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8 Awesome tips for planning a travel budget

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here are some of my tops tips for planing a travel budget

8 tips for planning a travel budget

1. Estimate costs for flights/transportation, lodging, food, activities, incidentals.

Research average prices online for your destinations. Be thorough – costs add up quickly. Include transportation between cities/countries, not just main flight.


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tips for planning a travel budget:

2. Determine your daily budget

Divide total budget by number of trip days. This gives you a daily spending aim. Helps ensure costs don’t balloon beyond original budget.

3. Use spending spreadsheets

Make a customized Google Sheet to allocate estimated amounts to each travel expense category per day of trip. Tally totals to ensure on target.

4. Build in buffer for unexpected

It’s wise to add 10-20% padding to your total budget for unanticipated expenses. Flights delays, travel illness and other surprises happen.

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South America

5. Be strategic with fixed vs variable costs

Minimize large fixed costs like flights and hotels where possible. This frees up more per day for activities/food which can be adapted based on preferences/deals.

6. Watch currency exchange rates

If visiting multiple countries, understand current exchange rates between your home currency, destination currencies and between destinations. Exchange rates impact purchasing power.

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Kyoto Japan

7. Withdraw cash strategically

Use ATMs at your arrival airport to secure local currency. Ask if your bank refunds international ATM fees or consider travel credit cards with no foreign transaction fees.

8. Splurge selectively

Balance blowing your daily budget on expensive meals with grabbing groceries to picnic at a market. Mix indulgent activities with free walking tours.

Staying disciplined while allowing some special extras keeps costs reasonable without feeling deprived on your custom international adventure

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Best Travel Resources for your trip

more helpful travel resources

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