Is There Uber in Mallorca? Tips & All You Need to Know

uber in mallorca
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Is There Uber in Mallorca? I have a helpful guide to break things down and answer is there uber in Mallorca and Tips & Everything You Need To Know!

Is There Uber in Mallorca? Tips & All You Need to Know

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  • Yes and no, there is Uber available in Mallorca as of June 2023, but it’s only in Palma, Calvia, Llucmajor, and Andratx for now.
  • I always recommend you to book a private transfer to make traveling to your hotel convenient and comfortable.

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  • Uber services include Uber Comfort (premium vehicles), Uber Van (for groups up to 6), and Uber Reserve (top drivers, book ahead).
  • Prices are higher than taxis but Ubers may be more readily available during peak season when taxis are scarce.
  • Taxis can be booked via apps like Palma Taxis or hailed on the street if the light is green. Fares start at €4 plus €1.10 per km.
  • For affordable flexibility, renting a car is highly recommended over relying on taxis or Uber. Book well in advance in peak season.
  • Public buses reach most parts of the island, especially from Palma, for just €2-5 per journey. Useful routes include Palma to Soller train.
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Read on for an in-depth look at Uber, taxis, car rental, and public transport options to help you get around Mallorca with ease!

Is There Uber in Mallorca Spain Island?

Yes, as of June 8th, 2023, Uber is now available on the Spanish island of Mallorca, which is a major Mediterranean holiday destination. However, the service is currently only offered in four municipalities – Palma, Calvia, Llucmajor, and Andratx.

So if you’re staying outside of those areas, standard taxis or other transportation options remain your best bet for now. But here’s what to know about how Uber works in Mallorca:

Uber in Mallorca

if you’re wondering if there is uber mallorca aiport,  are a few different Uber service levels to choose from in Mallorca:

  • Uber Comfort – The standard premium ride service with higher-end vehicles that seat up to 4 passengers.
  • Uber Van – Vehicles that accommodate up to 6 passengers, perfect for larger groups or families.
  • Uber Reserve – Get paired with top-rated drivers if you book your ride up to 90 days in advance through the app.

So between regular Ubers, vans, and pre-booking, you have some flexibility around group size as well as reserving ahead during busy tourist season.

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uber in Mallorca price

Uber Rates in Mallorca (as of 2023)

Uber Comfort (premium service)

  • Per minute: €0.20
  • Per km: €2
  • Base fare: €12
  • Minimum fare: €36

Uber Van (fits up to 6 people)

  • Per minute: €0.30
  • Per km: €2.80
  • Base fare: €16
  • Minimum fare: €50

Uber prices in Mallorca tend to be quite a bit higher compared to local taxis. As an example, a 30 minute Uber ride to the airport costs approximately €90. The same taxi ride costs around €40.

So while Uber does provide some convenience, it comes at a premium. During busy tourist season on the island, Uber vehicles may be in high demand and short supply as well.

For budget-friendly transportation, renting a car provides the most freedom and flexibility to explore beautiful Mallorca. Public buses are also very affordable, costing just €2-5 per journey.

So weigh the trade-offs of convenience vs. price when choosing between Uber, taxis, rental cars, and public transport while visiting Mallorca. Taking buses or driving yourself around the island will stretch your vacation funds much further.

Uber Over Taxis in Mallorca?

As rideshares rather than traditional street-hail taxis, Ubers can be more readily available to dispatch, especially during Mallorca’s packed peak summer months when taxi queues run long. Though they cost more than cabs, Ubers offer fixed rates, upfront pricing, tracking, and other conveniences.

However, ride service has only just launched on Mallorca and supply is still quite limited. So taxis do still play a crucial role in transportation across the islands, as we’ll explore next.

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How to Take a Taxi in Mallorca

Beyond Uber, other options best Uber in Mallorca alternatives:  Mallorca also has an abundant network of taxi services available for airport transfers or transportation around your destination. Here’s how to find and take a taxi during your Mallorca holiday:

Booking Taxis in Advance in mallorca 

For peace of mind, especially when heading to/from the airport, you can book taxi airport transfers in advance through services like That guarantees you have a ride waiting when you arrive.

Similarly, if planning a big night out in Palma, booking a pickup taxi eliminates struggling to grab one amid peak times. Ask your hotel or search online for reputable taxi companies that service the area.

Hailing a Taxi On the Street

If you didn’t book ahead, another option is hailing down passing cabs on the street. Look for white cars with blue license plates and a green rooftop light, indicating availability. A red light means it’s occupied.

In smaller villages with fewer taxis roaming, you likely won’t have much luck hailing, so call local companies instead. Popular taxi stand queue areas also exist around resorts and transportation hubs.

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Palma De Mallorca

Estimating Taxi mallorca Fares

It’s handy to know approximately what a taxi costs in Mallorca to budget your trip expenses. Some baseline rates to expect:

  • €4 initial meter charge plus first km
  • Around €1.10 per km after
  • Approximately €20 per hour of ride time

So for example, a 30-minute, 30 km taxi ride generally costs about €46 give or take. Various surcharges tack on more for things like airport rides, advanced bookings, night/weekend hours, exiting the driver’s base municipality zone, etc.

Rates obviously vary between companies and the trip specifics, but that gives you a ballpark figure for budgeting purposes.

