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30 unique Things to Do in Shibuya During the Day & Night

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Here are 30 unique things to do in Shibuya Day & night.

Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s most vibrant and iconic neighborhoods. Known for its giant video billboards, neon lights, busy streets, and world-famous Shibuya Crossing, this district offers endless things to see, eat, and experience.

Tokyo is the perfect place to start planning your Japan itinerary. I have written many helpful articles on my Japan travel blog about what to do and see in Tokyo, drawing from my experiences during my 2 week in Japan and 3 week trip to Japan. Through my time visiting the country, I have seen and done many of these top things to do in Shibuya. So I hope you find this helpful.

things to do in shibuya tokyo

The Ultimate Guide to Things to Do in Shibuya During the Day & Night

Whether you have a few hours or a few days in Shibuya, this guide will help you make the most of your time. Here are the highlights if you don’t have time to read the full article:

No TIme to read the full article? Here’s a quick Highlights

  • See the famous Shibuya Crossing and scramble across yourself
  • Snap a photo with the loyal Hachiko statue
  • Marvel at the views from Shibuya Sky Observation Deck
  • Wander narrow Nonbei Yokocho alley and immerse in retro izakaya ambiance
  • Sing karaoke at a dedicated karaoke bar
  • Shop for the latest fashions at massive malls like Shibuya 109
  • Stroll down Cat Street and wander the vibrant backstreets
  • Indulge in conveyor belt sushi and other delicious eats
  • & much more

read on to find out details and more on what to do in Shibuya Tokyo

Things to do in Shibuya Japan Tokyo & Attractions in Shibuya Japan

Below you’ll find more comprehensive details on how to maximize your Shibuya experience.

Marvel at Incredible City Views from Shibuya Sky – attractions in shibuya

Get a bird’s eye perspective of Shibuya at the Shibuya Sky Observation Deck. Located on the 47th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square (Tokyo’s tallest building), this open-air deck offers stunning 360 degree panoramas of the neighborhood, the crossing, and even Mount Fuji on clear days.

Tip: Advance booking is highly recommended (book 1 month in advance)  as popular sunset slots sell out

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Don’t miss walking across their glass floor 230 meters up to test your nerves! Advanced booking is highly recommended as slots sell out.

Shibuya Sky Observation Deck

  • Location: Shibuya Scramble Square, 47th Floor
  • Hours: 10AM-10:30PM
  • Price: 2,000 JPY adults 
  • Tickets to Shibuya Sky : Reserve Here

Witness the Famed Shibuya Crossing – things to do at Shibuya

No trip to Shibuya tokyo japan is complete without seeing the iconic Shibuya Scramble Crossing. This intersection outside Shibuya Station sees over 2,500 people crossing with every light change!

Best Times to See the Crossing: Weekday rush hours around 8-9AM and 5-6PM are when it’s the busiest. Weekend afternoons, nights, and early mornings also see plenty of action.

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Where to View: Head to Shibuya Sky Observation Deck on the 47th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square for bird’s eye views.

  • Top Viewing Spots:
    • Shibuya Sky Observation Deck (47th floor panorama)
    • Starbucks/Tsutaya Building 2nd floor by the crossing

Starbucks and Tsutaya Building by the crossing offer street views from their second floor.

Cross the Scramble Yourself: Don’t just watch – join the organized chaos and experience crossing the famous intersection yourself! Just follow the flow of people when the light turns green.

Tip: For cool vacation photos, cross while traffic is stopped and the crowds are thin early morning or late night

Try Mario Karting On Real Tokyo Streets in Shibuya- Fun Things to Shibuya

Channel your inner Nintendo fan by dressing up as game characters like Mario or Yoshi then racing go karts through Shibuya’s actual streets! Tours pass landmarks like the Scramble Crossing, Hachiko Statue and Center Gai. Just follow the rules and no tossing fake turtle shells!

