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Complete Guide to Visiting hot springs tuscany saturnia, Italy

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Tucked away in the gentle hills of southern Tuscany lies a magical place that seems almost too good to be true. For millennia, humans have journeyed to bathe in and benefit from the healing thermal waters that flow freely from the hot springs Tuscany Saturnia also known as cascate del mulino saturnia

Here’s my complete guide on how to make the most of your visit to this incredible natural phenomenon.


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No time to read now? Here’s a quick highlight:

  • Saturnia hot springs feature free-flowing thermal pools rich in sulfur and other minerals that have healing benefits
  • The hot springs have been popular since Etruscan times and feature in Roman mythology – legend says Saturn struck the earth here with his thunderbolt
  • Cascate del Mulino is the main area with stunning waterfalls and pools of 98°F water – and it’s free to access!
  • Come prepared with towels, water shoes, snacks and sun protection – there are limited facilities on site
  • The springs are open 24/7 so visit early or late for a more private soak
  • Nearby Terme di Saturnia spa resort offers hot spring pools in a luxury setting
Saturnia hot springst

Your Complete Guide to Visiting hot springs tuscany saturnia

Soak in the Healing Waters of Tuscany Saturnia Hot Springs

As the story goes, the god Saturn got so fed up with humans constantly warring that he threw down a thunderbolt in frustration. The crater left behind filled with underground thermal waters rich in sulfur, calcium, potassium and other skin-soothing minerals that cascade out as 99°F hot springs.

Whether you believe the legend or not, there’s no doubt Saturnia’s springs are special – once you sink into the warm waters surrounded by lush Tuscan scenery, you’ll never want to leave.

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How to Get to Saturnia Hot Springs tuscany ( terme toscana saturnia)

Driving Directions Saturnia is located halfway between Rome and Florence.

Put these GPS coordinates into your navigation system: 42°38′31′′N 11°28′01′′E

saturnia hot springs from Rome

Do I need a rental car to go to Saturnia Hot Springs? If you are not going on a tour you need to rent a car.

I recommend you reserve a rental car in Rome or Florence or Milan ahead of time and I always book with Discover Cars since they have the best selection and rates.

From Rome (2 hours): Take highway A12 north, exit at State Road 74 heading inland to Saturnia

saturnia hot springs from florence

From Florence (2 hour): Head south on highway E35, take exit Satricum onto State Road 74 for Saturnia

Public Transportation Trains: Take the train to Albinia station. Buses from Albinia go to Saturnia (1 hour total journey)


Buses from Rome/Florence: Multi-bus journey via Orbetello or other stations. Takes over 3 hours.

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Why You Need to Visit Tuscany Saturnia Thermal Springs: cascate del mulino saturnia

Aside from just feeling amazing, soaking in Saturnia thermal baths and waters offers some legit health benefits thanks to the springs’ unique mineral composition:

  • Sulfur – Soothes skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • Calcium – Essential for bone and muscle health
  • Potassium – Relaxes muscles and combats hypertension
  • Carbon dioxide – Boosts blood flow to aid circulation

The area around Saturnia has had settlements since Etruscan times, with wealthy Romans traveling here on vacation. They clearly knew a good thing when they found it!

After fading into obscurity in medieval times when people became suspicious of the sulfurous smell, Saturnia springs underwent a luxury revival in the 1800s. But the most stunning cascade pools remain free for anyone to access year-round.

Where are Saturnia Hot Springs Located?

The small hilltop town of Saturni Tuscany  sits halfway between Rome and Florence, just a couple hours’ drive from both cities and their international airports.

The free hot springs, Cascate del Mulino, spill out at the base of the village. There’s also an upscale spa resort, Terme di Saturnia, with its own spring source 1 mile away.

Driving is definitely the easiest way to reach Saturnia. Public transport involves catching trains to Albinia then connecting buses – doable but more time-consuming.

Tips for Visiting Cascate del Mulino Hot Springs

Cascate del Mulino (also called Cascate del Gorello) is the name given to Saturnia’s most famous hot springs. These series of dreamy waterfall pools and streams are open 24/7 and completely free to access.

hot springs tuscany saturnia

Best Time to Visit Hot springs in Saturnia Italy 

Seasonality The springs are open year-round with peak visiting times in summer

Weather in Tuscany Italy 

Spring and fall see moderate temperatures perfect for soaking. Summers are hotter with more crowds. Winters can be chilly out of the warm water.

Best Times to Visit Tuscany Hot Springs 

Early morning and at sunset tend to be less crowded. The springs often empty out by 9 pm but remain open all night long.

What to Bring to Saturnia Hot Springs Italy 

  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Water shoes
  • Snacks and water
  • Sun protection (hat, sunscreen)
  • Light jacket / robe (for cooler early / late hours)
  • Small daypack (no large bags or valuables)
  • Cash (for cafes – they don’t accept cards)
  • Flashlight (if staying after dark)

Tips for Visiting Saturnia Hot Springs

Arrive early before crowds
Follow water flow downstream for cooler, more private pools Bring reef-safe sunscreen to protect water No loud music or noise late at night Take all garbage with you when leaving

Saturnia Hot Springs Entry Fees

Cascate del Mulino pools – Free! There is a small fee (1 Euro) to access bathrooms

Nearby Attractions & Activities hot springs saturnia italy

  • Wine tasting
  • Montemerano village
  • Golf at Terme di Saturnia Resort
  • Hiking in nature reserves
  • Roman ruins
hot springs tuscany saturnia

