Tours from rome to amalfi coast
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5 Best Tours from rome to amalfi coast to book

Amalfi Coast, Italy

by Coco Tran On September 28, 2023

Tours from rome to amalfi coast

Best Tours from rome to amalfi coast

Planning a trip to Rome and want to explore the beautiful Amalfi Coast? Taking a tour is the best way to see this stunning area located south of Naples, as it can be difficult to reach on your own.

5 Incredible Tours from Rome to the Amalfi Coast to Book 

After visiting Rome last May, I headed down to the Amalfi Coast and absolutely loved it. The colorful cliffside villages, breathtaking ocean views, and delicious food made it a highlight of my trip. A tour makes seeing the highlights of the Amalfi Coast effortless and stress-free. 

Best Tours from Rome to the Amalfi Coast: 

No time to read full article? This is the best Amalfi Coast Boat Tour I recommend

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Private amalfi coast tour from rome

  • nearly perfect 5 star out of +8 reviews
  • 10 hours
  • Free cancelations

top 2 picks: Rome to amalfi coast tours to book:

your time is valuable so here are two top rated and best rome to amalfi coast tours I recommend:

international aiports in italy

Rome To Amalfi Coast Private Tour

  • nearly perfect 5 star out of +15 reviews
  • 10 hours
  • Free cancelations

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

Semi Private amalfi coast + Pompeii from Rome

  • nearly perfect 5 star out of +8 reviews
  • 10-12 hours
  • Small tour size of 8 max
  • Free cancelations

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why booking a tour from Rome to the Amalfi Coast is a great idea:

Ciao! Have you been dreaming of visiting the spectacular Amalfi Coast but aren’t sure how to get there from Rome? Let me tell you, booking a tour is absolutely the way to go.

Sure, you could try to organize transportation and navigate your way there solo, but why go through all that hassle when you’re supposed to be on vacation? A guided tour takes care of everything for you – transportation, sightseeing, even some meals! 

The journey from Rome to the Amalfi Coast is not exactly a quick trip. It takes around 3-4 hours just to get there by car or bus, winding through the mountains and along the dramatic cliffside roads of the coastline.

Believe me, you’ll be grateful to sit back and enjoy the view without having to watch the road or navigate to each city. Plus, attempting the drive yourself can be stressful, if not downright terrifying! Let an experienced local driver handle it while you soak in that gorgeous scenery.

When you arrive, the fun continues! A good Amalfi Coast tour will take you to see the highlights of charming towns like Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi, with stops to explore, shop, eat gelato – you name it.

Having a guide means you’ll actually learn about the history, culture, food, and sights, instead of just snapping photos. You deserve to truly experience the magic of the Amalfi Coast! 

Why go DIY when you could have an amazing day on a well-planned tour? Trust me, the last thing you want is to waste precious time on logistics and getting lost when you could be ooh-ing and ahh-ing along one of the most breathtaking coastlines in the world.

Let the experts show you the best of the Amalfi Coast so you can just sit back, relax, and say “Wow!” Booking a tour from Rome is the way to go. You’ll have an unforgettable experience!

What is the best way to travel from Rome to Amalfi Coast?

There are a few options for getting from Rome to the Amalfi Coast, but I’d say the best way is to join a small-group day tour. Here’s why:

  • No driving yourself – The roads along the Amalfi Coast are infamously narrow and winding. Let someone else do the work while you relax and enjoy the views!
  • Avoid public transportation – Trains and buses take a lot longer with multiple connections. Tours provide direct transport in comfort.
  • See more sights – Tours make stops in Positano, Amalfi, and often Ravello or Sorrento as well. You’d miss a lot trying to see multiple towns via public transit.
  • Learn from a guide – Excellent guides share history and facts that you’d never discover on your own. They bring the sights to life!
  • It’s hassle-free – Everything is arranged for you – transportation, itinerary, sightseeing. Just sit back and take it all in!
  • Meet fellow travelers – Small groups allow you to connect with other great travelers from around the world. It’s a fun way to experience the trip.

While renting a car is another option, the roads are very challenging and parking is limited. For an optimal Amalfi Coast experience, small-group tours are the best choice from Rome. You’ll see the highlights in depth without the logistical headaches.

What to conside on picking Tours to Amalfi coast from rome 

When booking a tour from Rome to the Amalfi Coast, there are a few key things to consider to ensure you have the best possible experience:

Reputation – I would highly recommend booking with a company that has near perfect 5-star reviews. This shows their customers have been consistently impressed and satisfied. My tours in particular have over 500 flawless 5-star reviews, which means you can trust my guides to deliver an amazing time.

Itinerary – Look for tours that take you to the top highlights like Positano, Amalfi Town, Ravello, and allow enough time in each place to really explore. My tours hit all the must-sees, with 2-3 hours in each town, so you get a great overview of the coast.

Group Size – Don’t go for massive bus tour groups. A smaller group of 15 or less people ensures a more intimate experience and flexibility. My tour groups max out at 15 to keep things manageable. 

