Visiting Villa Del Balbianello Prettiest Garden in Lake Como (Visiting Info & Tips)

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how to isit villa del balbianello

Villa Del Balbianello is a stunning lakeside garden in Lake Como. It was one of my highlights in Lake Como and it’s absolutely stunning!

If you visit Lake Como, you can’t miss a gorgeous place. I’m sharing my tips and information on how to visit Vila Del Biabianello. Let’s get into it!

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About Villa Del Balbianello & Why You Can’t Miss it

Why is Villa Del Balbianello so popular?

Villa Del Balvianello is one of the most beautiful gardens in Lake Como. It’s located in the picturesque lake town of Lagi Di Como (Lake Como) in the West part of the lake called Lenno. It’s popular because it is the most beautiful lakeside perfectly manicured garden in Lake Como with a unique location, it is the only garden that is surrounded by water on all three sides. It’s famous and known as the Lake Como Star Wars Villa, is because it’s the film location of a few huge Hollywood blockbusters; Star Wars Attack Of The Clones and James Bond to be specific. For Star Wars: Remember Anakin and Padma’s wedding scene in Attack of the Clones? It was filmed at the famous Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como. It’s truly a stunning property and a must-see when you’re in Lago di Como!

how to isit villa del balbianello

Where is Villa Del Balbianello Located

Villa Del Balvianello is located in Lake Como in the town West of Bellagio. It’s adjacent to the town of Lenno along the Western side of Lake Como and South-West of Bellagio. The garden is one of the most beautiful and famous in Lake Como, known for It’s a beautiful and hilly peninsula and it’s the only garden surrounded by water on all three sides! 

Important Note: private vehicles are not allowed to drive to villa Bellino. You can drive to the town of Lenno. The closest parking, free of charge, is Mercato Parking in Via Comoedia in the municipality of Tremezzina, Lenno.

When is Villa Del Balbianello Open?

Villa Del Balvianello’s garden is open Spring To Fall Mid-March to January.

Important to note! Villa Del Balvianello is closed on Mondays & Wednesdays. The last garden entrance is 1 hours before closing at 5 pm. Make sure to note this and plan ahead so you don’t miss this must see garden!

Villa del Balbianello how to get there

To visit Villa Del Balbianello, since it is located in Lake Como in the town of Lenno. You need to get to the town of Lenno from wherever you are staying at, and once you’re in Lenno you can walk 30-40 minutes uphill or take a small boat shuttle to get to the actual villa. More details are below!

How to get to Villa Balbianello from Bellagio: There are two ways to get to Villa Del Balbianello:

#1-Drive to town and walk to Villa del Balvianello

# 2-Take the ferry and walk to Villa Del Balvianello. The easiest way is to take the ferry from Bellagio to Lenno.

Once you arrive in Lenno you have a few options to get to the villa.

We opted to take the boat shuttle to save the 40 min walk uphill and to get to see the villa from the water. Here are the three different options to get to Villa Del Balvianello:

Take The Small Boat shuttle to Villa Balvianello:  From the waterfront Lido di Lenno in the town of Lenno, you can get a boat shuttle to the villa. It’s about every 20 minutes and the ride is about 10 mins. The cost is 6 Euros and they take cash only for payment. The perk of doing the boat is to see it from the water!

Tip: Once you get off the ferry in Lenno, walk left for about 15 minutes you’ll see this sign and a line of people at the gate. The boat takes only 12 persons at a time so it may be 40 minutes before your turn. you can purchase a roundtrip ticket, but I opted to purchase one way and walk on the way back.

Private Wooden Boat Tour To Villa Balvianello: Have two experiences in one! See the sights and highlights in Lake Como on the iconic wooden boat, with a stop to see the Gardens transfer from Bellagio. The ticket to the garden is included!

