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The Ultimate Guide to Fuji Day Trip From Tokyo

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Want to see majestic Mount Fuji on your Fuji day trip from Tokyo but have limited time? A Fuji day trip from Tokyo Tour is the perfect way to take in the awe-inspiring views of Japan’s tallest peak without disrupting your Tokyo itinerary.

This comprehensive guide has everything you need to plan an epic Fuji day tour from Tokyo

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The Ultimate Guide to Fuji Day Trip From Tokyo

don’t have time to read the entire guide? here are some of the key highlights:

  • Take the earliest bus possible to maximize sightseeing time on your Fuji day trip
  • Choose tours that visit Kawaguchiko for iconic Fuji views or Gotemba Premium Outlets for shopping
  • See the Chureito Pagoda, Oshino Hakkai ponds, Lake Kawaguchi, or explore Fujiyoshida town
  • Have a udon lunch, tea ceremony overlooking Fuji, or shop at Gotemba Outlets
  • Check Fuji visibility forecasts and sit on the left of buses for possible Fuji sightings

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Best time to go on a day trip to mount fuji 

Mount Fuji has a very narrow window of visibility throughout the year due to cloud cover and other weather conditions.

The official Fuji climbing season when trails are open is July 1 to mid-September.

But even outside the climbing season, you can still enjoy spectacular views on a Fuji day trip if you get lucky with the weather.

The best times of year for clea mt Fuji views 

  • October – November: Low rainfall gives you your best chance for clear, vivid views as Fuji’s snowcap contrasts beautifully with fall foliage.
  • January – March: Fuji sightings are still decent in winter months if skies are clear.
  • May: Before the rainy season begins in early June, May sees moderate rainfall and temperatures.

TIP: Check Japan’s official Fuji visibility forecast at least a few days before your trip. This provides historical data on the number of days Fuji was visible by month and tips on viewing spots.

Best time of day to go to mt fuji day trip from tokyo

Within those months, your best option is to take the earliest Fuji tour bus possible from Tokyo. Clear weather and visibility tend to deteriorate as the day progresses. Morning tours depart Tokyo as early as 7 AM for this reason.

mt fuji day tour from tokyo mt fuji day trip from tokyo

Booking Your mount fuji day trip from tokyo

Due to logistical challenges in getting to Fuji Five Lakes and limited public transportation options once there, the easiest way to plan a seamless Fuji day trip is to join a guided tour day trip to mt fuji 

These handle all transportation from Tokyo and between sightseeing spots near Fuji and are led by knowledgeable local guides.

When comparing tour options, look for inclusions like:

  • Hotel pick-up/drop-off in Tokyo
  • Roundtrip transportation by comfortable coach
  • English-speaking guide
  • Admission to attractions like Mount Fuji 5th Station
  • Meals like lunch or tea ceremony

Two of the most popular tours booked through Viator include:

Best fuji day trip from tokyo

Mt. Fuji Private Custom Tour

  1. Fully customized 10-hr private tour with personal driver/guide
  2. Visit top spots like Kawaguchiko Lake, Oshino Hakkai village, Gotemba Outlets
  3. Add or skip attractions to match your interests
  4. Ideal for personalizing your perfect Fuji day trip

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Mt Fuji & Cherry Blossom Private Tour

  • See sakura blooms framing majestic Mt. Fuji
  • Photo ops at Chureito Pagoda, Fuji Shibazakura Festival
  • Visit Kawaguchiko Lake, Oshino Hakkai spring ponds
  • Customizable based on your cherry blossom tour wishes

Check tour prices and departures here

Viator also offers small group and private tours if you want a more customizable experience.

Mt Fuji Scenic Bus Day Tour

  • All-inclusive convenient 10-hour coach tour
  • See famous sites like Chureito Pagoda, Aokigahara Forest
  • Knowledgeable guide, roundtrip transport, lunch provided
  • Hassle-free way to maximize sightseeing on a Fuji day trip

Check tour prices and departures here

TIP: Pay a little extra to add meals like lunch or tea ceremony when booking. It saves hassle and prices are usually better than what you’ll pay buying on-site.

