20 Barcelona restaurants with Michelin stars you need to know

barcelona restaurants with michelin stars
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Barcelona shines bright as one of Europe’s capitals of culinary excellence. The bustling Catalan city notably boasts 20 Michelin-starred restaurants showcasing pinnacle achievements across contemporary Spanish cuisine. Here, We will explore the barcelona restaurants with michelin stars you need to know.

From time-honored institutions upholding beloved regional traditions to daring young upstarts pushing boundaries through ultramodern alchemy, Barcelona offers gourmands a staggering diversity of high-caliber dining experiences worthy of these prestigious accolades.

Get ready to go on an eating tour with your eyes through the cream of Barcelona’s Michelin-lauded crop to discover just how and where the city’s most talented chefs are advancing the artistry of Catalan gastronomy today.


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Photo of the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona restaurants with Michelin stars

No Time to Read All? Here’s a Quick Highlight

  • Barcelona has 3 restaurants with the coveted 3 Michelin stars: Lasarte, Cocina Hermanos Torres, and ABaC
  • 5 restaurants boast 2 Michelin stars: Disfrutar, Angle, Cinc Sentits, Moments, and Enoteca Paco Pérez
  • There are 12 restaurants in Barcelona with 1 Michelin star
  • Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona offer a mix of Catalan, Basque, French, Asian, and fusion cuisines
  • Lasarte, ABaC, Disfrutar, and Angle are overseen by famed Spanish chef Jordi Cruz
  • Prices at Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona generally start from €100 per person
  • Booking well in advance is essential as many restaurants have limited seating

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Best Michelin restaurants in barcelona

  3 Michelin Star restaurants Barcelona for Exceptional Cuisine Worth Traveling For

Barcelona punches well above its weight when it comes to Michelin stars. How many Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona? The bustling Catalan city is home to 20 Michelin-starred restaurants, including 3 with the coveted maximum rating of 3 stars for exceptional cuisine that’s worth traveling for.

I’ll be visiting Barcelona in May and booking a table at one of these Michelin dining temples is at the top of my must-do list!

Lasarte: Michelin Restaurants Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Mallorca, 259, 08008 Barcelona Michelin rating: 3 stars Cuisine: Haute Catalan Price: Tasting menu from €210


Address: Carrer de Mallorca, 259, 08008 Barcelona Michelin rating: 3 stars

The elegant fine dining Barcelona restaurants sits within the 5-star Hotel Condes de Barcelona. Headed up by legendary Basque chef Martín Berasategui since 2006, Lasarte became Barcelona’s first ever restaurant to receive 3 Michelin stars in 2017.

The contemporary dining room is bright and sophisticated, with intricate flower arrangements on each table. Watch the chefs hard at work through a glass screen in the glossy open kitchen.

Berasategui brings his renowned technical skills to the seasonally changing tasting menus, which may include delicacies like sea bass with Caviar and cooling cucumber consommé. Catalan ingredients shine, enhanced rather than masked by advanced techniques.

Expect exceptional service and a vast wine cellar boasting over 2,400 bottles. With just 8 tables, be sure to book Lasarte months in advance for the best chance of securing a coveted reservation.

*Google Map directions: * Carrer de Mallorca, 259, 08008 Barcelona

Cocina Hermanos Torres: barcelona michelin star restaurants

Address: Carrer del Taquígraf Serra, 20, 08029 Barcelona Michelin rating: 3 stars, Green Star Cuisine: Contemporary Catalan Price: Tasting menu from €155

Cocina Hermanos Torres

Address: Carrer del Taquígraf Serra, 20, 08029 Barcelona Michelin rating: 3 stars

Headed up by celebrated twins Javier and Sergio Torres, Cocina Hermanos Torres debuted in 2019 with the almost unheard-of feat of being awarded 3 Michelin stars immediately.

The herself sleek dining room places 3 cooking stations center stage. Watch your dish come to life before your eyes! Aroma-preserving cloches are used to transport each creation the few feet from stove to table. Expect multi-sensory drama and theater.

