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Driving in Mallorca: The Ultimate Guide for Visitors

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Here’s all you need to know about driving in Mallorca for a safe and efficient trip to explore this beautiful island on four wheels.

As someone who drove in Italy, Greece, and Spain I’ve done thorough research to fully prepare you for the experience of driving in Mallorca. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share everything you need to know to gear up for a smooth, safe and unforgettable road trip across this Mediterranean gem.

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Is Renting a Car in Mallorca Worth It?

While public buses and organized tours make it possible to visit Mallorca’s main attractions, having your own set of wheels makes it far easier to access remote beaches, quaint villages and hidden backroad gems across the island.


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Here are the main upsides and downsides to weigh when deciding whether or not to rent a car in Mallorca:

driving in mallorca

Driving in Mallorca: The Ultimate Guide for Visitors

Benefits of Renting a Car in spain 

  • Total flexibility to modify itineraries based on weather and crowds
  • Freedom to create your own route tailored to your interests
  • Convenience for families with lots of luggage/gear
  • Access lots of out-of-the-way places not reachable otherwise

Downsides of car rental in mallorcca 

  • Paying for rental fees, fuel, parking etc
  • Dealing with heavy traffic in some areas
  • Navigating narrow, winding mountain roads
  • Scouring for parking at popular sites during peak times

While renting a car has disadvantages, for most Mallorca visitors the flexibility and access outweigh the extra costs and hassles. Just be sure to prepare properly for unique driving conditions.

Getting around menorca without a car

If prefer not to drive, there are other transport options:

  • Use public buses radiating from major hub towns
  • Join guided day tours and excursions
  • Hire private taxis or drivers for customized outings

These shared and hired rides work well for visitors focused only on bucket-list highlights. But to freely roam the backroads at your own pace, having your own set of wheels is vital.

weather majorca april

planning a trip to Spain? Here are my top travel resources and helpful travel articles & tips to help you get started with traveling.

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is driving in mallorca safe?

Driving in Mallorca is generally quite safe, with a few things to be aware of:

Roads are in Good Condition

  • Major highways and roads around the island are modern and well-maintained.
  • Road signs and rules follow EU standards.

Mountain Roads Require Caution

  • Roads along the steep Tramuntana mountain range have narrow lanes, blind curves, and unprotected edges.
  • Drive cautiously at lower speeds, honk before sharp turns, and don’t hold up traffic flow.

Towns and Villages Involve Tight Spaces

  • Picturesque inland towns have very narrow passageways between buildings.
  • Creep along slowly and yield generously to oncoming cars and pedestrians.

Other Drivers Can Be Impatient

  • Some Mallorcan drivers tailgate despite speed limit obedience.
  • Drive defensively and pull over when possible to allow faster passing.

Wildlife Crossings Occur

  • The countryside contains roaming livestock and wildlife that can appear on roadways.
  • Brake cautiously if animals are spotted ahead.

Poor Weather Reduces Visibility

  • Sudden high winds, rain or pollution can create hazardous visibility loss.
  • Slow down and turn on lights to compensate.

So while attentive, prudent driving prevents most issues, extra care on mountain roads and around villages enhances safety. Following the tips above will help first-time Mallorca drivers stay accident-free.

Cap de Formentor in Mallorca driving in mallorca

what side of the road does spain drive on ?

Spain drives on the right-hand side of the road, the same as many European countries and the United States.

Some key things to remember when driving in Spain:

  • All cars are right-hand drive, with the steering wheel on the left side
  • When turning onto a dual carriageway or multi-lane highway, enter the right lane first
  • When making turns, watch carefully for oncoming traffic that may be coming from an unfamiliar direction
  • Overtake or pass other vehicles on their left side
  • On single lane roads, stay to the right as much as possible and pull over safely to allow faster traffic to pass
  • Always make sure to drive on the right side of the road and not default to the left by accident

It’s also important when walking as a pedestrian in Spain to remember to look both ways, and look right for oncoming traffic first before crossing a street.

The golden rule is to be very alert and focused on driving on the right, especially if you’re visiting from countries like the UK, Australia or Japan that drive on the left. Going against ingrained habit takes conscious effort. With some adjustment time, driving on the right in Spain will become second nature.

