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Is There Uber in Barcelona? A Guide for Travelers

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If you’re visiting Barcelona and wondering “Is there Uber in Barcelona?”, read on for a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know.

I recently visited gorgeous Barcelona and I’m planning another trip in this coming year, I fell in love with this vibrant seaside city. Getting around was easy using the tips and advice I’ll share with you here.


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yes and no, Uber does operate in Barcelona but it’s very limited and sadly not reliable and it works like a taxi hailing app. 🚕 You can request a taxi in Barcelona directly from the Uber app but the prices are higher than a taxi. Don’t worry — in This article I am going to go over all the transportation alternatives you have since you can’t use Uber in Barcelona as you are used to.

Best way to get from Barcelona Airport to Your Hotel

Its the most convenient and affordable option. Pay a set price and skip the high surge prices of an uber. Your private driver will be waiting at the gate with your name and will get your luggage for you.

Private transfer from Barcelona Aiport
uber in mallorca

Private transfer from Barcelona Aiport

  • 5 star reviews
  • Private driver roundtrip transport
  • flexible cancelation policy

Uber in Barcelona Airport

If you’re wondering if you can take an Uber from Barcelona Aiport to Barcelona city center specifically — kind of, let me explain. Uber isn’t convenient because they are very limited and it works more like a taxi hailing app.

For a quick and convenient transport with your luggage there’s a clear winner for the most hassle-free, fastest and convenient way to get from Barcelona airport. I recommend : a private shuttle or private transfer.

They will be waiting for you with your name on a paper and get your luggage and escort you to your private shuttle or car. No need to wait for a taxi ( the lines can be long) or get lost trying to find where your Uber is picking you up from.

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Is There Uber in Barcelona?

No time to read it all? Here are the key highlights:

  • Uber does operate in Barcelona but has some limitations
  • Other rideshare apps are available (more on that below)
  • The metro is affordable, extensive, and a good Uber alternative
  • Taxis can be hailed on the street
uber in barcelona

Is Uber Available in Barcelona?

The short answer is yes–very limited, Uber does operate in Barcelona and provides service across the whole city. The Uber app works like a taxi hailing apps , so Uber in Barcelona does not work like it would in most major international destinations.

However, there are a few limitations to be aware of:

  • Pricing – Uber can be more expensive than taxis. Taxis booked on the street are usually 15% cheaper than Uber. The one exception is transportation to/from the airport, where Uber is cheaper.
  • Availability – Uber cars aren’t always readily available. The app may quote short wait times that jump up dramatically when you try to book. Sometimes it can’t find any cars at all.

So while Uber works fine in Barcelona, you’ll want to have backup transportation options. The good news is that the city has excellent public transit and taxis are easy to find.

uber Alternative in Barcelona and Rideshare Services in Barcelona

Uber isn’t the only rideshare game in town. Other apps like Bolt and Cabify also provide service. The locals I met told me these can be even cheaper than Uber.

It’s worth comparing prices across the various apps when booking rides. As a new user, you can often find introductory discounts.

uber in barcelona

uber barcelona airport: Using Uber to/from Barcelona Airport

Since transportation to and from Barcelona’s El Prat airport tends to be quite expensive no matter what mode you use, Uber is not a great option because it’s not reliable for this route. It’s substantially cheaper than taking traditional taxis if you pre book a private transfer or use Uber alternatives such as bolt.

Booking a private Transfer from Barcelona Airport 

For a more private and quick airport transfer, book a private transfer. A driver will meet you at the gate take your luggage and quickly get you to your hotel. A great option if you don’t want to stand around waiting for an Uber or taxi.

Reserve your Barcelona airport private transfer from Get Your Guide or Viator

Private transfer from Barcelona Aiport
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Private transfer from Barcelona Aiport

  • 5 star reviews
  • Private driver roundtrip transport
  • flexible cancelation policy

Cost of Uber barcelona airport to city 

The base fare into central Barcelona (including minimum charges and booking fee) should be about €25-30 via UberX depending on demand. Still expensive, but it could cost €10-15 more for a taxi.

When getting TO the airport from your Barcelona city accommodations:

  • Since Uber can’t do standalone pickups from the airport, you will need to call your driver for a “pre-arranged pickup”.
  • Chat with your driver once confirmed and agree on a specified terminal/door for them to meet you outside of.
  • Head there at your scheduled time for pickup and payment via the app.

