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A Guide to the Top Rejuvenating Onsen in takayama

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Immersed chest-deep in a steaming pool of mineral-rich waters, the stresses of travel fade away as muscle tension melts. Onsen in Takayama provides the perfect base to experience Japan’s legendary hot springs in Japan’s Mountainous region of Gifu.

From secluded mountain hollows to quaint public bathhouses, Takayama gives visitors ample opportunities to soak their cares away.

Read on for everything you need to know to indulge in the ultimate Japanese relaxation ritual.


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onsens in takayama
Mozumo Ryokan

A Guide to Rejuvenating Hot Springs Onsen in takayama

Can’t read it all now? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Takayama is surrounded by high-quality natural hot springs perfect for soothing sore muscles and calming the mind
  • The Okuhida area to the north along the Japan Alps provides stunning mountain scenery paired with piping hot mineral baths
  • Gero Onsen to the south is considered one of Japan’s top three onsen for its ultra-smooth, soft water that nourishes skin
  • Within Takayama city, immerse alongside locals in public bathhouses and hotel hot springs just steps from the downtown
  • Onsen etiquette, costs, transportation info, and insider tips provided to make planning a breeze

Onsen in Takayama Find Tranquility in Okuhida’s Mountain Onsen

The Okuhida Onsen area, just 60-90 minutes north of Takayama by bus or train, encompasses dozens of hot spring villages nestled high in the Japan Alps.

Coco Tran — Curated Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran https://cocotran.com/onsen-in-takayama/

Surrounded by soaring peaks, mighty rivers, and verdant forests, Okuhida provides the ideal setting to soak body and soul. The area bubbles forth a whopping 44,000 liters of 100% natural mineral water per minute from over 100 underground spring sources.

With rustic ryokans, large public baths, and steaming riverside pools, visitors will have trouble trying all of Okuhida’s numerous options in just one trip. Below are top picks for must-visit spots:

 Relaxation at Hirayu Onsen Takayama onsen tattoo friendly 

  • Midpoint on the hike to Kamikochi, perfect for sore muscles
  • Hirayu no Mori has 16 indoor and outdoor baths that welcome tattoos
  • Easy 60 minute bus ride from Takayama, short walk to trails & bus stop for Kamikochi

Tip: We stayed at Mozumo Ryokan overnight  and it was the highlight of our trip. the service and location is superb! I recommend staying one night at this Ryokan. They offer private onsen in takayama with open air bath as well as keiseki meals.

TypeMozumo Ryokan
onsens in takayama

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Soak in Stunning Scenery at Shinhotaka Onsen near takayama 

  • Dramatic riverside rotenburo (outdoor bath) surrounded by mountain vistas
  • Shinhodaka No Yu offers heavenly baths and comfortable lodging
  • 70 minutes by Nohi Bus from Takayama up scenic mountain roads
NameShinhodaka No Yu
TypeHot Spring Inn & Spa
AddressShinhotaka, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-1422

Helpful Tip: Look for hotels/ryokans with rotenburo (outdoor baths) to soak in whilst surrounded by Okuhida’s magnificent mountain landscapes

Pamper Your Skin in Gero Onsen’s Plush Waters Takayama Hot springs 

Gero Onsen, about 60 minutes south of Takayama by limited express train, is honored as one of Japan’s “Three Famous Hot Springs” for its sublime waters acclaimed for beautiful skin.

The area bubbles up with some of Japan’s smoothest, silkiest onsen water, naturally free of odor and rich with beautifying minerals. Over 75 hotels and ryokans provide ample opportunities to soak it all in. Top picks include:

Coco Tran — Curated Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran https://cocotran.com/onsen-in-takayama/

Gero Grand Hotel:

  • Luxurious, expansive hot spring complex
  • Numerous indoor and outdoor pools offering stunning seasonal vistas
  • Provide free shuttle service to/from Gero Station
NameGero Grand Hotel
TypeUpscale Resort & Spa
Address1298-20 Yunotani Gero, Gifu 509-2203

Helpful Tip: Many hotels and ryokans in Gero provide free shuttles to/from the station, making access a breeze without a rental car

Relax Like A Local: Takayama’s Onsen In Town

Don’t want to travel outside Takayama city but still want to get your soak on?  Takayama has several conveniently located spots to experience an authentic dip alongside locals without breaking the bank.

onsens in takayama

Public Bathhouses (Sento) Offer Budget Bathing Hida takayama Onsen

For just a few hundred yen, refresh yourself at a local Japanese sento. Though the waters are not from natural hot springs, sentos provide a memorable cultural experience. The two closest sentos to downtown Takayama are:

NameSpa House YutopiaTakanoyu
TypePublic BathhousePublic Bathhouse
Address93 Suehirocho, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture 506-00273 Chome-76 Kamininomachi, Takayama, Gifu 506-0039
  • Takanoyu is closest to the city center while Spa House Yutopia includes private family baths
  • Be sure to review sento etiquette before visiting as customs can be particular
  • Sentos make great rainy day activities when sightseeing trails close

Best onsen Hotel Takayama with Hot Springs For A Splurge Soak

If you want proximity to downtown plus natural hot spring waters, book a night at an area hotel or ryokan with an on-site spa. Top picks include:

NameGreen Hotel Morino ClubAssocia Takayama Resort
TypeResort Hotel & SpaLuxury Hotel & Spa
Price¥15,300/night w/breakfast & dinner¥23,000/night w/breakfast
Address428 Babacho50 Kamiichinomachi
  • Both locations offer multiple soothing indoor and outdoor baths
  • Green Hotel Morino Club includes meals and is surrounded by nature while Associa Takayama Resort is steps from Old Town attractions

No matter your bathing style, Takayama has the perfect hot spring experience waiting. With premium waters, stunning scenery, cultural delights, and pure relaxation, Takayama’s onsen will reward you with a excellent experience.

Coco Tran — Curated Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran https://cocotran.com/onsen-in-takayama/

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is Takayama an onsen town?

No, Takayama itself is not primarily known as an onsen town. However, it does have some onsen hotel facilities and public bathhouses, and it serves as a great base for visiting famous nearby onsen areas like Okuhida and Gero Onsen.

Does Takayama have hot springs?

Yes, Takayama provides access to several natural hot springs within the city limits, mainly through hotels/ryokans with private baths and some public bathhouses.

What is the difference between ryokan and onsen?

A ryokan is a type of traditional Japanese inn, many of which have hot spring baths. An onsen refers to the natural hot spring bath itself that supplies the water. So an onsen will often be a feature at a ryokan.

How many days do you need in Takayama?

Most travelers recommend 2-3 days as an ideal amount of time to see top attractions in Takayama before taking side trips to places like the onsens.

Are there onsen in Takayama?

Yes, Takayama offers visitors access to hot spring baths through certain accommodations as well as public bath houses open to all.

What is the difference between a ryokan and an onsen?

An onsen refers to a natural hot spring bath using mineral-rich geothermal waters. A ryokan is a traditional style Japanese inn, which frequently offer onsen bathing but also provide overnight accommodations, meals, and more.

Is there an onsen in Takayama?

Yes, travelers can find onsen options in Takayama at certain hotels and traditional ryokans with private baths available to staying guests. There are also some public bathhouses that serve as community onsen spots open to visitors.

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