Driving in Mallorca for the first time: mallorca by car 

Driving Rules and Regulations for Driving in Mallorca

Before getting behind the wheel, it’s essential to know Spain’s rules to avoid legal troubles or accidents. Here are the key regulations:

License Requirements for driving in majorca 

  • Drivers from EU nations can use their home country licenses
  • International visitors require an International Driving Permit (IDP)
  • Legal minimum driving age is 18 years old
Palma de Mallorca

driving in mallorca with us license

License Validity

  • US licenses are valid for driving in Mallorca and mainland Spain
  • An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required along with your US license

Getting an International Driving Permit in spain

  • Easily obtained in the US from AAA or National Automobile Club for around $20
  • Requires submitting passport photos plus valid US license

Carrying Proper Documentation in mallorca

  • Have your US license, IDP, passport and rental agreement in the car at all times
  • Present documents if stopped by law enforcement

Following Spain’s driving Rules

  • Drive on the right side of the road
  • Mandatory seat belt wearing for driver and passengers
  • Strict legal limit of 0.05% blood alcohol content if driving after drinking
  • Must use lights if driving between dawn and dusk

Renting a Car

  • Reserve an automatic transmission unless highly skilled at driving stick-shift
  • Purchase added coverage like collision damage waiver for peace of mind

Always carry your valid passport as ID when driving.

driving in spain rules and Traffic Laws

  • Driving is on the right-hand side of the road
  • Mandatory seat belt use for all passengers
  • Using handheld cell phones while driving is prohibited
  • Overtaking vehicles only permitted on the left
  • Unless passing, drive in the right lane when possible

malllorca by car Speed Limits

  • 120 km/h (75 mph) maximum on highways
  • 90 km/h (56 mph) maximum on most roads
  • 50 km/h (30 mph) in urban areas

Alcohol Limits

  • Legal blood alcohol limit is 0.05%
  • Safest policy is no alcohol consumption before driving

Required Safety Equipment

  • Spare tire and changing equipment
  • Reflective safety vest
  • Two emergency warning triangles

Always keep your driver’s license, IDP if required, passport, proof of insurance and rental contract available when driving.

Driving regulations in spain: Road and Traffic Conditions in Mallorca

From first-rate highways to rugged dirt tracks, road quality varies widely. Here’s what to expect navigating different routes:

Major Roads and Motorways in Mallorca

Key arteries like the Ma-1 motorway feature:

  • Smooth, well-maintained pavement
  • Clearly separated lanes
  • Long sight lines around gradual bends
  • Guard rails and wide shoulders

Ideal for relaxed cruising, just mind the speed limit and meandering motorbikes.

Mountain Roads and driving in mallorca

In the steep Tramuntana range along the northwest coast, anticipate:

  • Narrow snaking lanes with no shoulders
  • Tight hairpin switchback turns
  • Blind corners with limited visibility
  • Steep unprotected drop-offs

Drive cautiously at low speeds in low gear. Avoid holding up traffic where possible by using turnouts.

Towns and Villages in mallorca

Maneuvering through charming inland hamlets, watch for:

  • Extremely narrow passageways
  • Tight spaces between buildings and stone walls
  • Limited visibility due to tight corners and hills
  • Children and pets milling about

Creep along slowly, yielding generously and covering your brake pedal.

Country Lanes and Coastal Tracks in Mallorca

If you have an SUV or 4×4, consider bouncing down remote backroads and trails leading to beaches, coves and valley overlooks. You may encounter:

  • Pitted dirt, sand, gravel or grass surfaces
  • Creek crossings without bridges
  • Overgrown tree branches and bushes

Engage 4WD before tackling eroded paths. Carry tow straps and shovels in case you get stuck.

palma de Mallorca parking

Parking in Palma de Mallorca can be tricky, but here are some tips for finding parking:

On-Street Parking

  • Limited street parking, look for blue colored zones
  • Use parking meters or apps to pay for time allotted
  • Display ticket on dashboard with time visible
  • Vigilant about street cleaning signs

Public Parking Garages

  • Head to covered garages like Parcíng Bonaparte or Parcíng Plaza Mayor
  • Reasonable hourly and daily rate structure
  • Can be prepaid at machines to minimize time upon return

Private Parking Lots

  • Hotel and restaurant parking generally for guest or customer use only
  • Read signs carefully to avoid unauthorized parking fines

Parking Apps

  • Apps like Parkopedia help locate garages and lots with availability
  • Can handle payment to avoid having coins/cards on hand

General Tips

  • Ensure you are not parked in no parking zones or blocking residential driveways
  • Park with caution and check narrow spaces ensure ability to exit
  • Don’t leave any valuables visible; theft does regrettably occur

I suggest deciding upon a parking approach in advance using apps and maps to minimize frustration.