Dishes like their legendary “Torres in the Sky” play with texture and temperature contrasts. Cloud-like candy floss encapsulates a rich duck liver parfait on a black sesame cracker. Sweet apple in cider cuts through the unctuous foie gras.

As well as a seasonally changing tasting menu, Cocina Hermanos Torres unusually offers an a la carte menu. The green star denotes the restaurant’s eco-friendly practices around sustainability and waste management.

ABaC: michelin star restaurants barcelona

Address: Avinguda del Tibidabo, 1, 08022 Barcelona Michelin rating: 3 stars Cuisine: Haute Catalan Price: Tasting menu from €195

Headed up by acclaimed chef Jordi Cruz, ABaC restaurant is set within a modernist building that was formerly a private residence. Floor-to-ceiling windows look out onto beautiful ornamental gardens and terraces.

The sleek, monochrome dining room features bespoke tableware and futuristic swinging chairs. Expect sophisticated dishes that pack a visual punch, like “Carrots of 4 Textures and Temperatures”.

A universal theme across Cruz’s seasonally evolving tasting menus is making the most of humble ingredients. A single carrot may be dehydrated, freeze-dried, roasted and candied to create an intensely carrot-y quartet on one plate.

With just 8 tables seating 30 covers in total, ABaC is Barcleona’s smallest 3 star restaurant. Be sure the book at least 2-3 months out to stand the best chance of securing a table.

Google Map directions: Avinguda del Tibidabo, 1, 08022 Barcelona

Barcelona Restaurants with 2 Michelin Stars: World-Class Dining Best barcelona restaurants with michelin stars 

Barcelona has 5 restaurants that have been awarded 2 Michelin stars for their excellent cooking, worth a detour. Offering a range of high-end Catalan, Spanish, and Mediterranean cuisines, these restaurants attract gourmands from across the globe.

Disfrutar: Restaurant a barcelone 

Address:  C. de Villarroel, 163, L’Eixample, 08036 Barcelona, Spain
Michelin rating: 2 stars Cuisine: Catalan, Mediterranean Price: Tasting menu from €150


 C. de Villarroel, 163, L’Eixample, 08036 Barcelona, Spain Michelin rating: 2

In the hip Barcelona neighborhood of L’Eixample, Disfrutar is headed up by 3 chefs who previously worked under the legendary Ferran Adria at world-famous, now closed El Bulli.

The open kitchen takes centrestage, framed by golden rails and theater lighting. Watch the choreographed chaos as chefs construct multi-component concoctions involving sugars, mousses, waxes and more. Signatures like the “Broken Egg” feature a “yolk” of lemon curd encased in a delicate sphere of caramel “shell”.

Two tasting menus showcase the technical wizardry and cutting-edge techniques on display. The shorter Festival menu focuses on the season’s freshest ingredients while the Classic menu features Disfrutar’s signature bites like the honey-glazed pork rib with pine cone cream.

With just 26 seats, securing a table often requires booking 6 months or more ahead. Those wanting a peek behind the scenes can also book a private kitchen visit.

Angle: top restaurants in Barcelona 

Address: C/ d’Aragó, 214, L’Eixample, 08011 Barcelona, Spain
Michelin rating: 2 stars Cuisine: Contemporary Spanish Price: Tasting menu from €100


Address: C/ d’Aragó, 214, L’Eixample, 08011 Barcelona, Spain Michelin rating: 2 stars

Within the chic Hotel Único, Angle is another of Jordi Cruz’s Michelin-starred ventures. The elegant space is styled after an artist’s studio, with contemporary artworks lining the dove grey walls.

Many dishes feature elevated Spanish tapas classics. Ham croquettes may envelop a liquid Manchego heart that erupts on first bite. Sea urchin embedded in pan con tomate arrives on driftwood, billowing with dry ice steam.

The frequently changing tasting menu offers diners a theatrical insight into Cruz’s mad-scientist style. Expect unexpected flavour and texture combinations brought to life through advanced kitchen wizardry across 7 or 10 courses.