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Tip: You’ll need an international drivers permit to join

Sample Different Ramen Styles on a Food Tour – Things to do Shibuya Tokyo

Ramen tours allow guests to:

  • Visit hidden shops drawing long local queues
  • Learn etiquette around properly savoring hearty bowls
  • Discover regional variety from light Shoyu to rich Tonkotsu types
  • Book this ramen tour here

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Say Hello to Loyal Hachiko – Shibuya Things to do 

Another thing to do in Shibuya right by the Shibuya Crossing scramble outside the Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station stands a statue dedicated to loyal dog Hachiko. Hachiko waited here every day for 9 years after his owner passed away, epitomizing dedication and earning the Akita breed dog national fame.

Visiting the statue is a quintessential Tokyo experience. It has also become one of the city’s most popular meeting spots, so expect crowds – though not as bad as the crossing itself!

Sing Your Heart Out at a Dedicated Karaoke Bar

Belt out your favorite Jpop hits alongside salarymen letting loose post-work at one of Shibuya’s endless karaoke options. Chain spots like Karaoke-kan offer a mix of private and shared rooms containing massive libraries of Japanese and international hits. Order drinks and snacks as you take over the mic for hours of carefree fun.

Some popular karaoke chains in Shibuya:

  • Big Echo
  • Karaoke-kan
  • Joy Sound
  • Rainbow Karaoke
streets of tokyo

Stroll Down Nonbei Yokocho’s Retro Alley

For an authentic local nightlife experience, wander down Nonbei Yokocho alley near Shibuya Station. Known as “Drunkard’s Alley”, this narrow street lined with red lanterns contains a variety of tiny standing-only bars and eateries dating back to the postwar era.

Soak in the retro, Showa-period ambiance over beers, shochu, and izakaya eats as Tokyo’s trains rattle overhead. No cover charges here – just pay for your food/drinks. A relaxed, friendly vibe makes it easy to chat with fellow patrons and bar staff too!

Nonbei Yokocho

  • Location: Only a few minutes walk from Shibuya Station
  • Recommended Dishes: Yakitori, edamame, potato croquettes

Feast on Conveyor Belt Sushi

Enjoy fresh, affordable sushi at a conveyor belt joint like the Katsu Midori chain. Here you grab plates of nigiri, rolls, and small plates off a revolving conveyor belt. Stack up your empty plates to tally the bill. Other convenient features include touch screen for calling specific orders and iPad drink/dessert menus.

With various chains scattered around the district, finding cheap conveyor belt sushi in Shibuya is no problem. Expect to pay 100-300 JPY per plate.

Katsu Midori Sushi

  • Location: Seibu Shibuya Food Floor B1, 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya City
  • Hours: 11AM–10PM daily
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Shop For Trendsetting Street Style on Cat Street

Stretching from Harajuku to Shibuya, Cat Street offers a trendier and artsier boutique shopping vibe compared to the giant department stores. Must-visit shops include vintagehaven Omotesando Koffee and youth culture lifestyle store Okura.

Combine your stroll down Cat Street with some people watching in nearby Yoyogi Park. Stop for a flat white or vegetarian fare along the way too. The perfect Sunday afternoon!

Cat Street Top Shops

  • Okura
  • Chicago Thrift Store
  • Omotesando Koffee

Browse the Massive 6 Floor Shibuya 109 Mall

No shopping trip in Shibuya is complete without hitting iconic retail complex Shibuya 109. This massive 6 floor fashion emporium contains literally hundreds of stores stocking the latest styles, shoes, bags and accessories geared at 20-something fashionistas.

Even if you’re not buying, wandering the mazelike halls offers prime people watching as hordes of lively local youth hunt down garments by their beloved domestic brands like Liz Lisa and Cecil McBee.

Shibuya 109

  • Location: 2-29-1 Dōgenzaka, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0043
  • Hours: 10AM–9PM daily

Try Your Luck at Purikura Photo Booth Fun

Pass countless giggling Japanese teens and you’re bound to spot walls of garishly lit photo booths called Purikura. These specialized photo booths offer the quintessential Japanese photo booth experience – quirky backdrops, cute AR effects and stickers to decorate your snaps with.

Most Purikura charge 300-500 yen for a session and print sticker style hard copy 4-6 photo strips to take home. A must try icon of Japanese pop culture and perfect silly keepsake from your time in Shibuya!

