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The Best Restaurants in San Sebastian: Guide to San Sebastian Restaurants Michelin

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As a foodie, I’m excited to indulge in San Sebastian’s incredible culinary scene, widely regarded as the best place for tapas in Spain. This ultimate guide covers everything you need to know about the top Michelin star restaurants in San Sebastian, a pintxo paradise.

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Guide to San Sebastian Restaurants With Michelin

San Sebastian’s Vibrant Food Culture & Best michelin star restaurants 

San Sebastian stands out for having the highest concentration of Michelin stars per capita in Europe.

In fact, only Kyoto boasts greater Michelin star density globally! Within a small 25km radius, you’ll find 16 Michelin stars shared among 9 restaurants – 3 with the maximum 3 stars. 


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Iglesia De San Sebastian, Canete La Real, Spain

Beyond Michelin acclaim, San Sebastian punches above its weight on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking too.

This tiny Basque city is home to Mugaritz, listed among the global top 10 restaurants for over a decade thanks to its boundary-pushing experimental cooking.

What makes San Sebastian such fertile ground for culinary innovation? It combines Basque Country’s rich food heritage with Spain’s culinary excellence through generations of visionary local chefs.

Add beautiful natural produce from land and sea, and you have a recipe for magic. Let’s explore the Michelin star dining options, from casual grilled seafood to luxurious modernist cuisine!

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Best Restaurantes san sebastian: Top San Sebastian Michelin Restaurants

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 San Sebastian Restaurants with 3 Michelin Star

San Sebastian boasts an impressive 3 restaurants with the ultimate Michelin rating of 3 stars. Book well in advance to experience these temples of gastronomy at their best!

Akelarre: san sebastian michelin restaurants

  • Helmed by legendary chef Pedro Subijana, with stunning views over the Bay of Biscay
  • Signature style marries Basque flavors, local ingredients and avant-garde techniques
  • Tasting menus start from €240, opened in 2017 alongside a luxury hotel and spa


  • Historic family restaurant since 1897, now led by Juan Mari Arzak and daughter Elena
  • Regarded as one of the best restaurants in the world, evolving Basque nouvelle cuisine
  • Tasting menu for €255, a la carte menu €225

Martín Berasategui

  • This 3-starred venue in nearby Lasarte-Oria is self-titled after celebrity chef Martín
  • 12 Michelin stars total make him Spain’s most starred chef still in the kitchen
  • Sophisticated space matching the refined Basque-French fare, tasting menu €295
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2 Michelin Star San Sebastian Restaurants

While just missing out on the maximum 3 stars, San Sebastian’s 2-star venues offer incredible dining at slightly lower prices.


  • Intimate restaurant with only 20 covers, housed within the chic Villa Favorita hotel
  • Stunning views over La Concha bay through floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Tasting menu from €231 showcasing seasonal local ingredients


  • Avant-garde 2-starred establishment from famous chef Andoni Luis Aduriz
  • Located in nearby village, 15 minutes outside the city center
  • Original 20-dish tasting menu changing with the seasons, €242 currently

One Michelin Star San Sebastian Restaurants

Rounding out San Sebastian’s Michelin constellation are 5 restaurants rated with 1 star. Offering excellent food at more affordable prices, these are enticing options for gourmet cuisine on a budget!


  • Family-run for over 20 years in Hondarribia, using 80% locally sourced ingredients
  • Specializes in updated traditional Basque dishes like salted cod and hake
  • Two tasting menus, €84 and €122


  • Casual seafood restaurant in fishing village Getaria, grilling the day’s catch
  • Run by third generation owning family, channels coastal culinary heritage
  • Order fresh fish a la carte from the counter, no tasting menu


  • Old Town restaurant with views over the port, opened in 2002 by Daniel López
  • Previously worked under Juan Mari Arzak, fusing Basque flavours with global techniques
  • €90 market menu and €130 tasting menu

Mirador de Ulía

  • Stunning clifftop location with panoramas from Monte Ulía over Zurriola beach
  • Housed in century-old stately villa, matching refined cuisine with the vista
  • Vegetarian/vegan menus from €120, meat/fish tasting menu €135


  • 600-year-old farmhouse location in nearby Oiartzun village
  • Passionately local ethos, described as “the essence of Basque cuisine”
  • Tasting menu €165 and more affordable a la carte dining

Insider Tips for Enjoying San Sebastian Michelin-Starred Dining

Now that your mouth is watering over San Sebastian’s stellar Michelin-starred restaurants, here are my top insider tips:

  • Book well ahead – famous venues get snapped up months in advance!
  • Let the sommelier suggest wine pairings to perfectly complement each dish
  • Be open-minded to try innovative ingredients like flowers or seaweed
  • Ask if you can tour the kitchens to see the chefs in action
  • Have a light lunch to leave room for a 10+ course degustation dinner

FAQ About Michelin Star Restaurants in San Sebastian

how many michelin star restaurants does san sebastian have?

  • There are 19 Michelin stars spread across 11 restaurants in or around San Sebastian. There are 3 three-star restaurants, 2 two-star restaurants, and 5 one-star restaurants.

what town in spain has michelin star restaurants?

  • San Sebastian itself, in the Basque Country region, is obviously one town with the most Michelin star restaurants. Other notable cities in Spain with Michelin starred restaurants include Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Toledo.

how many michelin stars are in the basque country?

  • The total number of Michelin stars in the Basque Country is 36 stars across 20 restaurants. This includes San Sebastian and the broader Basque Country territory.

what food is san sebastian known for?

  • San Sebastian is famous for its seafood and tapas (known as pintxos locally). Its style of cuisine blends classical French techniques with unique Basque flavours and local ingredients. Dishes like grilled fish, ham croquettes, bean stews and cod fritters are ubiquitous.

how many michelin star restaurants are there in san sebastian

  • As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 19 Michelin stars spread over 11 restaurants in San Sebastian proper and its surrounding area within 10-15 minutes drive. This concentration of acclaim makes it exceptional globally.

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planning a trip to Spain? Here are my top travel resources and helpful travel articles & tips to help you get started with traveling.

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As a global gastronomic capital famed for pintxos bars and avant-garde dining, San Sebastian offers food lovers a feast for all the senses! Follow this guide to Michelin stars and Bib Gourmand affordable favorites to taste the best of Basque Country during your stay. Let me know your recommendations in the comments!

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