6 Most Beautiful Lake Como Gardens (Visiting Info & Map)

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Lake Como is stunning, and one of the things that make it so beautiful is the lakeside gardens of Lake Como. It was one of my highlights of things to do in Lake Como. 

If you visit Lake Como, you can’t miss these gorgeous Lake Como Gardens and Villas!  In this article, I’ll share the most beautiful botanical gardens and villas in Lake Como and the features that make them special. For each, I’ll include useful information so you can plan your visit! Let’s get started

where to stay in lake como

The Most Beautiful Lake Como Gardens To Visit: Lake Como Garden Italy

gardens of lake como
Map of all gardens in Lake Como

Lake Como is famous for its spectacular views and old Italian charm and beautiful little towns dotted along the lake.

Aside from deciding where to stay in Lake Como, and finding the best things to do in Lake Como, you have to plan your visits to the most legendary and impressively beautiful villas of Lake Como!

The best way to visit is on a private boat tour. They all have impressive architecture, history, and so much charm! Not to mention their gardens are some of the world’s most well-maintained and beautiful gardens. 

Above you’ll find my lake como map illustration I made so you have a point of reference where everything is located so you can make an itinerary. It’s very much possible to see several on the same day 3 is the max I’d recommend. 

how to isit villa del balbianello

1.  Villa Del Balbianello Garden in Lake Como 

Located is located in the town of Lenno, Villa Del Balvianello Villa, and Gardens was the absolute favorite I saw. Not only is it famous because Star War was filmed in Lake Como at these gardens the movie and James Bond were filmed here, but it is also unique as it is the only garden surrounded by water on 3 sides. Making this such a spectacular place to visit on a private boat tour. 

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How To visit Villa Babianello

History of the villa Del Balbianello: 

The last owner was a famous explorer, Count Guido Monzio, who was the leader of Italy’s first Mount Everest Expedition. After he passed the family heirs donated the villa to the National Trust of Italy, and now it is open to the public.  Inside the luxurious villa, the mansion is adorned with beautiful French furnishing and paintings. You can also see all the interesting trinkets and artifacts Guido Monzini collected from his past travels through the world; sculptures, photos, and other interesting and sometimes a bit random things neatly presented. If you want to go inside the villa you’ll have to book a tour. Find out how below:

Information & Tickets for villa balvianello

  • Boat tours that include the garden tickets sell out months in advance, especially during busy summer months
  • There is a 30-minute uphill walk to get to the villa from the ferry stop (see my  detailed guide about how to visit villa del Balbianello) 
  • It’s best to go early in the morning or 2 hours before they close

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2. Villa Carlotta  Lake Como Gardens in Tremezzina 

Located in the town of Tremezzina, this is a stunning mansion with a large garden surrounding the mansion. The unique feature of this garden is its extensive garden covering 17 acres with several epic tiers of beautiful stairs. You can also go inside the villa as it is open to the public. 

History of Villa Carlotta:

This villa was commissioned by Marquis Giorgio Clerici and then sold in 1801 to Gian Battista Sommariva a famous politician and admirer of the arts. In the 19th century, it was acquired by Princess Marianne of Orange-Nassau and she gifted it to her daughter Charlotte (Carlotta) and her husband Georg II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen as a wedding gift.

Since the duke had a huge affinity for botanical gardens he began adding to Villa Carlotta’s impressive grounds.  

The garden is very scenic, and since the villa is perched higher up, on the top garden, you’ll be able to see a grand view of Lake Como and enjoy a moment as there are benches to sit at.

The Spring time is really the best time to see the garden’s lush grounds and blooms; including camellias, azaleas, and rhododendrons. The iconic “staircase of rhododendrons” leading to a panoramic view of Lake Como is also a beautiful highlight not to miss!

Useful Information Visiting Villa Carlotta:

Short on time? This tour combines visiting Villa Corlotta and villa Balvianello on a boat! You can do three of the most popular activities in Bellagio by booking this tour. It’s very popular and sells out so make sure to reserve your tour now!

3. Villa Monastero Gardens Lake Como 

located in Varenna on the Eastern side of Lake Como, Villa Monastero was my second favorite villa to see. The botanical garden is lined next to the water’s edge. Some of Villa Monastero’s unique features are the bamboo grove, lily pond, and Mediterranean garden with exotic plants from around the world. A highlight is also the botanic garden dedicated to local flora. Another thing I loved most is the pillars lined along the edge and the beautiful views of lake como. 

Villa Monastero History:

It’s an interesting history of changing hands multiple times and at one point being a convent. Now it is owed by the Italian government. 

Useful Information to know visiting villa monstero:

  • You can go inside villa monastero for an additional fee
  • you will need to walk about 20 minutes upstairs and hills through the town to get to the villa entrance.
  • The villa is open from April – December. Check their website for the most current info 

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5. Villa D’Este Lake Como Gardens

Located near Como town in Cernobbio. Villa D’Este is the most luxurious and exlusive hotel in Lake Como. Although its beauty can only be enjoyed if you’re a guest staying at the hotel it’s very much worth booking a night to experience the most beautiful and luxurious hotels and exclusive Italian gardens in Lake Como. 

Useful information to know:

  • If you want to rub shoulders with famous guests and celebrities, this would be the place to go. Previous legendary guests Villa D’Este has welcomed include: Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Woody Allen, Clark Gabe, and George Clooney often dine at villa D’estes restaurant.
  • a night at is about $1,000 euros + and very much so is sold out rooms every summer. 

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6. Gardens of hotel villa Serbelloni

The beautiful hotel is located in the town of Bellagio It is the most luxurious hotel in Bellagio and the gardens are only open to the public but the villa is exclusively for hotel guests only. Although tickets and tours have to be purchased well in advance as there are limited amounts of tickets sold each day to allow hotel guests privacy. You can learn more and book tickets directly through the hotel here

Useful information to know:

  • the ticket/tour price is $10 
  • they are closed on Mondays
  • you have to reserve tickets in advance


Lake Como gardens are more than just beautiful landscapes; they offer insight into Italian history through their architecture and unique horticultural displays.

A visit to these gardens is an experience that should not be missed when visiting Italy’s Lombardy region! Check out the most popular garden tours below and reserve it before it’s sold out.

Private Lake Como and Bellagio Day Trip from Milan Tour From Milan: Perfect for a day trip if you want to see the highlights and are short on time.

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If you have time for only one garden I’d say Villa Balbianello is a must visit as it is the most beautiful place in Lake Como

Yes! Dogs are allowed on leashes. I saw many dogs when i visited.

Villa Del Balvianello is where Stars Wars attack of the Clones was filmed in Lake Como

Villa Del Balvianello is where Stars Wars attack of the Clones was filmed in Lake Como

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