“Our guide, Phillipe, was super cool, relaxed, and personable. His was a wealth of knowledge about the history of each place we went too and took us down hidden streets that we would have never found on our own.”

This is a great cultural bike tour for those looking to get off the main tourist track and see a different side of Kyoto at a relaxed pace.

4. Early Morning Kyoto Bike Tour Kyoto Cycling Tour at Bamboo Forest

Tour Duration: 3-4 hours. |Price: Check price now| Reviews: 208 reviews, 5 out of 5 stars| Book Now

3-day-kyoto itinerary

See Kyoto’s famous bamboo forest before the crowds arrive by joining this early morning small group bike tour.

  • Tour Highlights:
    • Bike through the bamboo forest first thing in the morning when it’s peaceful
    • Visit old temples and shrines with few tourists
    • Discover backstreets and preserved landscapes
    • Learn about culture and history from your guide

The tour meets at 8am at the Saga-Arashiyama train station. You’ll be provided with a bike, helmet, and bottle of water. For around 3-4 hours you’ll cycle through Arashiyama, temples, rural areas, and the bamboo forest before the hordes of tourists arrive.

“Amazing experience! Ray did a great job leading us through Arashiyama and parts of Kyoto I wouldn’t have gotten to see otherwise. You take a short bike ride to the bamboo forest (which is actually pretty small) before taking off down backstreets and hidden gems.”

This early morning bike tour allows you to experience the bamboo forest and surroundings before the crowds arrive. It’s great for travelers who want a peaceful cycling experience.

5. North Kyoto Bike Tour – Kyoto cycling Tour with Lunch

Tour Duration: 5-6 hours | Price: Check price now |Reviews: 903 reviews, 5 out of 5 stars| Book Now

Pagoda Tower at Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Explore the northern side of Kyoto on this small-group bike tour. It takes you to famous temples as well as backstreets and neighborhoods off the tourist trail.

  • Tour Highlights:
    • See the large Nishi Honganji Temple
    • Visit Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
    • Marvel at the Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji Temple)
    • Bike through the Imperial Palace grounds
    • Wander the geisha district of Gion

The tour meets at Cycle Kyoto bike shop where you’ll get set up with a bike and helmet. Your guide then leads you across north Kyoto stopping at hidden corners, temples, and sights. An authentic Japanese lunch is included along the way.

“Matt was an amazing tour guide! He moved our group quickly and efficiently in order to maximize our experience. We were able to not only see the main highlights, but see the streets, eat the local foods and see things you wouldn’t normally see on the metro or in a car.”

This bike tour is great for travelers who want to see top sights along with local neighborhoods at a manageable pace across north Kyoto.

Book a Kyoto Bike Tour

Biking is one of the best ways to explore Kyoto. It allows you to cover more ground than walking and gives you access to backstreets and neighborhoods you wouldn’t see otherwise. You avoid crowded public transportation and get some exercise in the process.

These 5 bike tours offer unique experiences ranging from seeing top highlights to lesser-known local areas. There are full day and half day options to fit your schedule. Packed with cultural sights, they give you an intimate look at Kyoto that you can’t get as just a pedestrian.

So skip the crowded buses and subway, rent a bike, and book one of these epic Kyoto bike tours for your trip! You’ll see this amazing city in a whole new way.

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