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How to Spend 1 day in Palma de Mallorca: What to Do & Itinerary

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Even if you only have 24 hours or one day in Palma De Mallorca here during a cruise ship stop or road trip around the island, you can still discover Palma’s highlights. Although it’s similar to Barcelona in architecture the vibe has a life of it’s own. Although many people skip Palma, It’s certainly worth exploring one day Palma Spain

1 day in Palma de Mallorca- one day in mallorca 

This one day Palma de Mallorca itinerary guides you through the very best things to do, taking advantage of your limited time to unveil the city’s unique history, culture, and Mediterranean ambiance.

An Overview of the Best Things to Do in Palma de Mallorca in One Day

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Palma de Mallorca is the vibrant capital of Spain’s Balearic Islands, known for its golden beaches, dramatic cliffs, and turquoise waters.

Coco Tran — Curated Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

But beyond its idyllic island setting, Palma itself deserves to be explored. Its warren of cobblestone streets, leafy plazas, and sprawling harbor charm visitors who often only pass through on their way to other parts of Mallorca.

With ornate Gothic architecture, traces of its Moorish past, lively neighborhoods, gourmet restaurants, and chic boutiques, Palma has the makings of an excellent city break. You can easily fill several days delving into all it has to offer.

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is palma worth visiting 

Palma makes an ideal city break for several key reasons:

  • Convenient Location: Palma is the transportation hub of Mallorca with an international airport, cruise port, trains, and buses. It’s easy to incorporate a quick stopover when island-hopping around the Balearics.
  • Walkable Size: Palma’s compact, pedestrian-friendly historic center allows you to access top sites on foot without wasting precious time driving or navigating public transportation.
  • Architectural Gems: Marvel at Palma’s imposing Gothic Cathedral, ancient castles clinging to hilltops, and remnants of Moorish baths and city walls.
  • Vibrant Neighborhoods: Wander charming plazas dotted with sidewalk cafés andgraze local tapas bars in the hip Santa Catalina area.
  • Sunny Mediterranean Charm: Palma exudes an infectious energy with palm tree-lined beaches, al fresco dining spots, chic boutiques, and a lively harbor promenade.

A 1 Day in Palma de Mallorca Itinerary: What to do in Palma 

If you only have one day Palma, this efficient itinerary takes you to the most iconic attractions and neighborhoods. It can be followed chronologically or customized to your interests and timing.

Breakfast at an Authentic Mallorcan Bakery Morning Sightseeing: Cathedral, Royal Palace & Gardens Lunch at a Converted 17th Century Palace Afternoon Wandering: Arab Baths, Olive Tree & Plazas
Sunset Views from a Rooftop Bar Tapas Dinner in the Old Town

one day timeline itinerary for Palma de Mallorca:

9:00 am – Start your day with breakfast at a local bakery like Fornet de la Soca to try authentic Mallorcan pastries like ensaimadas. Have coffee on their charming patio.

10:30 am – Make your way to the impressive Gothic Palma Cathedral to explore the cavernous interior and peaceful cloister. Be sure to purchase skip-the-line tickets in advance.

12:00 pm – Walk over to the Royal Palace of L’Almudaina to learn about the site’s evolution from a Moorish fort into a royal residence.

1:00 pm – Relax in the lush King’s Gardens beneath the palace walls before finding a restaurant for lunch. Try Ca’n Cera located in a converted 17th century palace.

3:00 pm – See the ruins of the 10th century Banys Àrabs Arab baths, then snap photos of the ancient Olivera Cort olive tree on Plaça de Cort.

4:30 pm – Wander through a series of postcard-perfect plazas like lively Plaça Major and peaceful Plaça de la Reina.

6:30 pm – Watch the sunset from Nakar Hotel’s panoramic rooftop bar while sipping cocktails.

8:00 pm – Indulge in a tapas crawl through the atmospheric lanes of Palma’s old town, stopping at bars like Moltabarra.

10:00 pm – If staying overnight, retreat to your hotel like the chic Brondo Architect Hotel and its View Restaurant overlooking the mountains.

Best things to do in Mallorca: Breakfast at an Authentic Mallorcan Bakery in Palma in majorca

Fuel up in the morning by kicking off your day the Mallorcan way, with an ensaimada pastry and coffee. This island specialty – a fluffy, spiral sweet bun dusted in powdered sugar – can be found at any local bakery or “forn”.

But for the full experience, head to Fornet de la Soca.

This family-run bakery near the city center uses traditional recipes passed down for generations. Mallorcan specialties like coca de patata (potato pastry) and rubiols (fried pastries with pumpkin jam) share shelf space with ensaimadas in the charming vintage interior. Grab your treats to go or dine at one of the café tables.

Why Visit Fornet de la Soca in Palma di maiorca 

  • Sample authentic Mallorcan pastries and baked goods
  • Support a local family business carrying on generational recipes
  • Soak up old-world charm in a vintage setting

What to do in Palma de mallorca: explore the Cathedral, Royal Palace & Gardens

With your belly full of sugar and caffeine, you’ll be fueled up to tackle Palma’s headline attractions starting with the UNESCO-listed Cathedral.

