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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Oishi Park Japan For The Best View Of Mt Fuji

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Have you seen photos of vibrant lavender fields set against the backdrop of Mount Fuji and wondered where this magical place is?

Look no further than Oishi Park Japan also known as the Fuji Flower Park in Japan a scenic spot located on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Oishi Park offers spectacular panoramic views of Mount Fuji and the lake it is a popular photo spot to capture Mt Fuji. along with flower-filled promenades that burst into different colors with each passing season. It’s especially famous for its summer lavender blooms, which transform the landscape into a sea of gentle purple.

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I visited Oishi Park in November in the Fall and the view of Mt Fuji was incredible. In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know, from the best times to visit and how to get there, to the top things to do once you arrive. I also share insider tips throughout this guide to help make your trip smooth and memorable.

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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Oishi Park Japan For The Best View Of Mt Fuji

No Time to Read? Here Are the Highlights of Oishi Park 

For those short on time, here is a quick overview of Oishi Park’s top attractions and key information:

  • Offers views of both Lake Kawaguchi and Mt. Fuji in one stunning panorama
  • Book a Private Car Tour to Oishi Park
  • Famous for its 350m “Flower Street” promenade lined with seasonal blooms
  • Lavender fields with Mt. Fuji views draw crowds during June-July Herb Festival
  • Other floral highlights: tulips, moss phlox, kochia
  • Winter illuminations from December-January
  • Facilities like produce market, cafes, and jam-making workshops on site
  • Accessible by direct bus from Kawaguchiko Station in 30 minutes
  • Entry to park and most attractions are free

Keep reading or jump ahead to a section for the full scoop. Now let’s explore magnificent Oishi Park

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran https://cocotran.com/visiting-oishi-park-japan/

The Majestic Scenery of Lake Kawaguchi with Mt. Fuji at Oishi park kawaguchiko 

There’s no doubt about it—the stunning views are what make Oishi Park so special. As soon as you arrive, you’re greeted with vistas showing both Lake Kawaguchi stretching out before you and mighty Mt. Fuji towering in the distance.

It’s rare to find a spot that offers such an incredible two-in-one landscape. The park sits on Kawaguchi’s northern shore, with clear sightlines across the water to Fuji-san on sunny days. These picture-perfect scenes have made Oishi Park a hugely popular place to soak up the scenery and capture photos to remember.

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The park also appeals to visitors who want comfortable access to iconic Lake Kawaguchiko Park and its world-famous views of Mt. Fuji. Kawaguchiko is the most easily accessed and developed of the Fuji Five Lakes for tourism, so Oishi Park serves as an ideal scenic spot in a convenient location.

Be sure to explore the park for different angles of the landscape as you stroll the pathways. For example, several open viewpoints along the Flowery Path give unobstructed panoramas over the lake and mountain vistas beyond. The endless photogenic backdrops make every turn you take eye-catching!

Seasonal Flower Gardens for Every Tourist Season

If the views weren’t enough, Oishi Park also delights visitors with its 350-meter “Flower Street” bursting with blossoms that change throughout the seasons. As you walk this vibrant promenade, you can admire floral landscapes backed by the magnificent lake and mountain panorama.

Time your trip for spring cherry blossoms at Mt Fuji Park :

  • Catch peak blooms in early April
  • Contrast pink flowers with still snow-capped Fuji views
  • Oishi Park Early April: Cherry blossoms, tulips, daffodils, rapeseed flowers

Here’s what’s blooming and when at Mt Fuji Lake Kawaguchi Oishi Park Japan:

  • Oishi Park Late April: Tulips, daffodils, rapeseed flowers
  • Oishi Park Early May: Carpets of pink moss phlox
  • Oishi Park Late June – Mid-July: Lavender Fields and Herb Festival
  • Oishi Park August – Early October: Vibrant 130m-long begonia waterfall
  • Oishi Park October: Kochia bushes turn bright red
  • Oishi Park November
  • Oishi Park Winter: Seasonal illuminations
Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran https://cocotran.com/visiting-oishi-park-japan/

Tip: Come to Oishi Park early in the morning or late afternoon when conditions for seeing Mt. Fuji are best. Midday haze can make the mountain disappear into the clouds.

The variety means you’ll discover different floral sights on each visit. For many tourists, the summer lavender is the highlight. Oishi Park even serves as the main venue for Yamanashi’s popular Kawaguchiko Herb Festival held annually during peak lavender season from late June to mid-July.

