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 visiting Wet Stories Santorini Beach Club in Perivolos Beach

Santorini, Greece

by Coco Tran On September 8, 2023

wet stories santorini
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Looking to visit Wet Stories in Santorini and want to know what to expect? I visited Wet Stories and I have all the details and tips to help you make your visit to Wet Stories Santorihni the best one yet.

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 visiting Wet Stories Santorini in Perivolos Beach

Known for its stunning black sand beaches, sprinkled along the shoreline you’ll find some of the best seaside restaurants in Santorini,  laidback with deep house music blasting at beach bars in Santorini, and some of the best beach bars Santorini offers.

The island’s eastern shoreline along Perivolos Beach has some of the best beach clubs to spend an afternoon in. With its unique black sand beach, buzzing beach clubs, and laidback surfer vibe, Perivolos offers a taste of Santorini from a whole different perspective. 

One spot not to miss when visiting Perivolos Beach is Wet Stories Beach Club & Beach Bar, known locally as just “Wet Stories.” One of the hottest beach clubs in Santorini, part restaurant, and part cocktail bar located right on the beach. 

Wet Stories is a chill beach bar in Santorini, a favorite hangout spot among both tourists and locals alike. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of a visit to this exciting beach bar Santorini has.

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

Getting To Wet Stories From Oia  perivolos beach santorini

Since you’ll most likely stay in the cliffside villages of Oia, Fira, and Imerovigli up on the island’s west coast, getting to Perivolos Beach on the east side takes a bit of logistics.

The easiest way is to take the local island bus, which runs regularly down the coastline and throughout Santorini. 

Buses depart about every 30 minutes from the main station just off the central square in Oia. Tickets cost around 2 euro per person each way (cash only) you pay on the bus.

 The windy bus ride from Oia to Perivolos Beach takes around 35-40 minutes depending on traffic. Be sure to pay attention to where the bus stops near the beach, as there are a few different stops stretched out along the length of the shoreline.

The bus stop directly in front of Wet Stories is called Paradise Beach or Perivolos Central Stop. Don’t miss it like we did or you’ll have to trek on foot for about 15 minutes.

Another option is booking a taxi, which takes about half the time as the bus but costs considerably more. The approximate taxi fare between Oia and Perivolos Beach runs 25-30 euro each way.

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Taxis can be arranged through your hotel or flagged down along Oia’s main walking street. Be sure to settle on a fixed rate before departing. 

You can also rent cars or ATVs to explore Santorini on your own timeline. This gives the freedom to stop at attractions and viewpoints along the way.

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Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

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Just be ready to navigate Santorini’s narrow roads and tight parking! I like to rent my car and quads from Discover Cars for the flexibility and best prices. You can check rates and reserve here.

Arriving at Wet Stories peribolos beach Santorini what to expect

Once you’ve reached Perivolos, locating Wet Stories takes just a minute or two of walking along the shoreline. Look for the rows of sunbeds and umbrellas lining the black sand beach, as well as the sign for the Paradise Beach bus stop and a wooden sign that says “wet stories”.

Wet Stories occupies a prime beachfront spot in the heart of Perivolos, with its open-air beach bar extending right up to the water’s edge.

Despite its central location, everything at Wet Stories feels laidback and low key. Deep house music sets a relaxed vibe as you kick off your shoes and feel the soft black sand between your toes. The smell of coconut sunscreen mingles with the breeze coming off the waves.

Flag-printed beach towels and surfboards prop against sunny yellow umbrellas. Simply put, Wet Stories is an ideal place to settle in for some beachside chilling and lowkey day club partying.

Choosing Your Spot at Wet Storie Santorini beach club

One main attraction at Wet Stories is the plentiful seating options available right on Perivolos Beach. You can simply lay out a towel and make yourself at home, or claim a sunbed with an umbrella by purchasing a drink at the bar.

Prices are around 60 euro for a sunbed and 80+ euro for a superior front-row sunbed closer to the water. 

Another option is reserving a luxurious canopy daybed at Wet Stories, which provides next-level comfort and privacy.

Wet Stories Santorini daybed prices

Canopy beds start at 60 euro, while upgraded VIP beds with bottle service and food are 125 euro and up. If you’re planning an all-day beach party, consider the 350 euro minimum spend for a dedicated VIP area with beds, umbrellas, and servers attending to your group.

Tipping is appreciated and we left about 15% which is more than the standard in Europe. 

TIP: Just be sure to stake your claim early during peak summer months, when both tourists and locals flock here to soak up the rays along Santorini’s beautiful black sand coastline.

You can make reservations ahead of time online, or you can take your chance and show up without a reservation and eat at the restaurant while you wait for a sunbed to open up. It’s best to get here before noon if you chose to walk in without a reservation as during peak summer times it’s often sold out.

Cocktails at Wet Stories seaside Restaurant Santorini 

Of course, no day at the beach is complete without good food and drink. Luckily Wet Stories offers an all-day menu of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine focusing on fresh seafood and locally-sourced ingredients.

Light dishes like salads, sandwiches, and appetizers are perfect for a lazy afternoon, or sit down for a full meal of moussaka, grilled meats, souvlaki, and seafood pastas. Prices range from about 8 to 35 euro per person.

Wet stories santorini menu

The drink menu emphasizes fruit-infused cocktails, sangrias, mojitos, frozen daiquiris, and craft beers. Or keep it simple with coffee, fresh juices, sodas, and smoothies.

Wet Stories Santorini Restaurant Menu

At night, the vibe shifts to a lively bar scene with DJs spinning and the drinks flowing. No matter when you visit, the Wet Stories staff provides friendly service paired with laidback island hospitality.

Santorini Wet Stories Restaurant menu

santorini Beach Club Activities 

In addition to wining, dining, and sunbathing, Wet Stories offers a full range of beach activities to entertain. The most popular way to experience the Wet Stories Santorini is by renting a sunbed with an umbrella or a VIP daybed complete with shade canopy, placed right at the water’s edge. You can order bottle service, drinks, or food to have at your beach 

Ending the Day Right 

As the sun begins to descend toward the horizon, the beach scene comes alive. People gather to watch the glowing sunset over the Aegean Sea with fruity cocktails in hand. Further inland, several great restaurants and beach clubs light up along Perivolos’ main street.

Continue the night by exploring the strip’s lively bar, club, and restaurant scene, or head back toward Fira and Oia to enjoy those famous Santorini sunsets.

After a day spent soaking up the sun, sipping drinks, diving into the clear water, learning to surf, and simply unwinding the way only a Greek island can provide, you’re sure to leave Perivolos Beach feeling refreshed and recharged.

Making Wet Stories part of your Santorini itinerary provides a one-of-a-kind way to experience the island’s ruggedly beautiful black sand beaches. With its ideal setting, activities for all interests, delicious food and cocktails, and welcoming atmosphere, Wet Stories is undoubtedly Santorini’s most exciting surfside hangout.

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