 Driving Tips for Mallorca 

When adapting to Mallorca’s unique roadways, keep these pro tips in mind:

Adjust Your Speed

Obey speed limits and reduce speed further on narrow mountain roads. Slower equals safer.

Allow Extra Stopping Distance

With cars tailgating, leave ample room to brake smoothly for hazards ahead.

Pass Patiently

Wait until lanes are clear before attempting to overtake slower vehicles. Avoid impatience.

Pull Over When Possible

Let faster locals pass you, then continue on without frustration.

Designate a Navigator

Have companions help spot upcoming turns, speed limits and road hazards.

Don’t Drink & Drive 

Not even one drink before driving. Also avoid drowsy-inducing medicines.

Follow these guidelines and exercise extra caution until you’ve acclimated to Mallorca’s unique motoring environment.

Driving in Spain Warning 

Here are some important warnings to heed when driving in Spain:

Speed Limits & Fines

  • Speed limits change frequently and fines for violations are extremely high. Observe limits diligently. Getting fined for minor overages adds up fast.

Traffic Circles

  • Traffic entering a roundabout must yield to traffic already in the circle. Navigate cautiously.

Passing Lanes

  • Look out for motorbikes that frequently use the spaces between lanes to pass stopped traffic. Check all angles before changing lanes.

Parking Restrictions

  • Park only in designated spaces as marked by blue lines or meters. Restricted spaces have strict enforcement. Get receipts for paid parking displays.


  • Be alert for pedestrians suddenly crossing mid-block even on busy roads. Yield to walkers in crosswalks.

Road Shoulders

  • Avoid pulling off onto road shoulders unless an emergency. They are not considered safe stopping points.

Drinking & Driving

  • Legal alcohol limit is lower than in many countries. Don’t drink anything before driving, it’s not worth the risk.
  • Carry your license, IDP if required, registration and insurance card or rental contract at all times.
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Parking in Mallorca

In most locales, parking is straightforward. Here’s a breakdown by location:

On-Street Parking

  • Blue lines signify paid public spots
  • Display time-stamped tickets face up on the dash
  • Purchase tickets from curbside pay stations

Public Car Parks

  • Well-marked covered and uncovered lots in town centers
  • Modest hourly or daily fees applicable

Roadside Rest Stops

  • Ample paved pull-off areas along highways
  • No fees or time restrictions to worry about

Beach Towns

  • Follow signs leading to designated beach parking
  • Pay flat daily rate on arrival (cash only)

Mountain/Rural Regions

  • Carefully pull off into gravel clearings where available
  • Never park blocking driveways, on bridges etc.

Use apps like Parkopedia to locate parking options in advance. And don’t leave any valuables visible when parked. Theft does occur even in remote areas.

Fueling Up in Spain: What to Know About Gas Stations in Mallorca

With Mallorca’s enchanting scenery enticing extended road trips, you’ll likely need to fill the tank at some point. Here’s the lowdown on petrol stations:

Fuel Types

Unleaded gasoline = “gasolina sin plomo” Diesel fuel = “gasóleo” or “gasoil”

Paying for Fuel

  • Cash or chip/pin cards are accepted
  • State payment method before pumping to activate pump
  • Pay after fueling to avoid over-authorization credit holds

Fuel Prices

  • Prices comparable to most European destinations
  • Generally 10-20 cents per liter cheaper inland vs. coastal

Operating Hours

  • Typically daily 6:00am-10:00pm
  • Some close Sunday afternoons
  • Unmanned 24/7 stations accept chip/pin only

EV Charging Stations

  • 500+ public charging points across Mallorca
  • Many located in Palma and at tourist sites
  • Chargepoint locator map at electromaps.com

Petrol stations exist at fairly regular intervals along highways, but proactively fill your tank before venturing deep into rural areas. An emergency gas can also provides peace of mind against unexpected mishaps.

Top Scenic Drives in Mallorca

With majestic bays, quintessential villages and craggy peaks vying for your attention, Mallorca offers no shortage of stunning backdrops for memorable road trips.