A dedicated cocktail bar specializes in molecular mixology for those wanting a liquid taste of the Angle experience. With interweaving menus across Cruz’s two 2-star venues, some dishes may make cameos at both restaurants.

Google Map directions: Carrer d’Aragó, 214, 08011 Barcelona

Cinc Sentits

Address: C/ d’Entença, 60, L’Eixample, 08015 Barcelona, SpainMichelin rating: 2 stars Cuisine: Modern Catalan Price: Tasting menu from €100

Cinc Sentits

Address: C/ d’Entença, 60, L’Eixample, 08015 Barcelona, Spain Barcelona Michelin rating: 2 stars

The aptly-named “Five Senses” offers contemporary Catalan cuisine aimed at engaging all your senses. Run by chef Jordi Artal and sommelier Jessica López, Cinc Sentits has held 2 Michelin stars since 2015.

Inside a converted house, the intimate dining room seats just 22 across 3 rooms on 2 floors. Request the kitchen table for front-row seats to the innovation unfolding in the semi-open kitchen.

Menus change monthly depending on seasonal produce available. Dishes showcase unique food pairings and unexpected textures, like candied and dried orange blended into couscous. Don’t miss Artal’s signature sweet potato, roasted for one hour before being marinated and stuffed with hazelnut cream.

With an emphasis on freshness, produce is sourced from 30 local farmers and food artisans. Due to the tiny size, reservations often book out months in advance.

Google Map directions: Carrer d’Ausiàs Marc, 60, 08015 Barcelona


*Address: Pg. de Gràcia, 38, 40, L’Eixample, 08007 Barcelona, SpainMichelin rating: 2 stars
Cuisine: Catalan cuisine with Mediterranean touches Price: 5-course tasting menu from €155


Address: Pg. de Gràcia, 38, 40, L’Eixample, 08007 Barcelona, Spain Michelin rating: 3 stars

Nestled on Barcelona’s upscale Passeig de Gràcia shopping boulevard within the glamorous Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Moments offers a refined Catalan dining experience under head chef Raül Balam Ruscalleda.

The elegant, neutral-toned private dining room seats just 28, allowing Balam’s meticulous culinary craftsmanship to shine. Mediterranean ingredients are woven together with contemporary techniques and subtle Asian touches across 7 or 10 courses.

Highlights from the seasonally evolving tasting menu may include red tuna belly with mole sauce and purslane or turbot with boletus mushrooms and truffle. Ruscalleda keeps classics like cannelloni contemporary by filling them with Jabugo ham and Idiazabal cheese cream.

With 2 Michelin stars since 2013 plus a dedicated sommelier to talk you through the 400+ labels, Moments promises a sophisticated gastronomic experience in stylish surroundings.

Google Map directions: Passeig de Gràcia, 38-40, 08007 Barcelona

Enoteca Paco Pérez

Address:Carrer de la Marina, 19, 21, Ciutat Vella, 08005 Barcelona, Spain 2 stars Cuisine: Mediterranean Price: 5-course tasting menu from €120

Enoteca Paco Pérez

Address: Carrer de la Marina, 19, 21, Ciutat Vella, 08005 Barcelona, Spain Michelin rating: 3 stars

Inside the modern Hotel Arts Barcelona overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Enoteca Paco Pérez combines technical prowess with the vibrant flavors of Spanish cuisine.

The dining room features contemporary dark wood interiors and floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic sea views. The open kitchen provides a glimpse into Pérez’s creative process as he plates up dishes like crab parmentier with Jávea orange and mustard ice cream.

Two tasting menus focus on Spain’s rich pantry from the coasts to the countryside. Pérez skillfully balances contrasting textures and temperatures over 7 to 11 artful courses accented by micro herbs, purees, and foams.

Paco Pérez has cemented himself as one of Spain’s most renowned chefs. His relentlessly inventive approach towards local ingredients secured Enoteca’s status as Barcelona’s first 2 star restaurant back in 2004.