Buy Eclectic Goods at Massive Tokyu Hands

Looking for unique souvenirs or Japanese lifestyle products? Tokyu Hands stocks endless floors of eclectic goods including arts supplies, electronics, cosmetics, homewares and character merchandise. It’s perfect for picking up all those Japanese finds that don’t make it back home.

The massive Shibuya location conveniently sits right outside Shibuya Mark City complex, linked to the train station. Don’t miss visiting this eclectic Japanese “general store” while in the area!

Tokyu Hands

  • Location: 12-18 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku
  • Hours: 10AM–9PM daily

Stroll Down Luxury Avenue Omotesando

Omotesando is known as Tokyo’s Champs-Elysées, lined with high fashion flagship boutiques in sleek architecture alongside charming cafes perfect for people watching.

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Don’t miss:

  • Omotesando Hills mall
  • Gyre complex with cool museums/exhibits
  • Tokyu Plaza’s picturesque mirrored entrance

Join a Shibuya Bar Hopping Tour

Experience Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife alongside an insider guide well versed on the area’s hidden bars and eateries.

  • Book a Bar Hopping Tour. available focusing on sake, whiskey, craft beer, or cocktails
  • Incredible food tours
  • as you soak up the atmosphere and history of tiny establishments most tourists would otherwise completely miss!
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Explore Meiji Shrine’s Serene Forests – things to do at shibuya

Over 100,000 trees donated from across Japan were used to create this oasis of tranquility honoring the Meiji Emperor and Empress. Stroll along the gravel paths taking in traditional bridges and sake barrel offerings while watching local wedding photo shoots.

The shrine itself features:

  • Giant wooden torii entrance gate
  • Ema wooden wishes tablets
  • Iris garden (small fee) in June

Tip: Wear insect repellent as mosquitos come out sometimes

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Snap Purikura Photo Booth Pics

Pass arcades and malls to inevitably find vibrantly lit photo booths called Purikura. The ultimate Japanese photo booth experience, they offer cute backdrops to pose against before decorating your pics with tons of AR effects and stickers. A must try icon of pop culture!

Tip: Most Purikura charge 300-500 yen for 4-6 sticker print outs to take home

Try Winning Big at Pachinko

Pachinko parlors mix pinball machines and slot elements for an addictive, noisy arcade-style gambling experience quintessentially Japanese. Buy little silver balls then try winning more to exchange for prize tokens – not cash, keeping it legal! Sensory overload yet tons of smoky fun.

Escape to Yoyogi Park Sanctuary

See Tokyoites practicing dance routines, cosplaying, playing music and just hanging out ‘in nature’ at Yoyogi Park. Rent bikes and pedal past groups doing their hobby under blooming sakura in spring or blazing red maple leaves come autumn.

Tip: Don’t miss the quirky Rockabilly guys dancing every Sunday!

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

Immerse in Anime at Gundam Cafe

The neon lit Gundam Cafe situated near JR Shibuya Station will delight anime fans with its robot statue guarding the entrance and intricate Gundam ship models inside. Food and drinks come decorated with your favorite Mobile Suit characters amidst other immersive, futuristic decor.

Shop at Massive Don Quijote Discount Store

  • Spans 7 floors selling everything from snacks and toys to cosmetics
  • Costume section loved by local cosplayers
  • Tax-free electronics and imported foods

See Sakura Tunnel During Cherry Blossom Season

Cherry blossom season means:

  • Sakuragaokacho street becomes pale pink flower tunnel
  • Experience hanami (flower viewing) alongside locals
  • Izakaya pub snacks and craft beer pair well with petal gazing!

Gaze Over Fuji From Above on Clear Days

Don’t miss a clear spring day chance to spot:

  • Mount Fuji’s silhouette way off in the distance
  • Exceptional elevated panoramas
  • Bring your camera!

Try the Freshest Seasonal Fruit Parfaits

Japan obsesses over perfect produce – and Shibuya houses cafes specializing in artful desserts showcasing the finest local fruit harvests through things like fresh strawberry parfaits and decadent musk melon tiramisu when in season. Prepare for lines when word gets out!

Savor Ichiran’s Famed Solo Dining Booth Ramen

Ichiran’s customized ramen ordering:

  • Adjust noodles/fattiness/garlic levels via forms
  • Focus solely on flavor without distraction in solo booth
  • Allows for perfect personalized bowl

Tip: Don’t double dip chopsticks!

