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HUGE Jr Rail Pass Price Increase in 2023: How You Can Avoid It.

words by Coco Tran

July 25, 2023


The new press release by JR Group just announced huge price changes to the beloved JR Rail Pass cost. The Jr Rail Pass price increase is a huge one and it’s happening by October 2023.

If you’re planning to visit Japan like I am later this year. This is how you can plan ahead and save money before the price increase happens! Read on to find out more.

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Jr Rail Pass Price Increase & How To Avoid It

The JR Japan Rail pass price is increasing

When is the Japan rail pass increasing?

The announcement came on April 15th, 2023 from the JR Group press release. The price will be increasing in October 2023 but with no specific date released.

What is changing about JR Rail Pass?

According to google translate, the press release noted there are several changes including the prices of the JR pass price will be doubling and increasing as follows:

Ordinary Car

New PriceOld price% Increase
7-day 50,000 yen ($373.62 USD)29,650 yen ($221.56 USD) + 67%
14-day80,000 yen47,250 yen69%
21-day 100,000 yen 60,450/+65%

Green Car

New PriceOld Price% Increase
7-day70,000 yen 39,600 yen+  77%
14-day100,000 yen 64,120 yen+ 72%
21-day140,000 yen 83,390 yen+ 68%

children’s prices are half of the above.

Order your JR Rail Pass at the Current Discount Price

There are no changes to what trains you can board, tickets for the faster Nozomi and Mizuho trains will still not be covered unless an additional ticket is purchased.


How much is the JR rail pass price increasing?

On average it’s more than 60% of the increase in price! Which is a drastic difference in price. They did announce they will be offering additional discounts to foreign visitors but have not given any details.

Why is the Japan Rail Pass price Increasing?

The JR group is citing recent upgrades to the station and upgrades to the reservation system online.

What can I do about the Rail pass increasing?

If you’re planning to visit Japan this year (I am planning to visit in November) I would start planning ahead and strategize to avoid paying this huge price difference! There are ways to go around this. Read on to find out what I’m doing to avoid the price increase.

How can I save money on the JR Rail Pass?

Purchase your ticket ahead of time online using the below strategy.

Can I buy the Jr Rail Pass before the Price changes?

You can purchase your JR Rail Pass up to 3 months before the planned activation date. The Japan Rail Pass exchange voucher is valid for 90 days after the issue date.

check pricing and availability

What I’m planning to do is to purchase my JR Rail Pass 3 months before my travel date to Japan to lock in the lower rate. As you get to select your travel date, the company will send the JR rail pass voucher to you 30 days before your travel date. This way you can secure the lower prices of the Japan Rail Pass/voucher and exchange the voucher for the physical tickets once you’re in Japan. From the date of receipt, you have 90 days to exchange the ticket which is plenty of time.  

For example, if you plan to travel from December 10th to 16th and start using your rail pass t from December 10th, you can purchase it at the current price starting from September 11th.

I like to purchase mine here because they have a refund policy and they offer free shipping. Get your pass now

I hope this hack helps you save some money for your trip to Japan, if it did, comment below and let me know!

Order your JR Rail Pass at the Current Discount Price

JR Rail Pass Price Cost increase
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