How to get to Mt Fuji 

How to get from Tokyo to Mount Fuji: mt fuji from tokyo day trip

If you opt to not join a mt fuji tour day trip from tokyo, the fastest way to get from Tokyo to Fuji Five Lakes area is by direct highway bus.

  • Buses take around 2 hours and run frequently throughout the day.

mt fuji bus tour from tokyo

Popular Bus Tours to Mount Fuji

Taking a guided bus tour is one of the easiest ways to visit Mount Fuji from Tokyo. Some top bus tour options include:

Mount Fuji & Hakone Bus Tour (Viator)

  • See Fuji from Lake Ashi, Owakudani, and Mt Fuji 5th Station
  • Roundtrip transportation from Tokyo by bus
  • Knowledgeable local guide

Bus Tour Tips

  • Morning tours usually offer best visibility
  • Left side of bus has better Fuji views
  • Pack layers as temperatures fluctuate
  • Book tours 1-2 months in advance for deals
  • Read fine print carefully on what’s included

Mt Fuji Bus from Tokyo 

Shinjuku Express Bus TerminalKawaguchiko Station2 hours 20 mins
Tokyo Station Yaesu ExitKawaguchiko Station2 hours
Shinjuku Express Bus TerminalFuji-Q Highland (Fujiyoshida)1 hour 50 mins

You can take local buses between Fuji lake towns once arriving but service can be infrequent. Consider getting a rental car if you want maximum flexibility.

mt fuji day trip mt fuji day trip from tokyo

tokyo to mount fuji bullet train: Mt Fuji day trip from tokyo by train

The tokyo to mt fuji train and bullet train to mount fuji from tokyo:

The bullet train, or shinkansen, is a fast and comfortable way to travel from Tokyo to the Mount Fuji area.

  • To reach Mount Fuji by bullet train, you would take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Mishima Station.
  • The one-way trip takes around 45-50 minutes and costs around 4,000 JPY.

From Mishima Station

  • you would transfer to the Fujikyuko Line local train to get to Kawaguchiko Station,
  • at the northern base of Mount Fuji.
  • This ride takes around 25 minutes and costs around 740 JPY one-way.

So the total bullet train and local train journey from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko Station would take about 1 hour 15 minutes and cost around 4,740 JPY.

The bullet train is faster than taking an express bus (which takes 2-2.5 hours), but is more expensive. It’s a good option if you have a Japan Rail Pass and can take the shinkansen for “free”.

Tip: When riding buses to Fuji, choose left-side seats for the widest Fuji views on a clear day.

 tips for taking the bullet train to Mount Fuji:

  • Book early to get the lowest shinkansen ticket prices
  • Be at Tokyo Station at least 15 mins before departure
  • Store luggage in coin lockers if not checking into hotel first
  • Bring enough cash for local train tickets and expenses
  • Consider getting a Fuji-Hakone Pass if visiting multiple attractions near Mount Fuji

Top Things To Do on a Fuji Day Tour

Once you arrive in majestic Fuji Five Lakes area, there are plenty of attractions and scenic spots to explore on a day trip.

Here are top things to add to your Fuji day tour itinerary if time allows:

See Iconic Fuji Views from Kawaguchiko

Kawaguchiko offers picture-perfect views year-round of Mount Fuji’s snow-capped peak reflecting elegantly on its calm waters. This is likely the main attraction on most Fuji day tours.

Must-see Kawaguchiko highlights include:

  • Chureito Pagoda – Hike 400 steps up to this iconic red pagoda framing Fuji in the background. Go early for smallest crowds.
  • Lake Kawaguchi – Walk the lakeside path and see Fuji gorgeously reflected on the lake’s surface.
  • Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum – Visit this museum devoted to unusual musical instruments collected from around the world.
Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi in Japan Momiji Japan Autumn leaves

Explore Fujiyoshida Area

As the town at Fuji’s northern base, Fujiyoshida has plenty of culture, shopping, and stunning scenery.