The fields attract tons of visitors who want to capture the iconic images of purple flowers with Mt. Fuji soaring behind them. You’ll often spot people doing all kinds of creative photo shoots amidst the scented blooms!

Tip: Visit the live camera for Oishi Park online to check the blooming status before you go.

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Top Things To Do at Oishi Park Japan things to do 

Beyond its beautiful landscapes, Oishi Park has a surprising variety of attractions and activities. Many offer ways to fully immerse yourself in the area’s nature, culture, and hometown industries:

  • Walk the promenades – Stroll through blooming pathways and gardens.
  • DIY jam workshop – Make blueberry jam at the Natural Living Center.
  • Fruit-picking – Pick your own local cherries, blueberries, and tomatoes by season. Reservations required.
  • Shop at Oishi-Ya farm stand – Buy freshly harvested produce straight from neighborhood fields.
  • Have tea with a view – Sip and relax at the Cafe With a View of Mt. Fuji.
  • Capture perfect photos – Pose amidst flowers, lake, and mountain backdrops.
  • Marvel at winter lights display – See colorful illuminations and light art installations.

With so much to experience, you can easily spend hours exploring Oishi Park. Pop into the Natural Living Center to find out about special events happening during your stay too.

Tip: Try to coordinate your visit with the fruit harvesting seasons to join a picking tour—it’s a fun, hands-on activity for all ages!

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran https://cocotran.com/visiting-oishi-park-japan/

how to get to oishi park japan to see mt fuji

Reaching Oishi Park is simple thanks to its location beside the famous Lake Kawaguchi. Here are the easiest transportation options for visitors:

By Bus from Kawaguchiko Station to Oishi Park:

  • Direct line from station to park
  • 30-minute ride
  • Get off at Kawaguchiko Shizen Seikatsu-kan bus stop
  • Timetables here

how to get to Oishi Park Sfrom Kawaguchiko:

  1. Catch the bus from Kawaguchiko Station. You’ll see the Retro Bus station in front of the train station.
  2. Look for the green Kawaguchiko Line bus heading towards “Kawaguchiko Shizen Seikatsu-kan”. This is the direct line to Oishi Park. There are two lines that run around Lake Kawaguchiko the Red and Blue Line. 
  3. The bus ride takes approximately 30 minutes. Scenic views of Lake Kawaguchiko, so sit on the right side for the best experience!
  4. Get off at the last stop called “Kawaguchiko Shizen Seikatsu-kan”. This stop is right beside the park entrance.
  5. Walk just a few steps into Oishi Park and you’ll be greeted by the majestic views of Mt Fuji and colorful blooming landscapes!

Tip: The lines for the buses are extremely long. Make sure you get in the correct line! You can ask the conductors or people in line.

Pro Tip: There are coin locker stations at Kawaguchiko station. They take only coins so make sure you have 500 and 200 yen coins handy. 

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran https://cocotran.com/visiting-oishi-park-japan/

How To Get to Oishi Park Driving

By Car:

You can also access the park on foot or bike from nearby lodging around Kawaguchiko, as it runs along the lake’s shoreline.

Good to Know Before Visiting Oishi Park Japan to See Mt Fuji

  • Oishi park entrance fee: Entry to Oishi Park is free
  • Most attractions and experiences have no admission costs
  • Wifi access inside Natural Living Center only
  • Vending machines, shops, and restaurants on site
Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran https://cocotran.com/visiting-oishi-park-japan/

Oishi Park Opening Hours and Days

Oishi Park is open year-round and can be accessed at any time during your visit to the Kawaguchiko area. The pathways and gardens are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So you have the flexibility to see Oishi Park’s landscapes and views of Mt Fuji at any moment – whether at sunrise, during the day, at sunset, or even late at night under illuminated walkway lights.

Here are the operating hours for major park facilities:

Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center

Open everyday: 9AM–5PM

Café at Mt Fuji View Terrace

Open everyday: 10AM-4PM

  • Light meals and beverages like coffee, tea, soft drinks
  • Famous for raisin sandwich with fluffy whipped cream (best during autumn grape harvests)
  • Winter drinks menu features hot apple cider, Fuji apple pie lattes
  • Spring Sakura parfaits topped with cherry blossoms
Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran https://cocotran.com/visiting-oishi-park-japan/

Oishi Park Café view of Mt Fuji

Open everyday: 10AM–4PM

  • Quick bites like sandwiches, soft serve
  • Summer coolers with local blueberry syrup and mint
  • Hot cocoa and baked sweet potatoes in winter months
  • Lineup of cherry blossom themed desserts in spring

Tip: Popular for its purple-hued blueberry and lavender soft serve (available during lavender bloom season from late June to mid July)

  • The café serves the unique purple ice cream made from local dairy and extracts of the blooming lavenders when they are at their peak in early summer.It’s a hugely popular item only available for a limited window, so visitors timing their trip to Oishi Park during the Kawaguchiko Herb Festival won’t want to miss a signature scoop!

