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5 Exceptional Ryokans Osaka has for a Quintessential Japanese Experience

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Looking to experience the best Ryokans Osaka has? You Won’t Believe How Luxurious and Affordable These Osaka Ryokans Are! Here are ten curated ryokans I recommend: all highly rated and well reviewed.

Osaka, the vibrant yet traditional heart of Japan, offers ryokan stays that exude authentic Japanese hospitality. From plush futons to heavenly kaiseki meals, rejuvenating onsens to sweeping city views, these 10 ryokans allow you to experience old world Japan in comfort and style.

5 Exceptional Ryokans Osaka has for a Quintessential Japanese Experience

best ryokan in osaka 

Ryokans are Japanese-style hotels in Osaka that offer traditional cultural experiences while offering luxurious accommodations including open air baths with onsen water. Ryokans Osaka has so much to offer. You should treat yourself to a luxurious and quintessential Japanese experience. It’s one of the best things to do in Japan and the thing that was most memorable for me. 

Kakimotoya  Osaka Ryokan

Price: Check price now | 9.1/10 on with 24 reviews | Book this ryokan here

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran
  • traditional architecture, public baths and seasonal cuisine, it provides Japanese-style rooms with a tatami
  • Set Japanese meals with varying menus are served for breakfast and dinner at a private dining area.
Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran
  • Modern and traiditional open air onsen in room at this osaka ryokan

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Yamatoya Honten: Ryokan Hotel osaka  – Riverside Tranquility Amidst Dontonburi’s Glitz Luxury ryokan osaka

Price: Check price now | 9.1/10 on with 2,936 reviews | Book this ryokan here

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran
  • Sweeping river views right in buzzing Dontonburi
  • Traditional tatami rooms with modern conveniences
  • Public onsen baths and saunas for ultimate relaxation
  • Easy access to top attractions like Nipponbashi Station and Universal Studios

Best For: First-time Osaka visitors who want a central location to sightsee by day and unwind Japanese-style by night.

Why It’s Great: Wake up to gorgeous views of the Dontonburi River before stepping out into the neon-lit heart of Osaka’s dining and entertainment district. This conveniently located inn balances urban excitement with ryokan tranquility.

Guest Quote: “Great ryokan, central location in Dontonburi. Great hotel with a very spacious room for Japan standards! Sleeping on the floor took a while to get used to, but overall had a pleasant stay.”

Ryokan Okumizuma Onsen – Secluded Mountain Sanctuary ryokan osaka japan 

Price: Check price now | 9.4/10 on with 306 reviews | Book this ryokan here

osaka ryokan
  • Tucked away in the lush Kaizuka mountains
  • Outdoor pool, golf course, and hiking trails
  • Luxurious rooms with tatami mat floors with semi-Western bedding options
  • Free shuttle to/from Mizumakan-Non Station

Best For: Travelers craving a peaceful nature retreat with outdoor activities minus lengthy transfers from the city.

Why It’s Great: This hidden gem combines the great outdoors with renowned Japanese hospitality. From the friendly staff to the stunning natural setting, Okumizuma Onsen is a welcome escape from bustling Osaka.

Guest Quote: “Elegant and comfortable environment, staff are very friendly”.

Kaneyoshi Ryokan – Traditional hotels in osaka 

Price: Check price now | 9.3/10 on with 357 reviews |Book this ryokan here

osaka ryokans
  • Just 3 minutes from Nipponbashi Station
  • Beautifully appointed tatami rooms with free WiFi
  • Relax at the public onsen after a day of sightseeing
  • Easy access to Dontonburi’s restaurants and shopping

Best For: Travelers wanting quintessential Japanese lodging in the heart of Osaka’s top attractions.

Why It’s Great: Kaneyoshi Ryokan wows guests with warm hospitality and classic ryokan allure while enjoying a central location.

Guest Quote: “Everything about it was good. I slept well. Nice balcony, roomette overlooking the canal, maps all marked up with the hotel location, Japanese tea, iced water and rice biscuits…”

Osaka Ryokan Kuramoto – Traditional ryokan in Osaka on a Budget

Price: Check price now | 8.6/10 on with 14 reviews | Book this ryokan here

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran
  • Great value rates for budget travels
  • Within walking distance to major transport and attractions
  • Simple Japanese-style furnishings and en-suite bathrooms
  • Relaxing public onsen to start and end the day

Best For: Value-focused travelers wanting authentic ryokan stays in central Osaka without astronomical spend.

Why It’s Great: Osaka Ryokan Kuramoto brings no-frills Japanese hospitality right to Namba’s doorstep through well-appointed rooms and welcoming service without draining your travel budget.

Guest Tips: Guests can drop off luggage early before check-in and ask at reception for umbrellas if needed during rainy days.

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Immerse in Japanese history and hospitality by booking into one of these amazing Osaka ryokans catering to all styles and budgets. With such fabulous options at your fingertips, experience the many faces of this vibrant city while resting your head in the comforts of old world Japan.

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