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Best Place to Go in Greece for Couples: The Ultimate Vacation Guide

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This comprehensive guide covers the top romantic getaway destinations in Greece, from charming islands like Santorini and Mykonos to stunning coastal towns like Nafplio. popular spots like Athens and Rhodes as well as off-the-beaten-path gems like the Zagori region. Santorini is one of the islands I visit over and over again. There’s no place on earth like Santorini.


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For a truly ideal destination for a romantic trip, you should island-hop between romantic havens or do a road trip to discover small villages and hidden beaches.

If you want more details, read the full article below!

The Best Place to Go in Greece for Couples: The Ultimate Vacation Guide

With over 6,000 islands and idyllic landscapes dotting vibrant cities and charming villages, Greece tops the list as one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Taking a holiday here feels like stepping into a fairytale, complete with picturesque sunsets, delicious wine, and charming luxury hotels and resorts perfect for couples.

No wonder Greece remains such a popular place for proposals, weddings and honeymoons. Even long-time couples fall in love all over again when holidaying amongst olive and lemon groves under sunny Mediterranean skies.

To help you plan your ultimate romantic Greek vacation, here’s a list of the best places to go in Greece for couples.

The Best Greek Islands for Couples With over 200 inhabited islands dotting azure seas, Greece spoils you for choice when it comes to selecting an idyllic island for two. And while all the islands hold their own special charms, these rise to the top as the most romantic greek island in Greece.

Santorini: Best Place to go in Greece for couples 

 Santorini, known as one of the most romantic spots on earth, Santorini tops the list of dreamy Greek islands for enamored duos.

santorini greece

These crescent-shaped romantic greek islands in the Cyclades archipelago practically overflow with romantic elements: Instagram-worthy sunsets, luxury cliffside hotels with private plunge pools, charming white-washed villages with amazing views, and beautiful beaches…

Santorini seduces you with its unique mix of volcanic rock beaches, Michelin-starred restaurants and fantastic wines produced from grapes grown in the island’s nutrient-rich soil.

Most romantic islands in Greece: Santorini

Exploring picture-perfect Oia feels like walking through a postcard scene with its pastel houses and domed blue rooftops.

Grab your partner’s hand and wander the narrow cobblestone streets into hidden squares surrounded by bougainvillea. Then toast your love against the backdrop of Santorini’s famed sunsets with a glass or two of Assyrtiko white wine.

Athens to santorini
Oia Santorini

Best greek island for couples: Santorini, best things to do

Amoudi Bay – Take the hike down 300 cliffside stairs to discover this vibrant fishing village seemingly forgotten in time. Savor a seafood lunch at one of the tavernas perched on the rocks above crystal waters before taking a dip.

  • Akrotiri – Venture to Santorini’s southern side to explore these excavated Minoan Bronze Age ruins and get a glimpse into this advanced ancient society.
  • Firostefani – Stay in this quieter cliffside village neighboring lively Fira to access fantastic hotels, shops and restaurants minus massive crowds.
  • Private Sunset Cruise – For the ultimate romantic experience, splurge on a private chartered catamaran to sail Santorini’s caldera at sunset, toasting your special someone under cotton candy skies with unlimited drinks and either a chef-prepared meal or cheese and charcuterie board.

Luxury Hotels in Santorini greek holidays for couples

Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel

Grace Hotel

Charisma Hotel

Mykonos: Best islands in Greece for couples 

 Recently stealing some of glamorous Santorini’s spotlight, vibrant Mykonos entices fun-seeking couples. Spend languid days lounging at boho-chic beach clubs before reveling the night away at the island’s world-class bars and nightclubs.

Known for attracting an international jet-set crowd, Mykonos pulses with energy. Put on your best resort-wear and make a beeline for the island’s famous party beaches like Super Paradise, Little Paradise and Paraga.

Beach clubs like Scorpios and Paraga host renowned DJs and see revelry well into the night during summer’s peak season. Most offer VIP beds and bottle service along with gourmet cuisine.

When you want a timeout from Mykonos’s legendary nightlife scene, escape to more remote beaches like Kapari, glyphada and Elia for tranquil times deux.

