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Drinking Age For Spain: All You Need To Know

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What’s the drinking age for Spain? If you’re planning on partaking in their delicious alcoholic beverages (with some of the best red wines and amazing food culture why wouldn’t you?) 

As I prepare for my next Spanish adventure for a week in Mallorca and San Sebastian, So I know a thing or two about the laws and drinking culture of Spain! This article will help you understand the laws and culture around alcohol so you can make informed decisions, try amazing drinks, and avoid any trouble.

Let’s explore the fascinating world of Spanish drinking culture. ¡Salud!


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Spain is renowned for its vibrant culture that integrates wine, beer, and spirited beverages into daily life. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll provide details on:

Legal Drinking Age in Spain

The legal age of drinking in Spain is 18 years old across all regions. This age applies to both purchasing and publicly consuming beer, wine, spirits, or other alcoholic beverages at venues like restaurants, bars, or nightclubs.

 legal age of drinking in spain Regional Consistency

Unlike some countries, Spain’s national law sets the drinking age at 18 years old everywhere, including:

  • Popular destinations like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville
  • Island hotspots such as Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca
  • North to south from Basque Country to Andalucía

The uniformity prevents confusion for residents and tourists. No matter where you travel in Spain, you must be 18 to legally buy or drink alcohol.

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Cultural Attitudes and Traditions with legal age of drinking in spain

Beyond legislation, the context of Spanish drinking culture is important for visitors to understand. Locals embrace a generally relaxed attitude with alcohol integrated into daily life.

Common Spain Cultural Elements:

  • Enjoying wine, beer, or vermouth with lunch
  • Lively botellóns (public parties with drinking)
  • Vibrant nightlife into the late hours
  • Regional traditions and preferences

These cultural elements can seem to promote underage drinking. However, while some underage consumption occurs, legal policies aim to foster responsible, moderate enjoyment for adults.

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Spain drinking laws

legal drinking age in spain with parents

can you drink at 16 in spain with parents? While the legal age is 18, Spanish law includes a parental exception allowing 16-17 year olds to drink certain beverages under supervision at restaurants, typically with meals.

Parental Supervision Rules:

  • Beer, wine, and cider are permitted in moderation
  • Spirits over 23% alcohol are prohibited
  • Applies only to public venues like restaurants
  • Private in-home consumption is not addressed

This parental guidance approach recognizes family influence on developing balanced drinking habits. However, it’s still illegal to provide alcohol outside these parameters.

Public Drinking age for spain

  • Consuming alcoholic beverages outdoors on public streets, areas, or at large unauthorized gatherings is generally prohibited
  • Violations for public drinking or promoting underage drinking through provision of alcohol are subject to significant fines

Drunk Driving and drinking age for spain 

  • Motorists driving with blood alcohol concentration at or over 0.05 g/L face penalties like fines, license suspension, and even potential imprisonment for intoxicated driving

Purchasing Alcohol in Shops and Bars Drinking Age for spain

If you meet the 18+ drinking age in Spain, you’ll want to know where you can buy alcohol and what kind of identification is required.

Alcohol Purchases In Spain:

  • Grocery stores, liquor stores, bars all sell alcohol
  • General sales curfew is 10 pm nationwide (some regional exceptions)
  • Bars and nightclubs mandated to check identification for young-looking patrons

Typical Acceptable ID for buying drinks in spain

  • National identity card
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport

Presenting identification helps sellers adhere to age restrictions. It’s smart to carry valid ID if you want to purchase alcohol.

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Consequences of Violating legal age drinking spain  

While cultural attitudes can seem relaxed, laws prohibiting underage drinking or irresponsible intoxication are strictly enforced through fines and other penalties.

Potential Legal Consequences For Drinking underage in Spain:

  • Underage drinking fines up to €600
  • Providing alcohol to minors fines from €30,000-€600,000
  • Public drinking fines around €500
  • Drunk driving fines plus license suspension and jail time
  • Public disturbances lead to citations or arrests

Officials curb issues like drunk driving and rowdiness. Visitors should drink legally and responsibly to avoid serious repercussions.

Activities in Spain Without Alcohol

Beyond bars and clubs, experiencing Spanish culture without alcohol is easy and rewarding. Almost all cultural sites, museums, tours, shows, shops, cafes, and restaurants are all-ages friendly.

Top Attractions and Activities Without Alcohol:

  • Exploring historic sites like The Alhambra palace complex
  • Admiring artwork at top museums including the Prado and Guggenheim
  • Strolling through charming neighborhoods in cities like Barcelona, Seville, and Madrid
  • Sampling tapas, paella, pinchos, and other Spanish cuisine
  • Enjoying an authentic flamenco show
  • Relaxing on beautiful Mediterranean beaches

With endless sights, sounds, and flavors, Spain entrances all visitors regardless of the legal drinking age. The country offers much more than iconic bars and nightclubs. Prioritizing meaningful and memorable cultural experiences makes underage status completely manageable.

FAQ on Drinking Age in Spain

If you still have questions about Spanish drinking regulations, check this FAQ for quick answers on key topics.

Can you drink at 16 in Spain with your parents?

In Spain, 16-17 year olds can legally consume beer, wine or cider when accompanied in public venues by parents, who must purchase or provide the beverages. Hard liquor remains prohibited.

What about just with parents or guardians at home?

Private in-home consumption by 16-17 year olds is not specifically addressed under Spanish law and occurs based on guardian discretion. Furnishing alcohol to those under 18 is still officially prohibited.

Can 18 year old tourists drink publicly outdoors in Spain?

While public parties with drinking called botellóns persist due to custom, regulations prohibit openly consuming alcohol on public streets or spaces to prevent issues. Officials do ticket violators.

Do nightclubs always check ID for proof of age at entry?

Reputable and regulated nightlife venues mandate checking patron identification at entry to confirm guests meet the legal admission age, usually 18. However, some establishments are lax so underage participation happens.

Can underage travelers buy non-alcoholic beer?

Shops can sell non-alcoholic beer without age verification. However, guests may still be asked for ID at certain venues when ordering mocktails that resemble cocktails containing traces of alcohol from equipment contact.

Is getting drunk underage in Spain illegal?

No specific public intoxication laws target underage drinkers. However, disruptive drunkenness is generally prohibited for all ages and minors may face additional legal consequences or penalties in conjunction with illegal possession or consumption.

planning a trip to Spain? Here are my top travel resources and helpful travel articles & tips to help you get started with traveling.

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I hope this guide has helped explain key aspects of drinking culture and laws in Spain that are useful to know before visiting as a traveler of any age.

Understanding legislation, customs, exceptions with meals, enforcement, and activities without alcohol gives me confidence to plan my upcoming Spanish adventure.

Armed with this knowledge, I look forward to immersing myself in the vibrant nation of Spain completely legally and responsibly!

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