Try Traditional Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

Shabu shabu involves thinly slicing raw meat and vegetables yourself then swiftly swishing them in steaming broth to cook tableside. Shibuya has multiple dedicated shabu spots to sample this quintessential Japanese dish full of healthy flavor.

Play Retro Arcade Games at Shibuya GiGO

Relive 1980s gaming glory days via rows of vintage Streetfighter and Pacman consoles alongside UFO catcher crane games to win quirky plushies. Expect smoking/drinking here so best for grownup kids and not those with little ones in tow.

See the Myth of Tomorrow Mural

Venture inside Shibuya Station’s passageway tunnel to view the expansive ‘Myth of Tomorrow’ mural depicting the devastating aftermath of WWII’s atomic bombings over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in an emotional contrast to Shibuya’s external chaos.

Try Traditional Monjayaki Pancakes

Monjayaki resembles thinner Japanese pancake batter fused with ingredients like kimchi, octopus or cheese that you fry yourself on an embedded grill right at your table – part cuisine, part performance art found at specialized restaurants in Shibuya.

Ride the 104-Year Old Toyoko Line

Japan’s oldest underground railway takes you just 2 nostalgic stations connecting Shibuya with preppy Daikanyama full of hidden cafes, galleries and one of Tokyo’s finest old style pubs for a well-deserved post-adventure drink.

See the Cherry Blossoms in Full Glory

The cherry blossom season sees Sakuragaokacho street transform into a tunnel of pale pink petals as the branches above form a natural canopy. Pair your hanami flower viewing with food from the area’s many izakaya pubs and street food stalls.

oishi park japan

Gaze Over Mt Fuji from Shibuya Sky

Clear spring days offer elusive yet exceptional chances of spotting Mt Fuji’s silhouette all the way from Shibuya’s sky-high observation decks – though any time of year the panoramas here manage to impress. Don’t forget your camera!

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Things to Do in Shibuya at Night &  Shibuya by Night 

As the sun sets, Shibuya transforms into a neon lit hub of nightlife entertainment. Here are some evening/night highlights:

Shibuya After Dark Highlights

  • Bar hop through tiny golden alleyways
  • Check out the DJ scene at iconic clubs
  • Laugh at love hotel themed rooms
  • Try winning cash at a pachinko parlor
  • Dine along the quaint old train tracks
  • See all of Shibuya glow atop Cerulean Tower

And if you have more energy:

  • Experience a maid cafe
  • Do all night karaoke
  • See kabuki theater shows
  • Sing jazz at intimate live house

Get a taste of shibuya nightlife and hit the Dance Floors in Shibuya’s Dance Clubs 

When the sun goes down, Shibuya turns into Tokyo’s hottest nightlife zone. Iconic clubs like Womb and Camelot see world famous DJs and local party-goers alike flocking to their dance floors well into dawn.

Arrive before 11PM to take advantage of reduced cover charges. Inside, let loose as DJs spin the latest EDM beats and bartenders concoct creative cocktails. Table bookings also available for groups looking to splurge on the VIP experience.

Top Shibuya Night Clubs:

  • Womb
  • Camelot
  • Harlem
  • Vision
  • Atom

See a Show at ORERA Hall

  • Intimate underground performance space inside a parking garage
  • Eclectic music, dance, theater and arts shows
  • Quirky industrial chic vibe makes it quintessential Shibuya find

Below you’ll find more details on Shibuya after dark ideas:

Bar Hop Through the Retro Alleys

Nonbei Yokocho aka “Drunkard’s Alley” contains narrow alleys with dozens of closet-sized standing only bars, some dating back 70 years! The dim golden lanterns, chatter of patrons and passing trains overhead make this a quintessential Tokyo nightlife experience.

Must drink options:

  • Shochu highballs
  • Local craft beers
  • Japanese whiskeys
  • Sake

Can’t handle alcohol? Many places offer special non-alcoholic cocktails as well!

Tip: Bring cash and small bills as cards may not be accepted

See the Surreal Digital Building Projections

Shibuya has embraced state of the art video mapping technology to beam anime characters and seasonal symbols onto building facades in a free nightly light show for pedestrians that has quickly become a popular attraction. It lasts just a few minutes so don’t be late!