Beyond bronzing on the beach all day, penciling in the following completes your fabulous Mykonos couples vacation:

  • Explore Mykonos Town/Chora – Meander hand in hand down impossibly charming streets lined with whitewashed buildings behind colorful wooden shuttered windows blooming with magenta bougainvillea and sky blue doors
  • Watch sunset from Armenistis Lighthouse – At the island’s northwest tip, find this iconic white and blue 19th century lighthouse. Arrive before the golden hour to secure an unobstructed perch on the rocky outcropping and watch the sky ignite over the Aegean Sea.
  • Sample liberally at the Mykonos Brewing Company – Quench your thirst with craft suds like the refreshing Watermelon Smash ale made specially by this island microbrewery
  • Scorpio’s Beach Club: a swanky dance club and restaurant is the place to be to experience elevated nightlife at the hottest beach clubs in Mykonos.

Top Hotels in Mykonos for Couples

Milos : best place to visit in Greece for couples 

Off Santorini’s shore lies spectacular Milos, a less-discovered island ideal for couples craving quiet romantic escapes.

Often overlooked for its more famous Cycladic neighbors, Milos feels like a delicious secret.

I really enjoyed mIlos and it’s small town vibe and spectacular views and some of the most unique beaches.

Here, you can lazily pass days descending wooden ladders hidden along seaside cliffs leading to empty swathes of creamy rock and white sand lapped by crystalline waters shimmering every shade of blue and green.

Most visitors congregate around popular Pollonia Beach and don’t venture to western Milos.

When you want to mingle with other travelers, base yourself at Pollonia village. Wander its pretty pastel streets before enjoying dinner overlooking the small yacht-filled harbor.

Then continue the night propping up a bar somewhere in town, meeting friends from around the globe while listening to live music into the wee hours.

While on romantic Milos, pencil in plenty of time to:

  • Explore Kleftiko Beach – Accessible only by boat, discover this breathtaking protected cove by joining a sailing tour, kayak excursion or organized boat trip
  • Taste local flavors at Medousa Tavern – Fresh seafood shines at this harbor eatery in Adamas where octopus hangs drying outside along the whitewashed exterior
  • Experience Spellbound Sunset Sailing – Set the mood with a private charter on a traditional wooden sailboat, taking in scarlet skies over the island’s dramatic coastline
Milos greece Cycladic Architecture

Top Hotels on Milos for Couples

  • Windmill Milos Suites
  • Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa
  • Eiriana Luxury Suites

Paros: best island in greece for couples 

Picturesque Paros provides a budget-friendly alternative to pricey Mykonos with plenty of charm and beauty.

Couples can live out their own Grecian idyll wandering through flower-draped alleyways in Naoussa’s capital town before watching the sun sink into the sea over the little Venetian port.

Base yourself here or at lively Parikia village to access excellent dining options from family-run tavernas to fine seaside dining. And you needn’t venture far to access lovely beaches. Santa Maria lies an easy 10-minute walk from central Naoussa.

Top things for romantics to experience on Paros include

  • Go on a sailing cruise to Antiparos Island – Paros’ sister island gets far fewer visitors despite its own alluring beaches and vibrant nightlife, so take a day trip to discover its small Cycladic charms
  • Wander through Lefkes Village – Meandering cobblestone alleyways weave this gorgeous mountainside village together where abundant flowers cascade over whitewashed walls and restored neoclassical mansions
  • SUP to the Fortune Cave – Paddleboard over azure waters into this pirate hideaway only accessible by sea to find stalactites shimmering as shafts of light penetrate the protected grotto
  • Enjoy beachside happy hour at Sommaripa in Naoussa – This chic and lively restaurant and beach club pairs creative cocktails with a Boho-chic atmosphere

Best Hotels on Paros for Couples
Naoussa Hills Boutique Resort

  • Kanale’s Luxury Suites
  • Contaratos Beachfront Villas

Crete: Best destinations in greece for couples 

 Greece’s Largest Island As Greece’s largest island, Crete dazzles couples with its diversity. Discover palm tree-dotted white sand beaches in the west while the east unfurls with rugged mountain ranges concealing deep gorges prime for hiking. Quaint villages seemingly untouched by time dot the interior waiting to be explored.

And you can dine superbly across Crete, feasting on fresh caught fish and seafood, just-pressed olive oil and elaborate meze spreads showcasing local honey, cheese and cured meats. For winos, Crete’s distinctive wines like the Dafnes, a dessert wine made from sun-dried grapes, make tasty souvenirs.