Given the spectacular beachfront location, prices at Enoteca are relatively reasonable starting at €120 for a meal. Just be sure to book well ahead to secure a table beside the sand.

Google Map directions: La Rambla del Mar, 1, 08003 Barcelona

Barcelona Restaurants with 1 Michelin Star: best restaurants in barcelona spain on a Budget

In addition to its 8 two and three Michelin-starred venues, Barcelona offers 12 excellent restaurants that have been singled out by Michelin inspectors as providing a fine dining experience worth a stop.

For travelers like me want a top-notch meal on a slightly tighter budget, these one Michelin star restaurants offer tasting menus from about €50 per person. Now that’s culinary excellence I can afford on vacation!


Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 132, 08008 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star
Cuisine: Contemporary Catalan Price: 4-course lunch menu €65


Passeig de Gràcia, 132, 08008 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star

On Passeig de Gràcia in the historic Casa Fuster building, Aleia offers contemporary Catalan cuisine punctuated with occasional Asian touches. The dining room features lofty ceilings, marble tabletops, crimson chairs and French doors opening onto a terrace.

Choose between daily-changing tasting menus or the more wallet-friendly a la carte options. Dishes showcase contrasting textures like grilled cuttlefish on velvety parsnip and hazelnut cream.

The regularly updated lunch and dinner menus place emphasis on standout seasonal ingredients cooked simply to let the flavors shine through. Think sea bass with Morteruelo sauce made from roasted almonds, garlic and nyoras (mild chilies).

Google Map directions: Passeig de Gràcia, 132, 08008 Barcelona


Address: Carrer Còrsega, 200, 08036 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star Cuisine: Market cuisine Price: 5-course tasting menu from €70


Passeig de Gràcia, 132, 08008 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star

Within the luxury Sir Victor Hotel, Atempo promises a multisensory culinary experience courtesy of celebrated chef Jordi Cruz. Upon entering, guests are greeted with a glass of cava before sampling playful one-bite starters in the chill-out lounge.

Make your way upstairs via the open kitchen to the vine-filled dining room. Discover Cruz’s signaturewizardry across 5 clever courses with wine or juice pairings. Menu highlights may include burrata ravioli in beef consommé or John Dory with tomato chutney and curry emulsion.

A resident DJ provides an upbeat soundtrack Thursdays through Saturdays. For an interactive experience, book seats at the chef’s table to quiz Cruz and his team as dishes are plated.

Google Map directions: Carrer Còrsega, 200, 08036 Barcelona

Koy Shunka

Address:  Carrer d’en Copons, 7, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star Cuisine: Innovative Japanese fusion
Price: 5-course tasting menu from €59

Koy Shunka

 Carrer d’en Copons, 7, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Michelin rating: 1 star

In Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter not far from the Picasso Museum, Koy Shunka brings a Japanese twist to Catalan cuisine. The pared-back 12-seat dining room features blond wood, origami birds and calligraphy wall art.

Owner and head chef Hideki Matsuhisa fuses Japanese precision with avant-garde techniques learned under Ferran Adrià. Highlights include Hokkaido crab stuffed with Catalan spinach and black garlic, and succulent wagyu beef with wasabi chimichurri.

The five course menu offers excellent value for Michelin starred dining. Add sake pairings for €35 or upgrade to premium options. Note the restaurant doesn’t cater to special diets but ingredients can be adjusted for serious allergies.

Given the tiny size, be sure to reserve this hidden gem well in advance for the best chance of experiencing Matsuhisa’s culinary magic.

Google Map directions: Copons 7, 08002 Barcelona


Address: Passeig del Taulat, 262-264, 08019 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star Cuisine: Contemporary Spanish small plates Price: Individual dishes from €12


Passeig del Taulat, 262-264, 08019 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star

Led by chef Aurelio Morales, Aürt within the Hilton Diagonal Mar makes a virtue of its unexpected location inside a hotel lobby. Diners can take a seat at the counter or one of just nine tables.