Using Uber rather than traditional taxis or transfers can save a good chunk of change. Just be sure to plan meetups properly in this unique airport environment. You’ll still dependably get to or from Barcelona airport at a reasonable fixed rate.

What To Do In Barcelona

Sagrada Familia Skip-The-Line Guided Tour
uber in barcelona

Sagrada Familia Skip-The-Line Guided Tour

  • 5 star reviews
  • skip the line
  • Barcelona’s most popular tourist attraction
  • flexible cancelation policy

Park Guell Guided Tour
where to stay in barcelona for first time visit

Park Guell Guided Tour with Skip the Line Ticket

  • 5 star reviews
  • Guided tour
  • Antoni Gaudí’s most beautiful creation
  • flexible cancelation policy

What Does Uber Cost in Barcelona? uber in barcelona price

As a general rule across the various Uber service tiers, you should budget €1-2 per kilometer travelled + base fees when estimating your ride costs in Barcelona.

But to give more specific estimates, here is a breakdown of pricing for common routes:

Uber in barcelona price From Airport to City Center

This approximately 20 km route costs around €30 via UberX as of 2024. An UberXL vehicle for groups/luggage runs closer to €40-45.

You’ll pay at least 50% more through traditional taxis for the same airport transportation.

Uber in barcelona price Between Major Tourist Sights

A shorter 10 km ride between iconic areas like Park Güell and La Sagrada Familia should be roughly €15 by UberX. Expect potential surcharges during periods of high demand.

Note cheaper Uber Budget and Uber Pool options may bring these prices down a few Euros if they have cars available when requested.

Uber in barcelona price Average Per-Kilometer Rate

On average across the service range, you’ll generally pay:

  • €1.25-1.75 per km on UberX
  • €2-2.50 per km on UberXL
  • €0.85-1.15 per km for Uber Budget car types

Various promotional discounts could make the per km rate cheaper at times too.

I’d recommend always checking both the Uber fare estimate and alternative apps like Bolt before booking rides in the city. Prices can fluctuate.

How to Get Around in Barcelona Spain : Transportation Guide

As a highly walkable city with extensive public transit, Barcelona offers many convenient and affordable options for efficient navigation.

Below I cover the top transportation modes visitors should consider when sightseeing:

Public Transportation in Barcelona

Barcelona has an affordable, efficient, and extensive public metro system. During my visit, I found it one of the best ways to conveniently get around.

The metro trains run frequently from early morning to late evening. Single ride fares are only around €2.

Riding Buses in Barcelona

While Barcelona’s metro system covers much of the city, the bus network fills in many additional areas and neighborhoods. It’s important to utilize when getting around.

Here’s what to know:

Types of Buses

There are over 100 bus routes in the city operated by two main entities:

  • TMB – The standard city buses with blue colors and letter/number codes. Runs very frequently.
  • BAC – Intercity and airport buses with gold colors. More sparse schedules.

As a visitor, you’ll likely use the prolific TMB buses the most.

Finding Routes & Schedules

Google Maps or the Transit app provide excellent direction/planning for Barcelona’s buses similar to the metro. You can see routes, stops, and frequency.

At bus stops themselves, look for posted maps and timetables – but expect them mostly in Catalan rather than English.

Paying Your Fare

You can pay the €2.40 standard TMB bus fare with cash directly to the driver. But it’s easier to tap prepaid transit cards you’d also use for the metro.

The T Casual card allows you to store money to pay fares. There’s also the T Usual discount card for multiple rides.

Key Bus Sightseeing Routes

Some top bus lines favored by visitors are:

  • V15 – Coastal route from Barceloneta Beach to Forum Park
  • D50 – Northern neighborhoods like Park Güell
  • 24 – Montjuïc area including Magic Fountain

Consult maps to identify the buses reaching your desired tourist sites. Don’t limit yourself to just the metro and walking!

The Metro System

Barcelona’s metro system should be your #1 transit method when covering longer distances or reaching specific outer neighborhoods.

With just 8 lines and 180 stations, the network seems small but actually hits all the key areas you’ll want to visit as a tourist. Trains come very frequently so it’s an extremely reliable way to get around.