Catedral-Basílica de Santa María de Mallorca

You can’t miss the imposing Gothic Cathedral that lords over Palma’s skyline. Entering the vast interior, craning your neck to take in the soaring rib vaults, intricate stained glass, and peaceful chapels, you’ll understand why it took over 300 years to complete this architectural feat.

Don’t miss surreal artist Miquel Barceló’s intriguing terracotta sculpture covering the dome of the Chapel of Sant Pere depicting scenes from the Gospel.

Be sure to purchase skip-the-line tickets in advance which allows you to avoid the queues and maximize your limited time. For comprehensive background details, opt for guided tour tickets providing insightful commentary on the Cathedral’s history and artistic details.

Coco Tran — Curated Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran
Coco Tran — Curated Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran


skip the line tickets to mallorca cathedral

A private guide will take you to the cathedral and other top sights. Leave the stress behind and sign up and go no planning required! 5 star reviews with over 200 reviews.

see Prices & Availability

Why Visit Palma Cathedral

  • Marvel at its cavernous nave, one of the tallest in the world
  • Gaze up at the stunning stained glass, the world’s largest
  • Appreciate how light creates intriguing shadows on Barceló’s unusual dome art
  • Royal Palace of L’Almudaina

Next, make your way to the neighboring Almudaina Palace, an impressive fortress-like building with Moorish and Gothic elements overlooking the harbor. Having served as a residence for Mallorcan monarchs, it remains an official royal site used by the King and Queen during visits.

Inside, you can explore the two-tier arcaded courtyard and winding passages to appreciate the various architectural phases. The Palace also houses an interesting museum with archaeological artifacts providing insight into Palma’s layered history.

Explore the Old Town

Afterwards, continue wandering through postcard-perfect squares and skinny cobblestone alleyways, keeping your eye out for remnants of Palma’s Roman and Moorish past. Duck into boutiques and galleries as you uncover this historic urban treasure

Tour the Royal Palace-  Palma things to do 

  • Discover how the site transformed under various rulers from a 10th century Moorish fort into a Gothic royal residence
  • Wander through the tranquil Moorish-inspired courtyard
  • View artifacts spanning Palma’s Roman, Muslim and Medieval periods
  • The King’s Gardens

Nestled right below the Palace walls, these petite gardens provide a peaceful spot to rest your feet after the morning’s sightseeing. Designed in 1960 to emulate the traditional Moorish aesthetic, the central pond and fountains are encircled by sculpted hedges, citrus trees, flowers, and shady palms. Find a bench to savor the serenity in the heart of the city.

Relax in the King’s Gardens

  • Escape from the bustling streets to soak up the lush, tranquil atmosphere
  • Appreciate how the traditional Moorish garden design stimulates multiple senses through sound, scent and beauty
  • Understand why still water was treasured in Moorish culture as the essence of life

Lunch at a Converted 17th Century Palace- things to do palma

After refueling with a satisfying morning meandering Palma’s top sites, it’s time for a relaxing sit-down lunch. For a uniquely memorable dining experience, head to Can Cera hotel set within a resplendent 17th century Baroque townhouse. Dine beneath elaborate plasterwork ceilings and enormous Murano glass chandeliers in this enchanting setting.

The seasonal tasting menu spotlights Mallorcan cuisine’s farm-to-table ethos focusing on local, seasonal ingredients. Dishes like suckling pig with peach compote and lentils with sea cucumber showcase the island’s high-quality produce prepared with culinary creativity. Soak up the romantic atmosphere over a leisurely lunch fit for royalty.

Have Lunch at Can Cera

  • Savor an elevated tasting menu highlighting Mallorca’s stellar local ingredients
  • Marvel at the dazzling interior of this meticulously restored aristocratic manor house
  • Indulge in a luxurious, slow-paced lunch away from Palma’s bustling streets

Check out the Arab Baths, Olive Tree & Plazas

After indulging in a relaxing lunch, slowly digest as you meander through pretty plazas and tranquil backstreets. Don’t miss these highlights as you uncover less-visited gems showcasing Palma’s diverse history.

Arab Baths in Palmar de mallorca 

  • The TheBanys Àrabs offers intriguing evidence of Palma’s 10th century Moorish occupation. While small in scale, the ruins comprise an almost fully intact cold water public bath house. Marvel at the diverse columns supporting brick horseshoe and octagonal arches, reused from earlier classical structures. Appreciate how this slice of history reveals key Muslim cultural customs.
Coco Tran — Curated Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran


Arab Baths Ticket

A 5 star reviews with over 200 reviews.

Why See the Arab Baths

  • Glimpse everyday life under 500 years of Muslim rule
  • Study the reuse of Roman and Byzantine elements in Moorish architecture
  • Understand the cultural importance of ritual cleansing and bathing
  • Olivera Cort Olive Tree This sprawling 600-year-old olive tree occupies pride of place in Placa de Cort before Palma’s Town Hall, having been transplanted here in 1989. Admire its mammoth 7-meter height and 7-meter girth with intricate gnarled trunks that give clues to its great age. An olive tree was chosen as a symbol of peace, very fitting for its location beside the local government.