With an ethos Morales dubs “posh street food”, the menu focuses on contemporary small plates showcasing wild, seasonal ingredients from the forests and mountains. Dishes like smoked cod croquettes with romesco sauce or Iberic pork ribs confit in extra virgin olive oil are executed with precision.

The restaurant espouses sustainability, utilizing product from local farmers, hunters and fishermen with minimal environmental impact. Wines focus on small-batch natural and biodynamic producers.

Rather than bustling waiters, chefs personally deliver dishes to explain components and field questions. The resulting laid-back atmosphere belies Aürt’s technical excellence worthy of its Michelin star since 2019.

Google Map directions: Passeig del Taulat, 262-264, 08019 Barcelona


Address: La Granada del Penedès 14-16, 08012 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star Cuisine: Catalan with French influences Price: 5-course lunch menu from €65


La Granada del Penedès 14-16, 08012 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star


nside the former studio of legendary Catalan architect Joan Rubio i Bellver, Hofmann offers elegant contemporary cuisine with French touches under Silvia Hofmann. As the daughter of acclaimed chef Mey Hofmann, she upholds a family legacy of culinary excellence spanning over 40 years.

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow diners to glimpse chefs assembling complex compositions using tweezers and pipettes. Signatures like turbot smoked at the table with bone marrow underscore the kitchen’s deft ability to mold inventive flavors into refined plates.

The a la carte menu available at lunch combines creativity with comfort in dishes like roasted quail stuffed with chanterelle mushrooms. Dinner tasting menus enable Hofmann’s team to flex their creative muscles through four or six playful courses accented by microgreens, foams and gels.

Whether enjoying an indulgent lunch or innovative dinner in chic industrial surroundings, Hofmann’s uncommon sophistication brilliantly balances tradition with modernity.

Google Map directions: La Granada del Penedès 14-16, 08012 Barcelona


Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 75, 08008 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star Cuisine: Contemporary Basque Price: Tasting menu from €90


Passeig de Gràcia, 75, 08008 BBarcelona Michelin rating: 1 star

On upscale shopping strip Passeig de Gràcia, Oria offers playful renditions of traditional Basque dishes under celebrity chef Martin Berasategui. The intimate 30-seat dining room features oak tables, velvet chairs and marble counters reflecting natural light from the patio.

Menus change seasonally but consistently incorporate avant-garde techniques like spherification and deconstruction. Highlights include oysters with bone marrow faux caviar and deconstructed cheesecake of Idiazabel cheese layered with walnut gel and caramelized hazelnuts.

The seven table Mystery Menu relies on diner interaction with chance and psychology determining successive courses. For a more classic experience, the Grand Menu artfully balances Berasategui’s boundary-pushing style with time-honored flavors.

Sommeliers pair creative cocktails and help navigate an extensive 400-label wine list showcasing top Spanish regions. Given Oria shares a building with Michelin darling Lasarte, competition for tables is just as fierce.

Google Map directions: Passeig de Gràcia, 75, 08008 Barcelona


Address: Via Laietana, 49, 08003 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star Cuisine: French-Catalan fusion Price: 6-course tasting menu €110


Via Laietana, 49, 08003Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star

Occupying a 19th-century building in Barcelona’s historic Gothic quarter, Caelis mixes traditional French style with contemporary Catalan flavors under Romain Fornell. The smart 80-seat dining room juxtaposes stone walls, marble floors and abstract artworks.

Three set menus focus on different themes from seafood to seasonal game. Dishes like smoked burrata ravioli with caviar amp up the drama by getting flambéed tableside. Classic regional ingredients appear throughout in innovative forms, like the cod brandade turning into light-as-air cod “air”.

The 14-seat Chef’s Table offers a front-row view to the glassed-in kitchen. Chat with Fornell’s team as your personalized tasting menu comes together before your eyes, paired with wine or creative cocktails by the glass.

Given the prime location within Ohla Hotel, Caelis brilliantly balances convenience for tourists with culinary craft deserving of its Michelin star since 2016.