Kitchen Fujiyama View Restaurant

Sun-Thu: 11AM–7PM Fri-Sat: 11AM–9PM

  • Hearty dining with curry rice bowls, thin-crust pizza
  • Made-to-order stone oven pizzas with seasonal toppings like spring asparagus, heirloom tomatoes in late summer, chestnuts and kabocha squash in autumn
  • Fuji apple harvest menu in fall – ciders, salads, apple creme brulee
Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran https://cocotran.com/visiting-oishi-park-japan/

Oishi-Ya Farm Stand

Open everyday: 10AM–5PM

With transport, admission, and amenities covered, Oishi Park makes for effortless and enjoyable sightseeing!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Visit

Follow these handy tips to help you plan a smooth, memorable trip to Oishi Park:

Check the forecast

  • Mount Fuji’s visibility depends greatly on weather
  • Best views on sunny, clear days
  • You can see live weather at park’s webcam

Arrive early

  • Beat crowds for photography spots
  • Catch golden hour colors and atmospheric mist

Visit off-season

  • Avoid summer rush and extreme heat
  • Spring flowers and fall foliage are stunning too

Fuel up on site

  • Bring a picnic or grab snacks from vendors
  • Dine at the cafes and bistros with Fuji views!

Hold onto your tickets

  • Bus and train passes can be reused across the Fuji Five Lakes region

Stay closeby

  • Ease early arrival when based around Kawaguchiko. Stay at a ryokan and enjoy the views of Mt Fuji from your onsen!
  • Extend your area explorations over multiple days

With this insider advice, you’ll be set up to create wonderful memories amidst Oishi Park’s spectacular scenery. Just don’t forget your camera!

Where to Stay Nearby

The best accommodation options for visiting Oishi Park put you in prime position to take advantage of early entry and easy transit connections:

Those staying right in Kawaguchiko town center and around Lake Kawaguchi can access the park via short bus or taxi rides. Options range from high-end resorts offering ultimate luxury to budget-friendly hostels and guest houses.

Many lodgings also provide picture-perfect views of Mt. Fuji from your window! That makes for some unforgettable wake-up calls.

Wherever you stay around the Fuji Five Lakes area, the efficient local buses make it easy to explore top sites like Oishi Park on day trips.

Nearby Spots Worth Visiting

Once you’ve had your fill of Oishi Park’s floral landscapes and twinned Kawaguchi and Fuji vistas, be sure to also visit these neighboring attractions:

Kawaguchiko Itchiku Kubota Art Museum – Marvel at this architecturally stunning museum’s displays of kimono textile dyeing and paintings.

Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum – Wander through a woods filled with artistic musical instruments for visitors to play.

Lake Kawaguchi Pleasure Cruises – See the lake’s most famous views of Fuji from onboard sightseeing boats.

Shuhokaku Kogetsu Hotel – Soak in open-air hot spring baths tucked in the forest with perfect Mt. Fuji views.

Oishi Park makes an excellent starting point to uncover all the area’s natural splendor and cultural sights!

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Bring Along This Helpful Oishi Park Handbook

To help you keep everything about visiting Oishi Park in one place, I’ve created a handy guidebook for you to print or save on your phone.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Key destination details
  • Address, contact info, website
  • Bus timetables
  • Seasonal bloom guide
  • Area map
  • Tips checklist
  • Accommodation suggestions
  • Nearby attractions

I hope this detailed guide has shown you all the wonders that await at Oishi Park – from world-famous mountain scenery and seasonal floral displays, to fun hands-on workshops, illuminations, dining, and much more.

Its convenient location and variety of attractions make Oishi Park easy to access and enjoy during any tourist season. You simply can’t miss seeing its iconic landscapes if heading to the majestic Fuji Five Lakes area.

Follow the travel tips I’ve suggested, and you’re guaranteed to have a rejuvenating experience surrounded by Lake Kawaguchi’s gorgeous vistas and Mount Fuji’s gracefully commanding presence.

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