Top spots include:

  • Honcho Street – Preserved historic street with classical Japanese buildings housing cafes, shops and inns.
  • Fuji-Q Highland – Thrilling theme park with rollercoasters offering epic Fuji views.
  • Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine – Sacred 1300-year-old shrine dedicated to the Fuji goddess at the mountain’s base.

Gotemba Premium Outlets with majestic Mount Fuji views

Shop Till You Drop at Gotemba Premium Outlets

No Fuji trip is complete without a spot of shopping! Gotemba Premium Outlets is Japan’s largest outlet mall with over 200 international brands.

With Mt. Fuji as the picture-perfect backdrop, shop for designer brands like Coach and Michael Kors at steep discounts. Refuel with an affordable lunch at one of 16 dining options onsite.

If shopping’s not your thing, relax at a free footbath instead!

Be Mesmerized at Oshino Hakkai Village

This small village built around eight interconnected ponds is straight out of a fairy tale. Crystal clear spring waters well up from Mount Fuji runoffs, resulting in picture-perfect views.

See traditional thatched roof houses, sample local treats like artisanal mochi, and cross red bridges connecting ponds. But avoid littering or throwing coins in as a sign of respect.

Tranquil spring ponds at Oshino Hakkai village with Mount Fuji backdrop

Where to Eat on a Fuji Day Tour

Make sure to try some of Fuji’s specialty cuisine and treats between sightseeing!

Here are top picks:

  • Hoto noodles – Hearty flat udon noodles cooked in miso broth, a Fuji Yoshida original
  • Yoshida udon – Chewy udon noodles dipped in thick soy-flavored broth
  • Udon teishoku – Udon noodle set meal featuring tempura and other sides
  • Houtou – Thick udon noodles soup mixed with pumpkin or other veggies
  • Japanese-style lunch – Typical set with rice, miso soup, pickles plus a main dish
  • Green tea – Have traditional matcha with sweets at a tea house with Fuji views

Mount Fuji area also produces mouthwatering strawberries, grapes, peaches, plums, and cherries during warmer months. Stop by roadside farm stands to pick your own!

The Ultimate Tokyo to Mount Fuji Day Trip Guide Mount Fuji in Autumn

Helpful Trip Planning Tips

Follow these handy tips for an awesome, hassle-free Fuji day tour:

Pack layers – Temperatures fluctuate widely and winds at higher elevations can be intense. Having a jacket and accessories helps ensure comfort.

Wear proper shoes – Anything closed-toed works for light walking. Have broken-in sneakers or hiking shoes if climbing Fuji trails.

Charge devices – Snap lots of pictures but running out of battery midpoint can ruin your trip. Bring a backup charger or charge phones overnight.

Download offline maps – Google Maps and tools like work without data reception which helps navigate remote areas.

Carry yen cash – Some activities like fruit picking or farm stands may be cash only. ATMs also aren’t widely available.

Use public restrooms – When nature calls, take advantage of restrooms at attractions and restaurants instead of counting on forests.

Book evening returnBooking later return buses allows you to maximize time rather than having to rush back early.

Respect etiquette – Follow rules when visiting sacred shrines, remove shoes when entering certain restaurants or teahouses, and don’t litter, even if you see other people doing so.

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Enjoy an Epic Fuji Adventure

And that covers everything you need to know to plan an amazing day seeing majestic Mount Fuji views from Tokyo!

With handy tips on getting there, top sightseeing attractions, places to eat, and trip planning advice, you have all the tools for an smooth journey.

Just don’t forget to charge your camera and cross your fingers for spectacular sunny scenes. With a little luck, your Fuji day adventure away from the hustle of Tokyo will be one you cherish for years to come

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