Google Map directions: Via Laietana, 49, 08003 Barcelona


Address: Sepúlveda 38, 08015 Barcelona
Michelin rating: 1 star Cuisine: Catalan avant-garde tapas Price: Individual tapas around €5-15


Sepúlveda 38, 08015 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star

For one-of-a-kind tapas in the heart of the Born district, Enigma serves a rotating selection of avant-garde bites. The quirky basement space favors standing tables for a casual pintxos bar ambiance.

Celebrity chef Albert Raurich focuses on unique flavor combinations involving unexpected ingredients. Samples range from the delicious (Iberico pork rib glazed with shio koji) to the downright weird (scarlet shrimp head lollipops with ants).

With the menu changing daily, repeat visits always promise new taste adventures. Fusion flavors have included Thai green curry ice cream, hoisin sauce financiers, Vietnamese coffee tonic and matcha salt-crusted sweet potato.

Small plates allow sampling diverse flavors without breaking the bank. Come thirsty as well to discover boundary-pushing cocktails and Spanish wines available by the glass. A lively crowd fills the limited 25 seats so arrive early or reserve in advance.

Google Map directions: Sepúlveda 38, 08015 Barcelona

Slow & Low

Address: Comte Borrell, 119, 08015 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star Cuisine: Nikkei fusion Price: €65 tasting menu only

Slow & Low

Comte Borrell, 119, 08015 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star

On a quiet side street in the Sant Antoni neighborhood, Slow & Low brings together Peruvian and Japanese flavors for a contemporary Nikkei experience. Owners Ismael Ventura and Xavier Medina splash their backgrounds in graphics and architecture across the intimate 16-seat space in neon signs, graffiti textures and climbing ivy sculptures.

The singular surprise tasting menu spans 14 courses over nearly 3 hours for a leisurely voyage. Dishes feature rare ingredients and exacting techniques, like turnip glazed in aged soy sauce for a year served atop Oscietra caviar cream.

Every plate balances bold colors and artful geometries with vibrant flavors. Chili heat and umami richness ground inventive compositions involving purple potato tempura, sake kasu chawanmushi custard and binchotan-grilled pineapple. Definitely pace yourself!

Given the tiny size and set menu, booking a few weeks ahead is essential. Let the skilled sommelier enhance the experience through eclectic Spanish wine pairings.

Google Map directions: Comte Borrell, 119, 08015 Barcelona

Via Veneto

Address: Ganduxer, 10, 08021 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star Cuisine: Classic French-Catalan Price: Tasting menu from €100

Via Veneto

Ganduxer, 10, 08021 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star

Established in 1967, family-owned Via Veneto serves refined regional dishes in an ornate dining room recalling 1920s Paris. Deep red walls showcase works by Dalí, Picasso and Miró between marble columns and chandeliers.

The formal service matches the elegant surroundings in this Barcelona institution. Veteran chef David Andrés Peralta oversees a menu ranging from modern to classic, like stuffed squid on angel hair pasta and Challans duck with cherries.

Extensive wine cellars stock over 2,200 labels skewing towards prestigious French references. Choose from hundreds available by the glass via an innovative preservation system limiting oxidation. Knowledgeable sommeliers help navigate the leather-bound tome of a list.

Among Barcelona’s old school Michelin starred restaurants, Via Veneto stands out for balancing tradition with contemporary flair across its a la carte menu and seasonal tasting options. Jackets are encouraged but not required for gentlemen.


Address: Ronda de Sant Antoni, 41, 08011 Barcelona
Michelin rating: 1 star Cuisine: Contemporary Catalan Price: €90 tasting menu only


Ronda de Sant Antoni, 41, 08011 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star

Within a 19th-century former beer factory, Alkimia from chef Jordi Vilà serves elevated Catalan cuisine reimagining regional traditions. Exposed brick walls, arched ceilings and leather chairs create an atmosphere that’s stylish yet relaxed.

Two seasonal tasting menus focus on humble ingredients transformed through inventive techniques. Don’t miss Vilà’s signature mock lamb chop made from juice-filled spheres of cotton candy wrapped around focused lamb extract jelly.