Local Guides – The best tours utilize expert local guides who offer insights and stories you’d never get otherwise. My team is made up of knowledgeable locals who love sharing insider tips and the history of their home.

Inclusions – Tours that offer more inclusions like transportation, lunch, and entrance fees take the guesswork out of budgeting and planning. My tours include luxury coach transportation, an Italian lunch, and all entrance fees.

When choosing how to visit the stunning Amalfi Coast from Rome, look for a tour company with an outstanding reputation, itinerary, small groups, and local guides.

I only recommend rome amalfi coat tours to showcase the best of the coast while taking all the work out of your hands. With 5-star service and 5 star reviews you can book with confidence knowing you’re in for an amazing experience!

Tours from rome to amalfi coast

Best amalfi coast from rome tour & Best Day Trip from Rome To the Amalfi Coast 

Based on my experience and research, here are 5 incredible Amalfi Coast tours to book from Rome:

1.Best tours from Rome To Amalfi coast : Private tour from Rome day trips to amalfi coast 

Private tour| price: Check Pricing | 12 reviews, 5 out of 5 stars | [Book this tour]

 Tours from rome to amalfi coast

This private day trip from Rome to the Amalfi Coast. This amalfi coast tour explores Positano and Amalfi with door-to-door pickup from your Rome hotel. Being a private tour allows you to customize the day and get an intimate experience with just your group and a guide focused solely on you. It’s perfect if you want a more exclusive, flexible way to see the Amalfi Coast highlights.

– “The very best tour! Our guide Rossana and driver Luigi went above and beyond.”

Amalfi Tour From Rome Tour highlights:

  •   – Door-to-door pickup from your Rome hotel
  •   – Customizable private tour to Positano and Amalfi
  •   – Intimate experience with just your group and guide
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2. tour amalfi coast from rome  on Full-Day Pompeii and Amalfi Coast with Amalfi & Positano stop from Rome

Small group tour| price: Check Pricing | 10 reviews, 5 out of 5 stars | [Book this tour]

Tours from rome to amalfi coast

In this amazing amalfi coast tour from Rome, in addition to Positano and Amalfi, this small-group tour includes a visit to the impressive archaeological site of Pompeii. It’s a great option if you want to experience the ancient ruins in addition to the stunning Amalfi Coast villages. Hotel pickup in Rome is included. [Book this tour]

– “Our guide Giancarlo was fantastic and we totally enjoyed our experience.”

Amalfi Tour From Rome Tour highlights:

  •   – Visit Pompeii ruins with a local guide 
  •   – Stops in Positano and Amalfi
  •   – Hotel pickup and drop-off in Rome

3. rome amalfi coast tour : Small-Group Day Trip from Rome Including Positano

Small group tour| price: Check Pricing | 98 reviews, 4.5 out of 5 stars | [Book this tour]

Tours from rome to amalfi coast

Tour highlights:
  – Travel to Amalfi Coast by train and boat
  – Explore Positano and Amalfi
  – Small group limited to 20 people

Another small-group option, this tour travels by train and boat to explore Positano and Amalfi. The small group size of just 20 people provides a more intimate experience. It’s a great choice if you want to take advantage of public transportation.

– “Excellent small group tour, our guide was awesome! Positano was an absolute highlight.”

4. rome day trips to amalfi coast: Ravello, Amalfi and Positano: Private tour from Rome 

Private tour| price: Check Pricing |12 reviews, 5 out of 5 stars | [Book this tour]

Tours from rome to amalfi coast
  •   – Door-to-door pickup from your Rome hotel
  • – Tour highlights:
  •   – Stops in Ravello, Amalfi, and Positano
  •   – Customizable private tour

– “The very best! Our guide and driver went above and beyond.”

5 .Private Transfer from Rome to Amalfi Coast

Private Transfer from Rome | price: Check Pricing |8 reviews, 5 out of 5 stars | [Book this tour]

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

This private transfer from Rome to the Amalfi Coast is a great option if you plan to stay in the Amalfi Coast area for a few days after visiting Rome.

The private driver will pick you up at your Rome hotel and take you directly to your Amalfi Coast accommodation. It’s the perfect way to reach the Amalfi Coast without dealing with complicated public transportation. [Book this transfer]

  • Door-to-door transportation from Rome to Amalfi Coast
  • Great option if staying in Amalfi Coast for multiple days

6. amalfi coast from rome day trip:  Capri Day Trip with Ferry and small group from Rome

Small group tour| price: Check Pricing | 8reviews, 5 out of 5 stars | [Book this tour]

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran
  • Private tour, price varies
  • includes a boat tour to Capri Island and the blue grotto
  • 4 reviews, 5 stars
  • Explore Capri with a private driver and guide

Enjoy a full day day trip rome to amalfi coast exploring the island of Capri with this private tour. Your guide will show you top sights like the Blue Grotto cave and historic town centers. It’s a great way to escape the crowds and customize your Capri experience. [Book this tour]

Private Driver tours rome to amalfi coast

For the ultimate private experience, book this full-day tour of Ravello, Amalfi and Positano from Rome. The private vehicle allows you to customize your time on the coast to hit the spots you’re most excited for. It’s the perfect splurge if you really want a special, exclusive tour. [Book this tour]

Is a day trip from Rome to Amalfi Coast worth it?