Here are my top tips to make the most of your visit:

  • Come Prepared There are no locker rooms or public facilities beyond a small cafe, so come dressed for bathing with towels and anything else you’ll need.
  • Bring water shoes The pools have gravel and stone bottoms that will cut bare feet. Sturdy flip flops or water shoes work best.
  • Pack a picnic The on-site cafe serves snacks and drinks, but you’ll find much better value and choice bringing your own.
  • Limit valuables There’s no secure place to leave personal items. Best to just bring a towel, water shoes and maybe a book.
  • Check the forecast There is very little shade so lather up with sunscreen (reef-safe please!) and a hat for UV protection.
  • Arrive early or late Afternoons get most crowded while you might have pools to yourself at daybreak or sundown.
  • Respect the springs
  • No loud music, and be mindful not to contaminate the crystal-clear waters. Take garbage with you when you leave.
  • Try the various pools
  • Follow the flow downstream for smaller, more private pools as temperatures decrease.

More Things to Do Near Saturnia Hot Springs in the tuscan countryside 

While the healing waters are the highlight, Saturnia village and surrounding Maremma countryside offer delightful diversions between soaks.

Explore Saturnia Village

Wander the cobbled lanes of this charming hilltop village overlooking its famous springs. Don’t miss the Porta Romana (Roman gate) ruins from 2 B.C.

Wine Taste at Local Vineyards

The area around Saturnia produces top-notch Morellino di Scansano red wine. Set up some tastings at organic wineries and stock up on delicious vintages.

Tee Off on Championship Greens

Golfers adore the Poggio dei Medici course at neighboring Terme di Saturnia resort – like playing in a pristine park setting.

Get a Birds-Eye View

Take the road up to quaint hilltop village Montemerano then hike to ancient ruins for sublime views over Saturnia springs.

Go Wild in Nature Reserves

Nearby wildlife reserves Bosco Rocconi and Marsiliana National Park offer hiking and biking trails under canopies of oak, chestnut and pine trees.

Soak in the Luxury Spa Terme di Saturnia’s

world-class spa offers private thermal pool access alongside indulgent wellness treatments like massages, facials and body wraps.

hot springs tuscany saturnia

Where to Stay near Saturnia Hot Springs

Treat yourself to an overnight stay (or three!) so you can really indulge in the healing waters morning and night.

Here are some great accommodation options near the hot springs:


Hotel Villa Clodia Charming villa-style hotel and spa in Saturnia village center

Albergo Le Terme Straightforward lodging with a pool and access to Terme di Saturnia spa next door

Agriturismo Alla Rocca Cozy farm-stay B&B with nice amenities in peaceful countryside


Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination Spa & Golf Resort Ultimate springside relaxation at Tuscany’s top wellness resort

Relais Villa Acquaviva Elegant villa-turned-hotel offering half-board plans and exclusive nighttime spring access

Vacation Rentals Rent a holiday home for extra privacy, amenities like kitchens and pools, and space for families or groups. Check out top-rated options.

Coco Tran — Curated Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

Saturnia hot springs private tour

  • 5 star reviews
  • transportation
  • private tour you can leave late or early
  • flexible cancelation policy

The Healing Waters of Saturnia Hot Springs: Saturnia Toscana 

Whether you’re road tripping through Tuscany or need an Italian escape from city life, Saturnia’s legendary hot springs deserve a spot near the top of your itinerary.

Once you dip your toes in the velvety warmth and mineral-rich waters spill down your shoulders, stiff muscles will dissolve and everyday stresses simply melt away.

You’ll leave feeling refreshed, revitalized and eager to share Saturnia’s secret healing power with friends and family back home

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FAQ Asked questions about Saturnia Tuscany Italy

Yes! Saturnia’s natural thermal pools and waterfalls are stunningly beautiful and incredibly relaxing. The mineral-rich waters also have legitimate healing benefits for your skin and circulation. The fact that the main cascaded pools are open 24/7 and totally free makes the springs one of the most worthwhile and unique experiences in Tuscany.

  • how much does it cost to go to saturnia hot springs?

Access to Cascate del Mulino, the main cascade pools and waterfall area, is completely free and open year-round! There are no admission fees or tickets needed. The only potential cost is the 1€ fee if you want to use the onsite bathrooms and showers.

Yes, swimming is allowed and highly recommended! The naturally heated pools range from thigh-high to depths just over 5 feet so there’s ample opportunity for lounging, relaxation or swimming around the interconnected pools and streams. Just be aware there are no lifeguards on duty.

  • what is the temperature of the water in saturnia hot springs?

The thermal waters emerge from the springs at a temperature of about 98°F or 37°C. As the water cascades down through the series of pools, temperatures will decrease slightly being warmed by the sun exposure. But most pools remain a very comfortable soaking temperature.

  • how to gethow to get to saturnia hot springs?

Saturnia village and springs are located halfway between Rome and Florence. Driving is definitely the easiest way to reach them and allows you to explore the beautiful surrounding countryside area. While transportation by public transit is possible from bus or train stations, it takes much more time and coordination.

  • how to get to saturnia hot springs from Florence

The drive takes around 2 to 2.5 hours covering 140 miles/225 kilometers following main highways and roads south through southern Tuscany’s picturesque wine region:

The Saturnia hot spring pools are located right at the base of Saturnia village which sits perched on an overlooking hillside in southern Tuscany. The small hamlet and springs area are about halfway between Florence and Rome, closer to the western coastline towns like Grosseto.

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