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Delivery Luggage Japan Service: Why and How to Use It

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Traveling light is the best way to explore Japan. With its extensive transit system, you’ll be getting on and off trains, subways, buses and more as you travel between cities and navigate within them. After 3 weeks in Japan, we brought back two luggages of souvenirs and goodies from Japan, using the delivery luggage Japan service was clutch to avoid all the transiting with luggage. The last thing you want is to haul around heavy luggage everywhere you go. That’s where luggage delivery services come in.

These services, known in Japanese as “takuhaibin” allow you to ship your bags conveniently between locations so you can travel hands-free. Keep reading to learn why and how you should use luggage delivery in Japan and exactly how to take advantage of this incredibly useful service.

Delivery Luggage Japan Service: Why and How to Use It (2023)

Why Use Luggage Delivery Service in Japan

Here are the top reasons to use takuhaibin luggage delivery:

  • Avoid Crowded Trains and Stations: Japan’s transit hubs get very congested, especially during rush hours. Trying to navigate stations and board trains with large suitcases is extremely difficult. Check your bags with takuhaibin and travel freely without them.
  • Ship Luggage Directly to Hotels: Rather than carrying bags with you to each hotel, ship them ahead so they’ll be waiting when you arrive. No more hauling luggage on subways and upstairs.
  • Travel Between Cities Lightly: Japan’s bullet trains have limited space to store luggage. Ship bags ahead so you can board freely without them taking up seat space.
  • Send Souvenirs Home: Stock up on souvenirs as you travel then conveniently ship them home. No need to haul them around for the rest of the trip.
  • Secure Storage: Bags are stored securely until delivered so you don’t need to worry about them.
  • Affordable and Reliable: Takuhaibin is affordable, with average fees of ¥2,400-3,000. The services are also known to be very reliable.

How Japan’s Luggage Delivery System Works

Japan has an extensive luggage delivery network that makes it easy to send bags around the country quickly and affordably. Here are the key details about how it works:

There are a few major private courier companies offering luggage delivery services in Japan, including:

Best delivery Luggage Japan:

  • Yamato luggage delivery (Yamato Transport)  (also called “takkyubin“): The largest provider, recognizable by their black cat logo.
  • Japan Airlines (JAL) ABC: A trusted airline luggage delivery service.
  • Sagawa Express

These companies have arrangements with hotels, airports, convenience stores and more to accept luggage shipments for delivery across Japan.

Most hotels provide luggage delivery through Yamato Transport or JAL ABC. Major convenience store chains also accept luggage drop-offs for delivery by Yamato Transport.

No matter where you ship from, the process is quick and easy:

  • Drop off your luggage
  • Fill out a simple form indicating the destination address
  • Pay luggage delivery fees
  • Your bags will arrive at the destination by the next day in most cases

So whether at hotels, airports or convenience stores across Japan, you’ll have reliable, affordable options to ship bags to your next destination or the airport while you travel unencumbered.

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How & Where To Use Luggage Delivery Service

Using a luggage delivery service in Japan is very straightforward. Here are your options for sending bags along to your next Japan destination:

Via Hotel Front Desk

Most hotels in Japan offer luggage delivery service through partnerships with delivery companies like Yamato Transport and JAL ABC. This is what we did and it was easy 

The process of using hotel luggage delivery service:

  • Bring your luggage to the hotel front desk
  • Hotel staff will provide a luggage delivery form
  • Fill out the destination address and desired delivery date/time details
  • They will measure and weigh the luggage tag it and let you know based on the luggage forward location
  • Pay delivery fees
  • Your luggage will be delivered by the next day in most cases

This is the easiest way to ship bags from one hotel to the next while traveling in Japan.

Note: Smaller hotels and guesthouses may not offer luggage delivery but they will help you find one. 

Via Convenience Stores

Major convenience store chains in Japan also accept luggage deliveries through Yamato Transport. Look for locations with Yamato’s black cat logo displayed.

Chains providing luggage delivery:

  • 7-Eleven
  • FamilyMart
  • Daily Yamazaki
  • NewDays
  • Poplar

You can search for participating locations here.

The process is very similar to hotel delivery:

  • Bring luggage to convenience store
  • Fill out Yamato Transport delivery form with destination details
  • Pay fees
  • Luggage delivered the next day

So if your lodging doesn’t offer delivery, just head to a convenience store instead.

Via Airports & Train Stations

You can also find Yamato Transport and JAL ABC luggage delivery counters right at major airports and some train stations in Japan, making it easy to send bags once you arrive. Look for them near baggage claim and ticket gates.

My Experience with Yamato Delivery luggage Japan/ Lugage transfer in Japan:

We shipped 2 large rolling duffle bags from Takayama to Tokyo filled with souvenirs and extra clothes we didn’t need. We wanted to not worry about it until the last day in Tokyo, so we had them deliver it to be held at our hotel until we arrived 5 days from the day we sent it. It arrived without a hitch, and our hotel was notified in advance and there was a small holding fee of $600 yen a day at our hotel. The luggage arrived on the day of our departure so we didn’t have to pay any holding fees as we informed that we wouldn’t need the luggage until a later date 

The cost of Yamato luggage delivery is also very affordable, it was about $15 for each large duffle bag for a long distance. So worth it.