A day trip from Rome to the Amalfi Coast is absolutely worth it, even with the long travel time. Here are a few reasons why it’s an amazing experience:

  • Get a Taste of the Coast – A day trip gives you the chance to take in the highlights of the stunning Amalfi Coast like Positano, Amalfi Town, and Ravello. It’s a perfect teaser to inspire a return trip.
  • Avoid Changing Hotels – Keep your homebase in Rome without having to pack up and move hotels for just one night on the coast. The day trip allows you to avoid the headache.
  • Sample the Scenery – The rocky cliffs, colorful towns, and mesmerizing views of the coast are unforgettable. A day is enough to experience the famous scenery and get epic photos.
  • Soak Up Some Culture – With stops in multiple towns, you can take in parts of the rich history and culture on a single day. It’s a quick immersion into the coastal vibe.
  • Get Excellent Value – Day trips are often reasonably priced, especially compared to the higher Amalfi hotels costs. You get affordable access to a piece of paradise.

While an overnight stay allows more time, a day trip from Rome captures the essence of the Amalfi Coast. You still come home able to say you’ve seen this bucket-list destination. Just the ride along the coast itself makes it completely worthwhile!

Northern Italy Vs Southern Italy which to visit
The Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy

How many days in Amalfi is enough?

For most travelers, 2 or 3 days is usually enough time to get a great taste of the Amalfi Coast. Here are some tips for how long to spend in Amalfi:

  • For a quick look, 1 day allows you to experience the famous coastline views and see 1 or 2 of the main towns like Positano and Amalfi Town. It’s rushed but doable.
  • 2 days lets you settle in a bit more with overnights. You can devote a full day each to visiting towns like Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello at a more relaxed pace.
  • 3 days is ideal to split time between both the coastal and hill towns. You can hike the famous Path of the Gods, wander pastel-hued Positano, explore historic Amalfi, and take in the opulent villas of Ravello.
  • 4-5 days gives you time for activities like boating along the coast, day trips to Capri or Pompeii, and longer hikes. It’s especially nice to have a lazy beach day too.

Any longer than 5 days and you may run out of major sights, unless you plan to use Amalfi as a base for exploring Naples, Rome, or other parts of Italy. Focus on the highlights for 2-3 days to get a great Amalfi Coast experience without rushing or getting bored.

Is Positano or Amalfi better?

Both Positano and Amalfi have their own unique charms, so it’s hard to declare one better overall. Here’s a quick comparison of some of their key features:

Tours from rome to amalfi coast


  • Dramatic vertiginous setting cascading down a cliffside
  • Charming pastel-colored houses and beachside cafes
  • Lots of luxury hotels, shopping, and restaurants
  • Less history and more touristy than Amalfi
  • Better base for hiking the Path of the Gods


  • Stunning seaside setting at the foot of huge cliffs
  • Historic 9th century cathedral in the town center
  • Less crowded and touristy than Positano
  • Great local cuisine using lemons and seafood
  • Closer to attractions like Ravello and art paper mills

In summary, Positano is more photogenic and luxurious but very tourist-focused. Amalfi has more local character, history, and convenient transport connections to other coastal towns. Overall, it depends on what experience and activities you’re looking for during your stay on the coast! You really can’t go wrong with either destination.

What are the best times of year to visit Amalfi?

The best times to visit the stunning Amalfi Coast are in the late spring through early fall when the weather is ideal:

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran
  • May & June – Warm sunny days and cooler evenings. Spring flowers are in bloom and the sea is starting to warm up for swimming. Crowds are lighter too.
  • July & August – Peak summer season with sunshine and blue skies almost guaranteed. Temperatures get quite hot though, and tourist crowds are at their max.
  • September & October – Gorgeous warm weather continues into the fall, but with slightly cooler temps. The ocean is still swimmable as well. Great time with fewer crowds.

The months between November and April can be rainy and cold, with many businesses closed. Summer is beautiful but crowded. For pleasant weather with fewer tourists, aim for May-June or September-October for an ideal Amalfi Coast trip.

Some key events to consider:

  • Easter is busy with Italians flocking to the coast.
  • Lemons are ripe for the Limoncello Festival in May.
  • Ferragosto on August 15th kicks off Italy’s summer holiday season.

Whenever you choose to go, the Amalfi Coast’s scenic beauty shines through. Just be aware of peak crowds in mid-summer and potential weather delays in the off-season. Time your visit for sunny skies and Mediterranean bliss!

Where do the Kardashians stay in Amalfi Coast?

Le Sirenuse hotel

The Kardashians stayed at the luxurious Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano

No matter which tour you choose, you’ll be able to sit back and soak in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast without having to figure out transportation and logistics on your own. Taking a tour from Rome makes getting to the Amalfi Coast a breeze! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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