See a Drag Show

Golden Gai area near Shibuya Station hides gorgeous dive bar ‘Las Chicas’ which hosts fabulous weekly drag queen shows in an intimate venue setting – a lovely contrast to the sensory overload surrounding it. Their Latin dance evenings are equally lively and welcoming to foreigners looking for authentic local queer nightlife.

Peek Inside Love Hotels

No judgement here – love hotels provide a practical service for couples seeking privacy not possible at home due to lack of space. But their over the top themed rooms have also made them icons of fun, creative architecture.

 Spark curiosity by wandering Dōgenzaka’s aptly named “Love Hotel Hill” to see highlights like the sweets or fairy tale castle exteriors but don’t get pulled in by the touts outside establishments unless you actually want to rent a room of course!

Tip: Be wary of inflated “rest rates” – short stay prices are usually clearly listed by the entrance

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

Scream from Spine-Tingling VR

Virtual reality continues advancing by the year in Japan meaning Shibuya houses state of the art VR Zone complexes with terrifying zombie shooting games or walkthroughs from your favorite anime series that feel almost too real!

Try Winning Cash Prizes at Pachinko

Pachinko – Japan’s version of gambling – resembles a vertical arcade pinball/slot machine hybrid on steroids. Loud, smokey and chaotic yet utterly addictive. The parlors offer a central loophole system allowing you to exchange tokens won for actual cash afterwards too.

Must know etiquette:

  • Trade cash for tokens or balls when entering
  • Control balls to hit jackpots for more balls
  • Trade balls/tokens for prizes to “sell back”
  • Smoke only in designated areas!

Tip: Locals take it very seriously so avoid celebratory yelling and raucousness

Dine Along Quaint Yokocho Alleyways

Tucked under the train tracks behind Shibuya Station lie entire alleyways or yokocho dedicated to tiny hole in the wall restaurants and bars. Squeeze onto a stool at one for smoky izakaya fare like yakitori chicken skewers and potato croquettes best paired with local microbrews or sake as commuter trains rumble overhead.

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Popular Yokocho:

  • Sakuragaokacho Yokocho
  • Shibuya Spain-zaka

Tip: Cash only at most!

Admire the Nightscape From Above

See Shibuya’s neon glow from towering panoramas atop magnetically levitating elevators shooting up the brand new Cerulean Tower office complex. Floor to ceiling windows make their sophisticated rooftop Japanese fusion restaurant a prime spot for spreading out the bright lights below over craft cocktails and plates like wagyu beef sushi pizza. Just don’t get vertigo!

Tip: Make reservations online early and request window seats for best views

Experience Tokyo Maid Cafe Culture

Maid cafes – where servers dress up anime style with colorful hair, fantasy costumes and kawaii mannerisms – make for a uniquely Japanese experience combining cosplay with dishes crafted to look cute via careful ingredients/plating. It may feel odd at first but the upbeat atmosphere makes for lighthearted fun – just don’t touch the maids! Popular chains include Mai:lish and @Home Cafe.

Tip: Additional fee for photos with maids – check rules on cafe websites first

Watch Kabuki Theater Shows

Kabuki combines elaborate traditional stage costumes, makeup and performances to retell classic dramas and stories from Japanese history. Multiple theaters around Shibuya offer modern takes, often adapting famous mangas too. Though dialog is in Japanese, the visual spectacle alone makes it worthwhile.

Famous Shibuya Theaters:

  • Cinema Kabuki-za
  • Tennouzu Gekijou

See Local Jazz at Intimate Live Houses

Shibuya is the place for small live music venues called ‘live houses’ where fans and new artists commune for special up close concert experiences across genres like rock, punk, indie or jazz. Sample Japan’s underrated domestic jazz scene via respected outlets like Shibuya Club Goodman for the ultimate authentic Tokyo night out.

Tip: Most live houses charge admission plus 1-2 drinks minimums

Make Craft Beers at Shibuya Beer Komachi

  • Hands on casual beer making workshops
  • Create your own custom ales with pro guidance
  • Take home 4 pack bottles of unique brew as memento

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