Purchase T10 passes for the best value to get around via metro and regular city buses.

Many tourist attraction sites like Park Güell are directly accessible via metro stations.

If you’ll be using public transit a lot, consider getting a T10 pass. It provides 10 metro/bus rides at a discounted per-trip rate.

Various mobile apps like Barcelona Metro provide metro maps/schedules and make route planning easy.

Taxis in Barcelona

As mentioned above, taxis booked directly on the street are cheaper than rideshares in Barcelona.

The exception is transportation to/from the airport into the city center. For airport transportation, rideshares like Bolt are cheaper than taxis.

But for in-city travel, just hail an old-fashioned cab for savings. Make sure to only take properly licensed Barcelona taxis with visible registration info. Know that fares slightly increase on nights/weekends.

Barcelona Uber or Taxis: What’s Better?

If you’re trying to decide between Uber or standard cabs when getting around Barcelona, there are tradeoffs to consider with each option:

Reasons to Take Uber in barcelona

  • Pre-set pricing – The fare is presented upfront before you book and can be budgeted for. No surprises from an ongoing metered rate.
  • Payments handled in-app – No need to have cash on hand or worry about language issues. Fares are charged to your Uber account.
  • Generally more professional – Uber drivers undergo background checks and meet certain criteria. Improved quality versus unknown taxi drivers.
  • Language difficulties less likely – Many taxi drivers speak minimal English whereas most Uber drivers will be able to converse better.

Reasons to Take a Taxi in barcelona

  • No availability issues – Unlike Uber, you simply walk out onto the street and hail the next passing taxi. No uncertainty over long wait times or lack of cars.
  • Usually 15%+ cheaper cost – Metered fares tend to cost notably less than the equivalent Uber pricing.
  • Pay cash without an app – Good if you prefer paying cash or want to avoid mobile apps/accounts during travel.
  • More anonymity – No digital record linked to you personally. Cab drivers have less rider information.

For airport transportation or when attending events/venues where street hailing is difficult, Uber or Uber alternative like Bolt makes the most sense in Barcelona. The pre-set cost and seamless app experience outweigh downsides. But just keep in mind Uber isn’t as reliable ! There aren’t as many Uber drivers vs taxi drivers

But for quick in-city travel between neighborhoods and tourist sites, just hop into one of Barcelona’s plentiful street taxis to potentially save money. The fare difference adds up with frequent rides.

Hop-On Hop-Off Buses in Barcelona

If you want an easy way to hit all of Barcelona’s major tourist sights, consider a hop-on hop-off bus.

These are old-school sightseeing vehicles that continuously loop around the city, stopping at key attractions. You can get on and off as much as you want with a 1 or 2 day ticket.

In addition to transportation, the buses provide recorded commentary about the history and significance of the sights. It’s a quick way to orient yourself and get the lay of the land.

Just be warned that routes don’t access small side streets and neighborhoods. For that, use the metro system.

Bicycle Rentals in Barcelona

If you want faster transportation than walking but more freedom than public transit, renting a bike is a great idea.

Barcelona has over 180 km of bike lanes across the city, making it quite cycle-friendly. Just be careful navigating traffic circles and watch for cars/buses!

Getting Around By Foot

Lastly, don’t underestimate walking!

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, Las Ramblas promenade, and other central areas are extremely pedestrian-friendly. I loved exploring winding alleys and stumbling upon small shops and cafes.

Weather is mild for much of the year, though summers get rather hot. Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes, stay hydrated, and apply sunscreen.

Additional Barcelona Transportation Tips

To recap, Uber does operate in Barcelona but has limitations. Luckily there are great public transit options to conveniently get around.

Here are a few final tips:

  • Consider rideshare apps like Bolt for potentially cheaper pricing
  • For airport transportation, book a private shuttle or uber alternatives like Bolt are cheaper than taxis
  • The metro system is affordable, extensive, and efficient
  • Purchase a T10 pass if you’ll use public transit alot
  • Taxis hailed on the street are cheaper than rideshares for in-city transportation
  • Walking allows you to discover hidden gems other modes of transit miss
  • Hop-on hop-off buses quickly hit the major tourist sights

I hope this guide gives you all the information you need to get around Barcelona like a local! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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