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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Cala Figuera Mallorca

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As you plan your trip to Mallorca, you must include the charming fishing village of Cala Figuera Mallorca on your island itinerary.

Tucked away on Mallorca’s rugged southeastern coastline in the municipality of Santanyí, this hidden gem offers a glimpse into old-world Mallorca with its picturesque port dotted with low-lying whitewashed homes and fishing boats bobbing on crystal clear waters.

No time to read it all? Here are the highlights:

  • Cala Figuera is a picturesque fishing village with stunning harbor views and charming coastal houses
  • It has two sheltered coves – Caló d’en Boira and Caló d’en Busques – but no sandy beaches
  • Rich history as a place for transporting sandstone and defending against pirates
  • Today it’s peaceful with a traditional fishing port atmosphere
  • Reach Cala Figuera by rental car or taxi or book a day tour – not very public transport-friendly
  • Top things to do: harbor strolls, seafood & drinks at sunset, boat tours, swimming
  • Can visit as a day trip or stay in hotels like Hotel Villa Sirena or Hotel Rocamar

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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting and Enjoying Cala Figuera Mallorca

Birds Eye View of Cala Figuera mallorca Beach

Cala figuera Mallorca Historical Significance

The two sheltered coves shaping Cala Figuera give it a distinctive Y-shape. These are Caló d’en Boira and Caló d’en Busques, both breathtakingly beautiful spots to admire the traditional fishing community.

And while there are no sandy beaches here, the pebbly coves and turquoise waters are equally as enchanting.

Beyond the natural beauty, Cala Figuera has a rich history dating back centuries.

Historical records first mention this sleepy port town in 1306 when it became an important transport hub for Santanyí’s iconic sandstone used in buildings across Mallorca. Remnants of this legacy stand today in structures like the 16th century watchtower Torre d’en Beu built to spot pirate ships and protect the village.

How to Get to Cala Figuera

The best way to get to Cala Figuera is to rent a car at the airport for the quick 50 minute drive from (Palma).

Taxis are also readily available for around 60€ each way. If you’re not planning to drive, I recommend you book a private transfer.

Distance from Cala Figuera from the closest airport:

  • The nearest airport to Cala Figuera is Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI)
  • Cala Figuera is located about 62km from Palma Airport
  • By car, the driving time is right around 50 minutes via the MA-19 highway
  • The route from the airport to Cala Figuera along the MA-19 is very straightforward and well-connected by this major highway
  • While the distance in kilometers to Cala Figuera is just over 60km, the driving time is less than an hour thanks to the good quality main roads you’ll traverse

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 public transport options to Cala Figuera Palma de mallorca 

your options are very limited with infrequent bus service from Santanyí, the closest main town.

Once you arrive, parking is plentiful with free street parking and a main lot that fills fast in peak summer.

The Scenic Beauty and Charm of the Harbor of Cala Figuera

Without a doubt, Cala Figuera’s main claim to fame is its picture-perfect harbor set against a backdrop of pine-tree-dotted cliffs and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. meandering through the port area feels like stepping back in time to when it was a sleepy fishing village without the crowds of today’s mega resorts.

Whitewashed facades with vibrant green shutters line the cobbled lanes intertwined with boats floating on waterways leading to homes instead of streets.

Wrought iron balconies and lush terrace gardens grant visitors photographers paradise at every turn. And the shimmering turquoise waters fringed by emerald pines beg for long contemplative stares.

This hypnotic scene reaches its crescendo at sunset when the fishing boats return with their daily catch. Golden hour light caresses the village’s charm and it’s easy to imagine how magical life here once felt generations ago.

A meal of the freshest seafood paired with local wine as day softly fades to night is a quintessential Cala Figuera experience.

Top Places to Eat and Drink- Cala Figuera Mallorca restaurants

Bon Bar

should top your Cala Figuera dining list for the flawless harbor views from its patio dotted with shady umbrellas. Sharing small plates and cocktails here perfectly captures the romantic ambiance.

The seafood shines but reservations are key for balcony seats at the coveted railing.

Similarly, spellbinding vistas await at Restaurante Pura Vida perched cliffside over the sea. The menu spans grilled meats to paella, though most come for the legendary sunsets.

Book an outdoor table in advance to fully soak up the island vibes.

Restaurant L’Arcada Cala Figuera

pleases palates with Mediterranean and Spanish specialties liked grilled fish, wood-fired pizzas and of course, paella. The elegant setting inside a restored fisherman’s home sets an upscale yet cozy dining tone.

cala figuera mallorca

Cala Figuera mallorca Things to do 

Boating, Swimming, and Exploring Cala Figuera’s Striking Coastline Beyond eating and relaxing, several memorable activities await during your Cala Figuera travels.

  • For something truly special, book a boat tour along the craggy coastline soaking up sights like the sea caves offering pirates refuge and the iconic Es Pontás rock formation sculpted by waves.

The translucent harbor also entices swimmers, though pack water shoes given the lack of sand.

  • Relax at one of the seaside restaurants after drying off for a well-deserved cocktail as the boats gently sway.

Where to Stay in Cala Figuera spain – Cala Figuera hotels

Though relatively small, Cala Figuera offers several hotels and guest houses for overnight stays so you can fully experience the village’s slowed-down pace.

Hotel Santanyi Port– hotel cala figuera mallorca 

Hotel Santanyi Port is a beautiful 3-star hotel with modern and comfortable rooms, some boasting picturesque harbor views ideal for extended stays. You feel more guest than a customer at this family-run gem.