View the Olive Tree in palma de mallorca

  • Pay respects to this special specimen, unique among the Balearic Islands
  • Appreciate olive trees, integral to Mallorcan agriculture, cuisine and health
  • Wander through Plazas Get lost meandering through a series of postcard-perfect plazas dotted with al fresco cafés and ornate buildings spanning many eras. Soak up the carefree vibe around lively Plaça Major before ducking into peaceful Plaça de la Reina and intimate Plaça del Mercat. Keep an eye out for intriguing architectural details as you traverse these pedestrian-only urban oases.

 Explore Palma’s Iconic Plazas in palma de mallorca

  • Watch local life unfold in the bustling heart of the city
  • Hunt for traces of bygone eras from Roman walls and Moorish arches to Gothic windows
  • Feel the easygoing rhythm of the Mediterranean lifestyle

Sunset Views from a Rooftop Bar in palma de mallorca

As the sun begins its descent over Palma Bay, make your way toward the trendy Santa Catalina neighborhood to toast the end of a full day exploring. Wander down the main artery of Carrer de Sant Magí to find chic boutiques, boho cafés and hip bars primed for evening revelry.

Head to the 8th floor rooftop bar at Nakar Hotel for sweeping harbor panoramas as you nibble gourmet snacks and sip expertly mixed cocktails. Soak up the vibrant energy and watch the pastel sunset hues play over the undulating cityscape and sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

Catch the Sunset Views in palma de mallorca

  • Take in the panoramic outlook over Palma’s historic landmarks like the Cathedral, BellverCastle and the old city walls
  • Observe how the fading golden light transforms the seaside city’s ambiance from day into night
  • Feel the infectious celebratory spirit as locals gather for evening drinks and camaraderie
palma one day

Tapas Dinner in the Old Town in palma de mallorca

Cap off your whirlwind day in Palma by indulging in a leisurely progressive tapas dinner. Graze through the atmospheric lanes of the old town, choosing from myriad bars and restaurants spilling onto the cobbled lanes.

For excellent tapas at an affordable price point, try Molta barra near the grand Plaça Major.Their creative bites like cod-stuffed peppers, black sausage on crusty bread, or tortilla español whisk you on a mini-tour through iconic Spanish flavors and textures. Wash it all down with local wines, craft beers or vermouth.

Or for a more upscale experience, the sleek food hall Mercat 1930 assembles Palma’s top culinary talent under one roof. Graze through Japanese, Mexican, burgers, oysters and more, gathering an eclectic assortment of shareable small plates and raciones. Don’t miss their buzzing central bar with 100 types of national and international wines.

Finish with Tapas

  • Experience Spain’s most sociable dining tradition
  • Discover Palma’s booming contemporary food scene
  • Try bite-sized portions of Mallorcan and Spanish specialties

Where to Stay in Palma de Mallorca

If you choose to spend the night to fully experience this packed one day itinerary, Palma offers accommodations suited to various budgets and travel styles.


The centrally located Ca Sa Padrinacharms guests with its rooftop terrace overlooking the Cathedral. Find excellent value in comfortable rooms minutes from top attractions.


Hotel Calatrava’schic style combines modern design with historic architectural details, plus gorgeous sea views, an idyllic rooftop and outstanding breakfast.


For a completely exclusive experiential stay, check into the resplendentCan Cera. This meticulously transformed 17th century palace provides guests an aristocratic refuge in the heart of Palma.

Photo of the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor in Barcelona, Spain

Day trip from Palma de Mallorca

If you happen to have additional time to explore beyond Palma city, Mallorca Island offers spectacular seaside scenery, darling villages, ancient forests and more wonderful surprises. Here are top day trips to consider during your Balearic Island getaway:

Northwest Coast The rugged northwest coastline wow visitors with breathtaking cliffs plunging to secluded coves like pristineCala Deia tucked between soaring headlands. Inland, charming mountain villages like Valldemossa and Deià offer galleries, botanical gardens and countryside views.

Soller Valley Just an hour north of Palma, Soller’s lush valley cradled by the Tramuntana Mountains casts an irresistible spell over visitors. Stroll through orange and lemon groves before hopping the vintage wooden train down to the idyllic harbor village Port de Sóller beside its stunning protected bay.

Eastern Harbor Towns On Mallorca’s eastern flank, delightful towns like Porto Cristo and Portocolom feature sleepy harbors dotted with colorful fishing vessels, seafood restaurants and walkable historic lanes to get lost in. Nearby, otherworldly attractions like the Cuevas del Drach cave complex beckon the curious.

Final Thoughts on One Day in Palma de Mallorca

While it may seem ambitious trying to cram the highlights of Mallorca’s vibrant capital into a single day, this efficient itinerary proves it’s possible! By strategically combining Palma’s heavyweight sites with lesser-known local gems, you can capture the destination’s rich history and culture in 24 hours. From Gothic grandeur and Moorish exoticism to balmy Mediterranean dolce vita vibes, Palma certainly makes a quick but compelling case for a return trip!

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