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4 must-book Ramen tours tokyo has to book for ramen lovers

Tokyo, Japan

by Coco Tran On September 19, 2023


4 must-book Ramen tours tokyo has to book for ramen lovers

Tokyo is world-famous for its delicious ramen. With so many ramen shops and styles to choose from, It’s going to take you forver to try them all. That’s where these 4 awesome ramen tasting tours come in! 

Ramen experts and foodies agree – booking a ramen tour is the best way to get a comprehensive introduction to Tokyo’s vibrant ramen scene.

You’ll learn about different regional ramen styles, sample a variety of types and flavors, and visit the city’s top ramen shops. With an expert guide leading the way, you can sit back, relax and slurp to your heart’s content!


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No time to read full article? This is the best Ramen Tours Tokyo I recommend

#1 best ramen tour Tokyo has


best ramen tours tokyo

  • nearly perfect 5 star out of 98 reviews
  • Taste 6 bowls of mini ramen at several popular ramen shops!
  • 3 hours
  • Free cancelations

Why Book a Ramen Tour? Is A Tokyo ramen tour worth it?

  • Expert Guidance – A knowledgeable local guide will lead you to the best and most authentic ramen shops, ordering signature dishes and providing cultural/historical context.
  • Variety – Tour multiple shops and try different broths, noodles, and toppings for a diverse ramen experience. Much better than only visiting one shop!
  • Customization – Many tours allow you to choose from set mini-bowl options at each stop. Pick what sounds good to you.
  • Context – Learn about ramen traditions, cooking methods, regional styles, customs, ingredients and more from an expert.
  • Convenience – No need to research places, wait in long lines, translate menus, or figure out transit. Your guide handles everything!
  • Cost – Tours include tastings so you don’t have to buy full-size bowls. Very cost-effective way to sample different ramens.

What to Consider When Booking a ramen tour in tokyo

  • Tour Duration – Do you want a quick 2-hour tasting or a more in-depth 3+ hour tour?
  • Neighborhoods Visited – Tours explore different areas like Asakusa, Shinjuku, Shibuya. Pick what suits your interests.
  • Type of Ramen Featured – Some focus on regional styles, others on vegan/veg, others on a mix. Choose your ramen preferences.
  • Group Size – Bigger groups mean lower prices but less personalized experience. Check the max participants.
  • Inclusions – Look for tours that include tastings, drinks, dessert, transit passes to get the best value.
  • Meeting Location – Find a tour that meets near your hotel or in a convenient area to minimize transit.
  • Language – While most tours are English-friendly, some offer guides fluent in other languages too.
  • Reviews – Check out tour reviews from previous customers to gauge the experience quality.

Booking a ramen tour ensures you’ll see the best of Tokyo’s ramen scene with insider expertise, making it well worth the small investment!

Here are 4 ramen tours in Tokyo that every ramen lover should book:

best ramen tours Tokyo

1. Franks Ramen tour japan Tokyo:  Ramen Tasting – Mini Bowl Ramen Tour


Duration: 3 hours | Price: Check Pricing | Reviews: 33 reviews, 5/5 stars

This tour is perfect for first-time ramen tasters or anyone seeking to expand their knowledge about this beloved Japanese dish. With an English-speaking guide to provide context and recommendations, it’s easy and fun to explore Tokyo’s diverse ramen scene. Tour begins in front of Shibuya Station’s Hachiko Exit and ends in the Ebisu neighborhood.  

This is Tokyo’s original ramen tasting tour and the top choice for a comprehensive overview of the city’s ramen offerings. The highlights include:


  • Try mini bowls of 6 different types of ramen 
  • Visit 3 award-winning ramen shops in 3 unique Tokyo neighborhoods
  • Learn about ramen origins, regional styles, ingredients and customs from a ramen expert
  • Taste a wide variety of broths and noodles, from spicy fish to savory pork

“Had a great ramen tour with Bunga. Informative, fun, and engaging. Tasted many types of delicious ramen. Would highly recommend.”