Here are several must-experience driving routes:

Northwest Coast & Mountains

The snaking MA-10 highway through the Tramuntana range serves up nonstop vistas along cliffsides plunging to the sea. Gape at impossibly sheer rock faces and remote hillside hamlets while spinning between switchbacks.

Pause to soak in vantages from towns like Valldemossa and Sóller. But leave ample time as the full route from Andratx to Pollenca requires nearly a full day even without many stops.

North Coast – Formentor Peninsula

For more Mediterranean eye candy, cruise up the MA-2210 hugging the northern edge to the narrow Formentor peninsula. This 12 km route coils past pristine beaches and temptation swim stops before culminating at a remote lighthouse.

Arrive early to beat crowds bottlenecking in peak season. Then double back to soak in scenes from the Sa Calobra rock-walled inlet or Cap de Pinar cliffside lookout point near Pollenca.

Southwest Coast – Andratx to Camp de Mar

Lesser known but equally stunning, the snaking MA-1031 links cultural hub Andratx with posh getaway Camp de Mar. Soak up nonstop ocean vistas while winding past adorable off-grid calas or coves only accessible by boat or trail.

Crane your neck at roadside lookouts for eyefuls encompassing Dragonera Island and beyond. With minimal traffic and mellow gradients, it’s ideal for casual cruising.

Wherever you roam, there’s always another captivating vista or villa beckoning around the next bend. Mallorca truly was made for meandering!

Car Rental Tips for Mallorca Spain

Renting a car serves up the freedom to spontaneously stray from the beaten tourist track. Here are my top tips to streamline the process:

Reserve Early

  • Book a month or more ahead for best rates and vehicle options
  • Last-minute tourists get stuck with leftovers

Clarify Insurance

  • Mandatory baseline liability coverage included
  • Evaluate extra policies like collision damage waiver

Specify Transmission

  • Manual standard shift cheapest but requires skill
  • Automatic much less common so reserve ASAP

Select Vehicle Size Wise

  • Compacts navigate narrow roads easier
  • Ensure spacious enough if packing heavy

Confirm Restrictions

  • Geographic limitations, cross-border rules etc.

Perform Thorough Inspection

  • Note all existing exterior/interior flaws beforehand
  • Test all functions – wipers, signals, horn etc

Refuel Before Dropoff

  • Return vehicle with the gas tank at pickup level
  • Hefty refueling fees if tank not filled

Booking early locks in deals and conveys assurance all will go smoothly upon arrival. And don’t skip the test drive – speak up immediately about any performance issues before leaving the rental facility grounds.

planning a trip to Spain? Here are my top travel resources and helpful travel articles & tips to help you get started with traveling.

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Final Thoughts on Driving in Mallorca

I hope this detailed guide has equipped you to navigate Mallorca’s roads with ease and elan! While unique local conditions like narrow village lanes take some adjustment, a bit of preparation goes a long way.

Brush up on Spanish driving laws, allow extra time to account for traffic, equip your vehicle properly and pull over frequently to appreciate those captivating vistas. Most importantly, balance ambitious sightseeing goals with flexibility to meander wherever this sun-drenched island’s backroads beckon.

With the proper mindset and road smarts, driving in Mallorca promises to be an unforgettable privilege. Have any other questions before turning the key in the ignition? Just ask – I’m happy to provide more trip planning tips!

Safe travels and enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving in Mallorca

Is it difficult to drive in Mallorca?

Outside major cities, driving is generally relaxed. But narrow mountain switchbacks prove challenging for unfamiliar drivers. Exercising extra caution makes island driving very manageable overall.

What side of the road do you drive on?

Driving is on the right-hand side of the road, as throughout Mainland Spain and most of Europe.

Is an International Driving Permit required?

Yes, non-EU nationals must carry an IDP plus their native license to legally drive.

Can I take a rental car on ferries between islands?

Typically no – rental contracts prohibit taking vehicles on ferries without explicit authorization to prevent issues.

Does Mallorca have any toll roads or bridges?

No – convenientpasses are not required as there are currently no tolls charged anywhere on the island.

What is the process if you get a ticket or traffic citation?

Fines must be paid immediately if issued directly by law enforcement. Camera tickets arrive much later via car rental agencies.

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