Pre-Booked Airport Transfers : Getting around mallorca without a car 

For guaranteed hassle-free airport rides directly to your resort, you can pre-book private or shared shuttle transfers in comfortable air conditioned minivans.

Just enter your flight details when booking a scheduled time. Reputable services like ShuttleDirect charge per vehicle, not per person, accommodating families affordably.

While pricier than public bus services, pre-arranged transfers provide door-to-door stress-free ease. And some allow booking child safety seats. Well worth a look for certain travelers.

Handy Mallorca Taxis Booking Apps

Beyond physically hailing them, Mallorca also has some helpful smartphone apps for booking taxis to wherever you need to go:

Palma  Mallorca Taxi App

If you’re staying in Palma de Mallorca, the handiest option is the Palma Taxi app for Android/iPhone. It lets you digitally hail and pre-pay for cabs operated by the local taxi association, often arriving within just 5-10 minutes of booking.

The app provides real-time ETAs, vehicle/driver details, direct in-app messaging to your driver, and credit card payment. This makes it quick and convenient to grab a taxi around Palma vs. struggling to flag one down manually amid busy tourist season.

Tipping Taxi Drivers in Mallorca Spain 

As for tipping taxi drivers, there’s no strict requirement to add a gratuity onto metered fares paid by card or cash. But it’s often customary for locals and savvy visitors to tip.

Here are some common Mallorca taxi tipping guidelines to follow, based on the service and fare amount:

  • Round up to the nearest € or 5 euro bill for simplicity
  • Add a 10-15% tip for excellent service or large fare sizes
  • Around €2 for standard short journeys without luggage

Similar to tipping restaurants, decide what seems right depending on your fare total and satisfaction level with your cab ride.

Overview: Getting Around Mallorca Island

Beyond taxis and Uber, visitors exploring the Spanish island also have a mixture of transportation options like rental cars, buses, scooters, and more. Here’s an overview of major ways to get around Mallorca:

Renting a Car in Mallorca

Hiring a rental car provides freedom and flexibility to cruise around Mallorca seamlessly at your own pace, while avoiding taxi expenses.

It’s highly recommended for travelers who plan to venture beyond Palma, especially to hit all the quintessential coastal villages like Valldemossa and Deia, sea coves only reachable by car, and inland mountainous regions.

Tip: Automatic transmission cars in Mallorca book up quickly. Make sure you reserve your rental car way in advance. I like Discover Cars as they have flexible cancelation policies should your itinerary change and they offer the best prices and a large selection to choose from.

Just be sure to book cars well in advance during summer as demand spikes and availability plummets. Platforms like compare quotes across providers. Auto transmission is recommended for newcomers to European roads.

Public transportation in mallorca 

Public Buses Around Mallorca

For budget-friendly public transit, Mallorca has an extensive bus system reaching all corners. Frequent routes run between Palma and nearly every resort village or beach. You can travel most places you’ll want to go for €2-5 per ride.

Routes serviced by TIB and EMT generally operate 7am to 11pm daily, with slightly reduced hours on Sundays and holidays. Check schedules ahead to plan trips.

The charming antique wooden train from Palma to Soller is also a popular, scenic route that takes you toward some exceptional western coastal towns.

So buses offer an affordable way to navigate Mallorca relying solely on public transportation. Frequency and travel times make it best suited for visitors less pressed for time.

santanyi mallorca

Getting Around Mallorca From the Airport: How to get around mallorca

Mallorca’s Palma de Mallorca Airport sees over 29 million passengers annually. It’s a key transportation hub for visitors flying in and out of the islands. Here are some options to consider for airport transfers:

Taxi From Mallorca Airport

One straightforward method is grabbing a taxi from the Airport Taxi rank just outside the terminal. Expect a small airport surcharge, but speeds are fast at around a 30-minute drive to Palma. Fixed rates apply (not metered fares) for rides to popular tourist zones.

During summer especially, huge taxi queues can form with long wait times due to inbound flight density. Booking an airport transfer in advance, or upon landing before heading to the rank, saves waiting.

For reference, approximate taxi fares from the airport include:

  • Palma Center: €25
  • Playa de Palma: €40
  • Magaluf: €65
  • Santa Ponsa: €80

Rates jump higher for distant resort towns like Cala d’Or at nearly €140.Peak summer demand across Mallorca also plays a role.

Mallorca Airport Bus: Getting around mallorca by bus 

The A1 Aerobús offers super affordable transport to Palma, running every 15 minutes 06:30-01:30. Tickets cost just €5 one-way, taking around 15 minutes nonstop via motorway.

Catch the A1 bus stop just outside airport arrivals. Double-decker buses provide luggage racks too. It’s the cheapest and usually fastest airport transfer option.

Downsides are routes currently only terminate in Palma city center, leaving you to connect ongoing. And packed summer services sometimes skip stops once filled.

So in summary, Mallorca gives you ample transportation modes – from trains and trams to buses, cars, Uber and regular taxi companies across the islands. Each have their own pros and cons around cost, convenience, destinations served, and availability balancing supply and heavy tourist demand.

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Carefully weigh the options to pick your best fits. Avoid assuming you can easily grab standard taxis everywhere, everyday, without delays during packed summer periods. Be savvy by booking ahead where possible. That lets you maximize time enjoying Mallorca’s incredible scenery, food, wine and culture rather than spending it queues or stranded.

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