2. Tokyo ramen tour: Vegan & Vegetarian Ramen Tour 

Coco Tran — Curated Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran https://cocotran.com/ramen-tours-tokyo/

Duration: 2 hours | Price: Check Pricing | Reviews: 8 reviews, 5 /5 stars

Vegans and vegetarians don’t have to miss out on slurping delicious ramen in Tokyo! This tour from Tokyo Ramen Tours caters specifically to plant-based diets with vegan broth options at all stops. The highlights include:

  • Sample 4 mini bowls showcasing regional vegan ramen styles
  • Learn about Hokkaido’s significance in Japan’s ramen culture
  • Visit creative Tokyo ramen shops with unique meatless menus  
  • Choose vegan or vegetarian broth with each mini bowl 

The knowledgeable guide will provide fascinating info about ramen while leading you through the bustling district of Shibuya. It’s a perfect tour for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone curious about how plant-based ramen measures up. Meet near the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing.


  • 4 mini bowls of vegan/vegetarian ramen
  • Regional styles from Hokkaido and Tokyo  
  • Creative meatless ramen dishes

As one reviewer said, “Delicious ramen that I wouldn’t have come across on my own!”

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4. restaurant ramen tours : Ramen & Gyoza Making Class with Ramen Chef 


Duration: 3.5 hours | Price: Check Pricing | Reviews: 4 reviews, 5/5 stars

Take your ramen game to the next level by learning to make it from scratch in this hands-on Tokyo cooking class focused on ramen and gyoza. Highlights include:  

  • Master ramen broth with a professional ramen chef 
  • Learn to make gyoza (Japanese dumplings) 
  • Prepare your own ramen bowl and customize toppings
  • Enjoy eating your handmade creations!

This small-group cooking class takes place in a cool Tokyo studio with an expert ramen chef instructor. You’ll gain insights into making authentic broth, hand-rolling gyoza, and assembling next-level ramen bowls. It’s a fun and educational experience for aspiring ramen makers and gyoza connoisseurs. Located a quick walk from Shibuya Station.


  • Make ramen & gyoza from scratch  
  • Pro tips from a ramen chef instructor
  • Enjoy eating your homemade dishes

As one recent visitor said,”Great experience, making Gyoza and Ramen was so much fun and tasted delicious!”

3. Exclusive Tokyo Ramen Kitchen & ramen making & tasting Experience


Duration: 1 hours | Price: Check Pricing | Reviews: 18 reviews, 4.4/5 stars

For a hands-on Tokyo ramen experience, don’t miss this exclusive ramen-making class at an award-winning ramen shop’s kitchen. Highlights include:

Make your own authentic ramen with pro guidance

  • See how the pros do it using real ramen tools and equipment
  • Gain insight into a working ramen kitchen from an chef 
  • Enjoy eating your customized ramen creation!

This intimate small-group experience takes place at one of Tokyo’s top ramen shops. You’ll get to see their massive broth pots, learn professional techniques, and have fun crafting your perfect bowl. It’s an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the craft of ramen-making alongside a knowledgeable host. Meet near Nezu Station for a hands-on ramen education! 


  • Make ramen in a professional shop’s kitchen 
  • Use real tools like a ramen chef
  • Enjoy eating your customized ramen

As one recent visitor said, “Amazing experience and amazing guide. Thank you Frank for sharing your knowledge and love for Ramen.”.

By taking a ramen tour in Tokyo, you’ll get an inside look at this iconic food scene from the experts. Instead of randomly stopping at ramen joints, you can strategically sample the city’s top shops and dishes. And you’ll come away with a much deeper knowledge of and appreciation for ramen! 

Do like the locals do – book a ramen tour and slurp your way through Tokyo for an unforgettable foodie experience. These tours offer immersion into the rich ramen culture with guidance to ensure you don’t miss the key spots or ramen knowledge. With so many outstanding ramen tours to choose from, why not book more than one to become a self-proclaimed ramen connoisseur?

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