japanese words about love

21 Japanese words about love to inspire you

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Here is a list of 25 beautiful Japanese words with descriptions, explanations of their beauty, and example sentences to get you inspired!

japanese words about love

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Beautiful Japanese Words about love To Inspire you

Here are 26 Japanese words about love with meaning, example sentence, and description:

1. Ai (愛)

Love, affection. Watashi wa anata o ai shite imasu. I love you. Ai is used to express love for a romantic partner.

2. Koibito (恋人)

Lover, sweetheart. Anata wa watashi no koibito desu. You are my lover. Used to refer to a boyfriend/girlfriend or romantic partner.

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3. Suki (好き)

Like, be fond of. Watashi wa anata ga suki desu. I like you. A softer word for “love” used early in a relationship.

4. Aijō (愛情)

Affection, love. Haha wa kodomo e fukai aijō o motte imasu. A mother has deep affection for her child. Refers to strong feelings of care and attachment.

5. Ren’ai (恋愛)

Romance, love affair. Kare wa ren’ai ni ochitsuita. He fell in love. Refers specifically to romantic/sexual love.

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6. Shiawase (幸せ)

Happiness, bliss. Anata to issho ni iru koto ga watashi o shiawase ni shimasu. Being with you makes me happy. A key component of being in love.

7. Mamori (守り)

Protection, defend. Watashi wa anata o mamoritai. I want to protect you. The desire to keep a loved one safe.

8. Itoshii (愛しい)

Beloved, dear. Anata wa watashi no itoshii hito desu. You are my beloved. An endearing term for a loved one.

9. Daisuki (大好き)

Love deeply. Watashi wa anata o daisuki desu. I love you deeply. A stronger way of saying “I love you.”

10. Koi (恋)

Love, romance. Kare wa kanojo ni koi o shite imasu. He is in love with her. Refers to romantic feelings/passion.

11. Shin’yū (親友)

Close friend. Watashi no shin’yū wa tottemo yasashii desu. My close friend is very kind. Non-romantic but very strong friendship.

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12. Aigan (愛顔)

Loving face/gaze. Haha no aigan ni nureta. I was bathed in my mother’s loving gaze. The tender look shared between loved ones.

13. Fureai (触れ合い)

Intimacy, contact. Kare wa atatakai fureai o motomete imasu. He craves intimate contact. Physical and emotional closeness between lovers.

14. Koi suru (恋する)

To fall in love with. Kanojo wa uchi no ossan ni koi shita. She fell in love with the boy next door. The act of developing romantic feelings for someone.

15. Sumu (住む)

To live/dwell. Futari wa issho ni sumitai. They want to live together. Sharing a home represents commitment.

16. Musubu (結ぶ)

To tie, to bond, unite. Kekkon wa futari o musubu. Marriage unites the couple. Bringing two lives together.

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17. Omoi (思い)

Feeling, thought. Anata e no omoi ga fukamaru. My feelings for you deepen. Love occupies heart and mind.

18. Shinzō (心臓)

Heart. Watashi no shinzō wa anata no tame ni kakitateru. My heart beats for you. The heart represents love and emotion.

19. Natsukashii (懐かしい)

Nostalgic, cherished. Ano uta wa watashi ni totte natsukashii kyoku da. That song is nostalgic for me. Fond memories of time spent with a loved one.

20. Kansha (感謝)

Gratitude, appreciation. Anata no sonkei ni kansha shimasu. I’m grateful for your respect. Appreciating what the other person gives to the relationship.

21. Zutto (ずっと)

Forever, always. Watashi wa zutto anata o aishimasu. I will love you forever. A promise of everlasting love.

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