How To Fill Out Luggage Transfer Form

Our hotel helped us fill out the form. but in case you need instructions find my detailed guide on how to fill out the luggage transfer Japan form here. 

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 Top Tips for Using Luggage Delivery in Japan

To make the most of luggage delivery service when traveling in Japan, keep these top tips in mind:

  • Pack Light Apart from Bags You’ll Ship: Only bring essentials in a small carry-on or personal bag to take with you between destinations. Check everything else you won’t need. Travel light once you ship bags.
  • Drop Off Before Noon For Next-Day Delivery: Get luggage to drop-off locations by early afternoon to ensure it ships out same day and arrives at next destination the following day.
  • Take a photo: of your luggage form so you can track your delivery online with the delivery number on the form
  • Label Clearly: Use bold lettering to clearly label all your bags for identification. Include your name and contact details.
  • Insure Valuables: Consider insuring valuable items to protect against damage or loss.
  • Alert Hotels of Delivery: Contact hotels ahead that you’re shipping bags to ensure they know to expect your luggage delivery.
  • Check Terminal & Flight for Airport Delivery: Provide exact terminal and flight details when shipping bags to airports to prevent issues.
  • Arrive Early to Get Bags After Delivery: Ensure you allow ample time to collect bags once delivered before moving onto next destination or flight.

Follow these tips and with luggage delivery you’ll be free to explore Japan hands-free!

What Can Be Shipped with Luggage Delivery Japan

Luggage delivery services are prepared to transport all types of baggage and items between destinations across Japan:

  • Suitcases, duffel bags and luggage of all sizes
  • Sports equipment like golf clubs, skis, etc.
  • Special items like musical instruments, electronics and odd-shaped objects
  • Furniture and other large items
  • Valuables like expensive camera gear – insure these items
  • Pretty much anything that needs to get from point A to point B!

Size and Weight Restrictions

Couriers do have size and weight limits per piece of luggage:

  • Yamato Transport: Up to 200 cm length/girth and 30 kg weight

So check to ensure your items meet restrictions or ship in multiple pieces. Oversize items may have higher fees. Weigh bags at hotels or other locations with scales prior to drop off.

Delivery Luggage Japan Cost – Cost of Delivery Service Luggage Forwarding Japan

The convenience of luggage delivery in Japan comes at an affordable price, with average fees per piece of luggage: 

Yamato luggage delivery price:

  • ¥1,500-4,500 for a standard suitcase/duffel bag
  • ¥2,500-5,000 for oversized luggage

Rates vary based on:

  • Company (Yamato, JAL ABC, etc)
  • Distance – longer distances generally cost more
  • Size/weight
  • Desired delivery speed: standard next-day or express

So a standard suitcase shipped from Tokyo to Osaka/Kyoto would run roughly ¥1,700-2,500 with next day delivery.

While fees do add up when frequently shipping bags between destinations, the cost is worth the convenience of traveling light. Luggage delivery is an essential budget item for Japan travelers.

Compare rates between hotel/convenience store delivery options if looking to save money. Airport counters may charge slightly higher prices.

How Long Can you Store Luggage before luggage delivery-Luggage Storage Duration

Most luggage remains safely stored at local luggage delivery offices until the delivery date:

  • Yamato Transport: Stores luggage up to 7 days until delivery

You can also request to delay delivery by up to 7 days in some cases if needed.

If you want to store luggage without using delivery, options are limited to same-day storage at select counters and locations. So factor these duration limits into your itinerary.

For long-term luggage storage beyond 7 days, there are also coin locker and luggage storage services available at airports and stations like JAL ABC’s JAL Locker & Delivery.

Luggage delivery service in Japan Safety & Reliability 

Lost luggage is rare thanks to strict procedures used by Japan’s dependable luggage delivery companies. But damage and loss still remains a possibility. 

Couriers offer luggage insurance options to give that extra peace of mind:

  • Yamato Transport Insurance: Offers standard ¥100,000 coverage or ¥1 million coverage for higher value items
  • JAL ABC Insurance: Standard coverage varies per piece with higher limit options

Carefully pack fragile items, label bags clearly and consider insuring valuables in case issues arise. Having this insurance safety net will allow you to fully relax once your bags are in the hands of the delivery pros!

Alternative Domestic Shipping

While luggage delivery (takuhaibin) couriers provide quick nationwide delivery of luggage and larger items, you have other shipping options within Japan for smaller goods:

  • Japan Post’s Yu-Pack: Affordable door-to-door parcel delivery. Details here.
  • Convenience Store Package Pickup: Order items online to store locations for pickup.

