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25 Cool Japanese Words to Know

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japanese cool words

Here is a list with 25 cool Japanese words:

1. Oyasuminasai (お休みなさい)

Meaning: Good night. Sentence: Oyasuminasai, asu mo ganbatte kudasai. – Good night, do your best again tomorrow. おやすみなさい .

2. Mawaru (回る)

cool japanese words Meaning: To spin/turn around. Sentence: Tonde mawaru tsubasa. – Wings that fly and spin. まわる


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cool japanese words

3. Omoi (重い)

Meaning: Heavy in weight. Sentence: Kono box wa tottemo omoi desu. – This box is very heavy. おもい

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4. Wabi (侘)

Meaning: Simple and unadorned beauty. Sentence: Sono ie ni wa wabi ga kanjimasu. – I feel the simple beauty of that house. わび

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5. Yūrei (幽霊)

cool japanese words Meaning: Ghost, spirit. Sentence: Sono yashiki ni wa yūrei ga iru rasii. – I heard that mansion is haunted. ゆうれい

6. Setsunai (切ない)

Meaning: Sad, heartbreaking. Sentence: Kono eiga wa totemo setsunai desu. – This movie is very heartbreaking. せつない

7. Kitsune (狐)

Meaning: Fox. Sentence: Kitsune wa kakkoii dōbutsu desu. – Foxes are cool animals. きつね

8. Osewa ni narimasu (お世話になります)

Meaning: Thank you for taking care of me. Sentence: Kyō wa osewa ni narimashita. – Thank you for taking care of me today. おせわになります

9. Namae (名前)

Meaning: Name. Sentence: O namae wa nan desu ka. – What is your name? なまえ

10. Akarui (明るい)

Meaning: Bright, cheerful. Sentence: Kare wa totemo akarui hito da. – He is a very bright and cheerful person. あかるい

11. Fukuro (袋)

Meaning: Bag, sack. Sentence: Kono fukuro ni nani ga haitte imasu ka. – What’s inside this bag? ふくろ

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12. Nigiyaka (にぎやか)

Meaning: Lively, bustling with activity. Sentence: Kono machi wa totemo nigiyaka desu. – This town is very lively. にぎやか

13. Ikebana (生け花)

Meaning: Japanese flower arrangement. Sentence: Ikebana no jugyō ni sankashimasu. – I will participate in an ikebana lesson. いけばな

14. Nemuri (眠り)

Meaning: Sleep. Sentence: Yoi nemuri o otte kudasai. – Please get a good sleep. ねむり

15. Tanoshii (楽しい)

Meaning: Fun, enjoyable. Sentence: Kyou wa tanoshii hi deshita. – Today was an enjoyable day. たのしい

16. Ocha (お茶)

Meaning: Tea, green tea. Sentence: Ocha o ipai kudasai. – One cup of green tea, please. おちゃ

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17. Sakura (桜)

Meaning: Cherry blossom. Sentence: Sakura ga saite imasu. – The cherry blossoms are in bloom. さくら

18. Douzo (どうぞ)

Meaning: Please, go ahead. Sentence: Douzo ohairi kudasai. – Please come in. どうぞ

19. Noren (暖簾)

Meaning: Shop curtain. Sentence: Akai noren no mise ga suki desu. – I like shops with red curtains. のれん

20. Zabuton (座布団)

Meaning: Floor cushion for sitting. Sentence: Zabuton no ue ni suwatte kudasai. – Please sit on the zabuton. ざぶとん

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21. Arigatou (有難う)

Meaning: Thank you. Sentence: Okagesamade, arigatou gozaimasu. – Thanks to you, thank you very much. ありがとう

22. Obon (お盆)

Meaning: Lantern Festival to honor ancestors. Sentence: Obon wa natsu ni arimasu. – Obon takes place in the summer. お盆

23. Kachou (課長)

Meaning: Section chief at work. Sentence: Watashi no kachou wa yasashii hito desu. – My section chief is a kind person. かちょう

25. Otsukii (おつきい)

Meaning: Moon viewing. Sentence: Tsuki o nagameyou, otsukii da yo. – Let’s look at the moon, it’s moon viewing time. おつきい

26. Sensei (先生) –

Meaning: Teacher, doctor. Sentence: Sensei wa eigo o oshiekuremashita. – The teacher taught me English. せんせい

27. カッコいい (kakkoii)

Japanese word that means cool in japanese

カッコいい (kakkoii)

かっこ (kakko) – means “coolness” or to be cool

いい (ii) – means good

So put together, カッコいい (kakkoii) directly translates to “cool”, “awesome”, or “rad” in English.

Some examples of using it in a sentence:

  • あの映画はとてもカッコいい。(Ano eiga wa totemo kakkoii.) – That movie is very cool.
  • 彼女はカッコいい服をよく着る。(Kanojo wa kakkoii fuku o yoku kiru.) – She often wears cool clothes.
  • 兄のバイクはカッコいい。(Ani no baiku wa kakkoii.) – My brother’s motorbike is cool.

So in Japanese, just like in English, you can use カッコいい (kakkoii) to say something or someone is cool, awesome, exciting or stylish

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