PrivateLake Como and Bellagio Day Trip from Milan: Perfect for a day trip if you want to see the highlights and are short on time.


villa Balbianello boat shuttle

If you opt to walk to Villa Balvianello: there are 2 routes to get to the villa

– one is a short 1km  20 min walk but it is all uphill

– the other is a 45 minutes hike moderately uphill. Check out the photo above for reference of the route.

Buying Tickets to Villa Del Balbianello

villa del balbianello price

To visit the gardens at Villa Del Balbianello you need to book your tickets in advance to avoid long ticket queues! Note, when purchasing tickets online you have to select a time slot and go at the time slot.

You can purchase tickets at the door but there will be a long line and the tickets do sell out during the busy summer season. So book in advance and skip the line if you want to see the inside of the villa as you need to go on a tour and pre-book those.

Word of advice, book your ticket online and go during the first opening slot at 11 or 5 pm before sunset to avoid the crowds. Or book this 2-for-1 tour of Lake Como and the Gardens and arrive in style and comfort!

Ticket Prices & Cost to Villa Balbianello:

Guided tour + garden Villa Del Balbianello Ticket is $23 (reservations and pre-booking required)

The Garden-only Villa Del Balbianello Tickets are $12( and can be reserved online or purchased at the door.)

The Villa & Guide Villa Tour

The garden is spectacular! Give yourself 2 hours to see the sights and photo ops. It’s not necessary to go inside the villa. I didn’t go inside the villa but it’s worth it if you want to learn about the history of the villa and see the inside. The villa tour sells out, it was completely sold out when I went, so if that’s your plan definitely plan ahead.

The Garden Only Ticket

This is the most popular option, although you don’t have to reserve a ticket in advance, I’d suggest you do! Or better yet book this awesome tour and see the highlights of the lake on an iconic wooden boat and arrive at the villa in style!

If I had to do it again, to save money and time I’d book the wooden boat + garden entrance tour and combine the two, instead of doing the boat tour separately, I found that you see the same sights and the boat tour does stop at the villa. It would have saved us from having to take the ferry and wait 40 minutes for the smaller boat to the villa! Check the prices of the tour here:

What Time Of The Day Should you Visit Villa Del Balbianello?

I’d suggest when it’s least busy, early when they open at 10 am before they close. We elected to go when it’s sunniest at 3pm. We had to coordinate the ferry schedule and it worked out 

What to Expect when Visiting Villa Balbianello

  • Expect long lines to the ticket booth, boat shuttle, and the toilette.
  • Expect large crowds as it is a very popular attraction
  • It will take 2-3 hours to see the villa
  • There is a small store that sells ice cream, water, and souveniers.
  • wear comfortable shoes
  • no drones are permitted
  • expect to wait for photo opportunities, but from experience, if you wait a few minutes the crowd tends to clear out and you have your chance to take your photos!

Tips for Vising Villa Del Balbianello

  • book your tickets in advance online, you will need to select a time slot
  • book your inside villa tour in advance they cannot be purchased at the door because they sell out
  • Book a tour on a private wooden boat and see Villa Balbianello in style
  • credit cards and cash are both accepted at the gate and souvenir store
  • arrive early or the last tour to avoid the crowds
  • bring cash if you are planning to take the boat shuttle to the gardens
  • wear comfortable shoes the walk is downhill/uphill to/from the ferry
  • look up what time the last ferry leaves Lenno! Take the ferry before the last as many ferries are too full and they will not let you board and if it’s the last one, you will be left to hire an expensive taxi to get back to your hotel.
  • Villa Del Balbianello does have private events and is a popular wedding venue. If you have 30K to pay for the venue you too can have your ceremony here!
  • It’s a popular destination for couples taking wedding photos

Reserve your tour now and secure your date, as tours and tickets will sell out, easily cancel if your plans change!


From my experience, it is busy at the gardens and depending if you do a tour of the inside of the Villa or just gardens, I’d say 2.5 -3 hours is sufficient.

Yes! Dogs are allowed on leashes. I saw many dogs when i visited.

Still have questions?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always ask in the comments below!

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