Crete greece Amazing view of rough river or lagoon shores covered with lush grass and coastal settlements on fair summer weather

Top things for couples to experience in Crete

  • Balos Beach and Lagoon – Accessible only via bumpy dirt road skirting steep cliffs, older couples may prefer joining a cruise to this spectacular cove concealing milky teal waters
  • Chania Old Town – Wandering this former Venetian city’s narrow passages under archways and twisting lanes reveals charming restored mansions from the island’s storied past
  • Samaria Gorge – Don your hiking boots to traverse Crete’s longest gorge, traversing waterfalls and wildflowers for gorgeous vistas of surrounding cliffs and Libyan Sea waters
  • Wine Tasting – Sample estate-grown wines at Boutari Winery & Earinos Winery Estate, both offering insightful tours and delicious tasting menus

Best Hotels in Crete for Couples

Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas
St. Nicolas Bay Luxury Resort
Marilisa Beach Hotel

Rhodes: best places for couples in greece 

– Steeped in Medieval History Rhodes charms couples interested in history and culture. As home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the impressive statue Colossus of Rhodes, along with the medieval Old Town of Rhodes, this island unveils its legendary past practically around every corner.

Inside the still-standing medieval town walls, cobblestoned alleyways weave around Gothic architecture as if you’ve time traveled to the 14th century when Rhodes served as home base for the Knights of St John. Wandering historical Mandraki Harbor and exploring the Palace of the Grand Masters tops sightseeing lists for history buffs while couples relax at elegant boutique hotels tucked behind fortress-like plastered stone exteriors.

Beyond its capital, couples will also want to pencil in:

  • Wine Tasting at Emery Winery – First planted in 300 BC, Rhodes vines continue producing distinguished wines today. Sample vintages alongside locally made cheese and cold cuts either at Emery Winery’s rustic tasting room or out amongst the grapes themselves inside their vineyards
  • Sea Kayaking – Paddle for two along Rhodes southern rocky coastline to access otherwise unreachable coves and quiet stretches of beach
  • Lindos Village & Beach – Venture 45 minutes outside Rhodes Old Town to uncover this16th village snuggled at the base of an acropolis capped by an ancient temple honoring Athena Lindia

Top Hotels in Rhodes for Couples

  • Marco Polo Mansion
  • Medieval Hotel
  • Avalon Boutique Hotel

Best greek Destinations for Couples on mainland greece

While the Greek islands usually star in daydreams of romantic holidays here, the country’s mainland claims some heart-fluttering spots too.

City slickers find it easy to fall head over heels roaming Athens’ neighborhoods and discovering Nafplio’s old-world romance.

History buffs can get lost in time tunneling through Monemvasia’s medieval alleyways. And what couple wouldn’t bond even more gazing at Meteora’s mindboggling monasteries perched dramatically atop towering pinnacles.

Ancient Athens best place in greece for couples 

As the epicenter for ancient Greek civilization and mythology, Athens provides endless glimpses into this profoundly influential society’s grand past amongst ancient ruins.

Romantic moments come easily here thanks to the city’s gleaming Acropolis rising majestically over the sprawling metropolis.

Picture strolling hand in hand through the charming Plaka district admiring well-preserved 19th century mansions neighboring remnants of ancient wonders like the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Roman Agorar, stopping to people watch from a cafe terrace.

Then make your way through the pathways of the National Garden to unwind on a park bench in the shade, gazing at twittering hummingbirds while discussing philosophy or poetry.

When visiting enchanting Athens, romantic couples will want to make sure to:

  • Watch sunset from Mount Lycabettus – Hike or ride the funicular up to the city’s highest point at this limestone peak jutting from Athens’ center to watch the sky catch fire over the metropolis below with 360 views from the small white chapel at the summit.
  • Wander Plaka & Anafiotika Neighborhoods – Getting lost in these charming districts overflowing with pastel architecture, flowering plants and ruins galore seems inevitable, which makes for a delightful way to pass an afternoon before stopping into a local taverna to sample regional Greek cuisine
  • National Archaeological Museum – Housing the world’s greatest collection of ancient Greek art, visiting this museum allows you an intimate glimpse into ancient Greek’s daily life, customs and obsessions

Best Hotels in Athens for Couple

Romantic Nafplio Located on the Argolic Gulf in the Peloponnese region, Nafplio charms couples seeking old-world romance.