So for small, non-urgent packages, you can take advantage of these delivery services too!

same day luggage delivery japan

Most luggage delivery services offer next-day delivery (2 days total if dropped off before 12 pm) as their standard timeframe. However, same-day delivery is possible:

  • If the sending and delivery addresses are located in the same region and you drop off luggage early in the morning, some delivery providers like Yamato Transport may be able to deliver same-day. But this is not guaranteed.
  • Select train stations have Yamato Transport counters that offer same-day luggage delivery to destinations within the same region, if dropped off early enough.
  • Airports may also be able to accept luggage for delivery on an upcoming flight departing the same day, depending on cut-off times.

So while next-day delivery is the norm across Japan, same-day is possible on a more limited basis for destinations located nearby and when luggage gets into the delivery network quickly enough in the day.

You should expect and plan for next-day (2 days total)  luggage delivery as the standard timeframe that can be dependably expected when shipping bags between destinations in Japan. Building an extra buffer day into travel timelines is also wise in case of any unexpected delays.

Luggage Delivery and Forwarding Luggage in Japan When Departing 

When your Japan travels come to an end, luggage delivery comes in handy one last time to transport bags to the airport stress-free. You can have your luggage forwarded to Haneda or Narita Aiport. 

Rather than hauling heavy suitcases onto trains and buses en route to the airport, have them conveniently delivered in advance:

  • Drop Off: Provide your flight details when dropping bags at hotels, convenience stores or airport counters
  • Airport Delivery: Bags delivered to your airport within 1-2 days prior to flight
  • Claim at Airport: Pick up luggage at specified airport location before check-in

No struggling with luggage onto crowded airport trains. No paying for extra check-in weight. Just grab your bags airside and head to your flight!

Top Airport Luggage Delivery Tips

Follow these additional pointers to make sure airport delivery goes smoothly as you depart Japan:

  • Allow Ample Time: Have bags delivered 2 days pre-flight allowing leeway for delays.
  • Specify Terminal: Double check terminal number and clearly provide on forms.
  • Confirm Airline & Flight: Supply accurate airline and flight details to prevent misrouting issues.
  • Claim Early: Clear security with ample time to claim bags in case of long queues.
  • Missing Bag Backup: Pack essential items and 1-2 day’s clothes in carry-on bag in rare case delivered bag doesn’t arrive.

As long as you build in buffer and provide accurate details, you’ll be all set for a seamless luggage delivery handoff as you jet out of Japan!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions travelers have about using luggage delivery service:

How reliable is luggage delivery in Japan?

Luggage delivery is highly reliable in Japan with industry leading success rates thanks to the country’s exceptional service standards. As long as directions are clearly provided, bags reliably show up on-time at the next destination.

How early should I send luggage to the airport?

Aim to drop off bags 1-2 days prior to departure allowing leeway, specifying the flight details. Airport counters may even accept luggage on the same day for next-flight-out delivery depending on timing.

Can I track my delivered luggage?

Yes, couriers including Yamato Transport provide tracking so you can follow your luggage shipment status via your delivery receipt number.

What if my luggage gets lost or damaged?

Lost luggage is very rare thanks to strict scanners matching ID barcodes on bags to forms. But damage and loss could still occur. Take insurance when available and promptly report any issues to delivery staff for claims processing. Policies vary but coverage amounts generally fall in the ¥100,000-1 million range.

Can I get same day luggage delivery?

Next day delivery is the standard for most destinations across Japan. But select locations may offer same day luggage delivery if shipping and receiving points are quite close and timing allows for it. Some train station counters provide same day delivery as well. But next-day is much more widely available.

Can I use luggage delivery if I don’t speak Japanese?

Yes, the major providers all have English forms available. Staff also commonly speak basic English if you need any assistance. So language is generally not a barrier to using this service as a foreign traveler.

Do all lodgings offer luggage delivery?

Most hotels/ryokans allow luggage delivery arrangments through their front desks. But some small guesthouses and Airbnb rentals may not. In these cases you can simply ship bags from the nearest convenience store instead.

What are luggage size and weight restrictions?

Dimensions vary slightly but most providers allow up to around 160cm length and 30kg weight per piece – check specific requirements. Oversized items may cost extra. Make sure bags aren’t over stuffed and weigh them in advance if possible.

Delivery Luggage To Your Japan Destinations Stress-Free

When visiting Japan, luggage delivery service eliminates the need to ever hassle with cumbersome bags on trains, subways or walking city streets again.

From the airport arrival to hotel check-ins to final airport departure, reliably ship luggage along from one destination to the next for ultimate convenience and comfort exploring Japan.

Simply drop off bags via hotels, convenience stores and airport counters as you go and they’ll conveniently arrive within a day at your next address using the dependable delivery networks.

So travel light and free through Japan while heavy suitcases magically transport themselves! With this essential service in your back pocket, you’ll avoid luggage transit headaches and be ready to fully immerse in your Japanese journeys.

Have any other questions? Feel free to ask below!

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