Hotel Rocamar

Hotel Rocamar provides affordable 2-star harborside lodging from May through October. The sunny outdoor pool and lounge chairs invite leisurely hours admiring the fishing boats.

cala figuera

Things to Do in Cala Figuera

Stroll and take it the Harbor Views – at palma de mallorca cala figuera

  • Wander the charming port and coves for Instagrammable shots of the fishing boats and turquoise waters
  • Grab a bite at waterside cafes like Bon Bar while admiring the views
  • Take photos of the colorful homes and winding waterfront streets

Sunset Dining at mallorca cala figuera 

  • Indulge in fresh seafood dishes like paella while watching golden hour colors reflect on the water
  • Score a patio table at Restaurante Pura Vida or Restaurant L’Arcada for panoramic harbor views
  • Enjoy sangria or local wine as the sun slowly sinks below the cliffside

Local History

  • Marvel at the 16th-century watchtowers built to spot pirate ships and protect the village
  • Visit the small church, once home to the Lords of Can Ferrereta, for a glimpse into the past
  • Search for date markers on the charming facades to identify the oldest buildings

Boating and Swimming at Cala Figuera beach

  • Book a boat tour to admire the nearby caves and rock formations only accessible from the water
  • Take a dip in the crystal clear sheltered coves to cool off on a sunny day
  • Pack water shoes to comfortably walk on the pebbly sea floor and slippery rocks
  • Paddleboard or kayak along the rugged coastline for unique perspectives

Hiking Trails

  • Trek along cliffside paths dotted with fragrant pine and olive trees for sweeping vistas of the port
  • Rise early to catch golden sunrise lighting up Sa Torre d’en Beu tower
  • Pack snacks and water before setting out to fuel your urban hikes
  • Capture the village’s unique geography from above by scaling one of the coastal lookout points

cala figuera mallorca nightlife

there is very little nightlife to be found in Cala Figuera. As a small fishing village with a population of only around 500 people, the town is extremely quiet at night.

Limited Bars & Restaurants

  • There are only a handful of restaurants and bars in Cala Figuera to choose from
  • Options include the Bon Bar, Restaurant Pura Vida, and Restaurant L’Arcada Cala Figuera

Tip: Most bars and restaurants close quite early in the evening

No Nightclubs or Late-Night Venues

  • You won’t find any bustling late-night clubs, discos, or dance venues
  • The lack of sandy beaches also means no beach clubs or beach bars

Peaceful Evenings

  • Expect very quiet nights with just locals out and about
  • Streets clear out by early evening
  • Best to embrace the sleepy, laidback ambience

Sunset Drinks & Dinner

  • The highlight is sunset drinks overlooking the port
  • Followed by a leisurely dinner with picturesque harbor views
  • Soak in the romantic sunset lighting before heading in for an early night

Overall, those looking for a lively nightlife scene would be best to stay in larger Mallorcan towns and resort areas. Cala Figuera offers a serene escape for travelers seeking relaxation, nature, and quiet cozy evenings watching the sun dip low over the Mediterranean sea.

Events and Festivals in Cala Figueras mallorca 

Time your Cala Figuera travels to coincide with the mid-July celebration Festes de la Mare de Déu del Carme honoring the patron saint of sailors.

For a full week leading up to July 16th, residents host street fairs overflowing with food, music, and nautical tributes like a special float parade on the official feast day.

Living Like a Local in Cala Figuera While undoubtedly idyllic, Cala Figuera offers few amenities for permanent residents beyond basic shops and eateries.

Most businesses only operate during the tourist season. Just 500 call the port town home year-round relying largely on Santanyí 6km away for groceries, healthcare and schools.

In exchange for the remote location, homeowners bask in million dollar views with properties starting around €600,000. Many of Mallorca’s elite maintain holiday homes passed down for generations in the village their ancestors fished for centuries.

Nearby Towns and Attractions Cala Figuera 

Though tiny, Cala Figuera provides the perfect home base for exploring Mallorca’s rugged southeastern coastline immersed in pine forests and surrounded by the Mediterranean’s crystalline waters.

Within 10 minutes lies Santanyí overflowing with traditional Mallorquin architecture crafted from the area’s celebrated sandstone.

Don’t miss the bustling weekly farmers market each Wednesday and Saturday to grab picnic provisions.

Nature lovers find nirvana just 17km up the coast inside the remarkable Mondragó Nature Reserve. Over a dozen hiking trails weave through protected wetlands leading to breathtaking bays like S’Amarador, Caló des Borgit, and Cala Mondragó dotted with beaches, dunes, and tranquil waters in vibrant shades of blue and green.

Another charming fishing village turned luxury resort area akin to Cala Figuera waits 30 minutes south at Portopetro with its rich maritime history and famous seafood restaurants. From here also lies the famous Cala d’Or if seeking even more action.

Before visiting Cala Figuera Mallorca, take note of these key tips:

  • Rent a car from the airport for the easiest transport
  • Wander the picture-perfect fishing port and harbor
  • Indulge in seafood dishes with sunset harbor views
  • Swim in the crystal clear sheltered coves
  • Hike the cliffside trails to watchtowers with sweeping vistas
  • Stay overnight in hotels like Hotel Villa Sirena or Hotel Rocamar
  • Time your trip for the Festes de la Mare de Déu del Carme festival

With its rich history and hypnotic natural beauty, adding Cala Figuera to your Mallorca travel itinerary promises memories to last a lifetime. Let the sea breezes transport you back to a simpler time as you explore this charming fishing village the way locals have for generations.

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