The Porch of the Caryatids in Athens

As one of Greece’s most beautiful towns dripping in bougainvillea and elegant meandering alleyways, Nafplio unveils its rich history at every turn.

Enchanting Nafplio

  • Why it’s romantic: Charming cobblestone alleyways, restored Ottoman architecture, dazzling sunsets over the sea
  • Must-do activity: Octopus dinner waterside at Allou Yialou taverna

Monemvasia – slow travel best greek holidays for couples

  • Why it’s romantic: Preserved medieval town, tiny seaside cafes, sweeping Myrtoo Sea views
  • Must-do activity: Sunset views from The Sculptured Rocks
old church in monemvasia

Meteora – Best places in greece for couples

  • Why it’s romantic: Awe-inspiring elevated monasteries, exquisite Byzantine frescoes
  • Must-do activity: Guided hike through Valley of the Butterflies


The possibilities for romance in Greece overflow across 6000 islands and countless miles of spectacular coastline concealing charming villages and exotic beaches. Discover your own romantic hideaway wandering cobblestone alleyways before toasting sunsets with gifted Greek vintages and creating memories amongst ancient wonders and crystalline waters.


best places to go in greece for young couples?

Mykonos is likely the best Greek island for young, fun-seeking couples thanks to its lively nightlife scene, glamorous beach clubs, and romantic sunsets. Santorini and Paros also cater well to younger couples.

best place to go in greece for couples in winter

Athens offers the most to do for couples in winter with its world-class museums, ancient sites, and romantic hotels. Nafplio and the Peloponnese region also have mild weather and charming small towns to explore.

best places in greece for couples and nightlife

Mykonos tops the list for couples nightlife with its famous beach bars and clubs like Cavo Paradiso that host world-renowned DJs. Rhodes and Ios also have vibrant party scenes, while Athens has swanky cocktail lounges.

best place to go in greece for couples in september

September is a wonderful time for island-hopping or enjoying the charming villages of the Greek mainland. Weather is still ideal for swimming and crowds dissipate after August. Top romantic spots include Santorini, Paros, and Nafplio.

best greek island for older couples

More mature couples may prefer Crete or Rhodes where they can enjoy history, culture, wine tasting, hiking, and exploring colorful villages at a relaxed pace. Both islands offer many luxury resorts and fine dining as well.

best greek islands for couples not touristy

Some of the best non-touristy islands for couples include Folegandros, Sifnos, Ikaria, Kythnos, and Syros. These have traditional villages, delicious cuisine, hiking trails, and beaches without big crowds.

greece holidays for couples all inclusive

While most Greek vacations aren’t all-inclusive, some luxury resorts and villa complexes do offer all-inclusive options on islands like Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos. These provide amenities like food, alcohol, activities, and airport transfers.

best greek islands for young couples

Mykonos and Ios top the list for young couples thanks to the party scenes. Paros, Milos, and Santorini also combine nightlife with romance, swimming, sailing, and gorgeous sunsets for couples in their 20s and 30s.

best place to visit in greece for couples

It depends on the vibe you want, but Santorini and Mykonos make very romantic getaways year-round. Crete, Paros, and Naxos have a nice mix of culture, food, scenery and relaxation for couples.

best place to go in greece for young couples

Some of the most affordable islands for young couples include Lefkada, Thasos, and Samos. These have beautiful beaches, scenic hikes, fishing villages, and lively nightlife without the highest prices.

best places to go on holiday in greece for couples

The Greek islands offer endless romantic getaways for couples who enjoy charming villages, incredible sunsets, sailing adventures, and luxurious hotels. Top picks include Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Paros, Rhodes, Corfu, and Kefalonia.

good places to go in greece for young couples

Beyond the cheaper island noted above, places like Nafplio, Meteora, and Pelion offer great Greek holiday experiences for young couples on a budget, with romantic towns, outdoor activities, and less costly food and hotels.

where to go in greece for couples

With over 6000 islands and idyllic landscapes, couples have endless choices for an amazing Greek couples vacation. Top romantic picks include Santorini, Mykonos, and Paros islands or Nafplio and Athens on the mainland for culture and history.

greek resorts for young couples

Some of the best Greek island resorts for young lovebirds include Mykonos Grand Resort, Grace Santorini, Canaves Oia Suites, Ikos Olivia Corfu, and Eagles Palace Rhodes. These offer indulgent suites, incredible views, beaches, pools, and fine dining.

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