Given the modest 26-seat capacity, achieving a spot at chef’s counter spying on the open kitchen helps secure an immersive experience. Reserve several weeks ahead as Alkimia’s inimitable alchemy mesmerizes diners and critics alike.

The restaurant opened on tiny Indústria street in 2009 before relocating to its current expansive Moritz brewery premises in 2020. Whimsical plating makes tasting menus engaging yet unpretentious affairs.

Google Map directions: Ronda de Sant Antoni, 41, 08011 Barcelona


Address: Aragó 214, 08011 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star
Cuisine: Spanish contemporary Price: 5-course lunch tasting menu for €59


Aragó 214, 08011 Barcelona Michelin rating: 1 star

Yet another venture from acclaimed chef Jordi Cruz, Angle offers sophisticated cuisine in a relaxed environment within El Palace hotel. The artsy dining room features stone tables, velvet chairs, and drawings lining concrete walls under warm pendant lamps.

Lunch spotlights traditional Spanish flavors with contemporary tweaks across four to six courses. Dinner tasting menus survey seasonal ingredients through a contemporary lens in either seven or ten playful plates.

Dishes range from elevated comfort food like suckling pig tacos with apple alioli to intricate constructions like their “Taco Omakase”, a soy meringue taco stuffed with marinated tuna. Balance wild pairings with Angle’s extensive gin cart hosting over 350 craft labels.

Ever the hospitality maestro, Cruz cultivates an approachable ambiance through superb yet unintimidating food. Securing a spot is easier here than at his other Michelin darlings Cocina Hermanos Torres or Enigma across town.

Google Map directions: Aragó 214, 08011 Barcelona

Barcelona Michelin Star Restaurants: Helpful Tips

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when planning for the ultimate Michelin-starred dining experience in Barcelona:

Book Early, Often Months Ahead

With limited seating between 10 to 40 guests across Barcelona’s Michelin star establishments, reservations for the best restaurants book out fast.

I’d advise booking your preferred date as soon as it comes available, some 12 to 18 weeks ahead of time if you can. OpenTable and Google are your friends! Last-minute tables do rarely pop up for persistent checkers.

Prices Range from €50 to €200 for Michelin-Starred Menus

Restaurant tasting menus at Barcelona’s Michelin establishments typically cost around €50-100 per person for newer 1-star spots climbing the ranks. Most 3-star venues run €150 to €200-plus before wine.

There’s often a budget lunch menu available with abbreviated courses for under €100 even at multi-star destinations.

Cash Tips Are Not Expected

Note that gratuity is not included in the bill, as per European custom. Spaniards rarely tip so 10 to 15 percent is fine for over-the-top service. It’s better to simply round up to the nearest 5 or 10 euros if paying cash.

Dress Code Depends

What you wear very much depends on the venue, with casual spots like Enigma and Angle welcoming locals in ripped jeans while Michelin royalty including Lasarte and Via Venetto suggest a jacket and stylish attire. If in doubt, say yes to pants and no sneakers.

Adjusting Menus for Dietary Needs Varies

Lasarte, Disfrutar and Moments warn that unfortunately their intricate tasting menus cannot be adjusted for dietary restrictions. Other establishments like ABaC and Cinc Sentits highlight vegetarian alternatives but check individual ingredients. When booking, always inquire to what degree the kitchen can adapt to serious allergies. Celiac requirements generally need advance notice.

Michelin Star Barcelona: Satisfying Every Palate & Budget

Whether you come to feast on seafood alchemy from legendary chefs or discover boundary-pushing innovation from rising stars, Barcelona’s prestigious Michelin star restaurants deliver superlative cuisine.

Glamorous 3-starred establishments satisfy special occasion splurges with exacting luxury experiences. Those like me on a budget can still indulge in outstanding meals across more accessible yet equally remarkable one star venues.

From traditional Catalan flavors enhanced by modern artistry to unexpected cross-cultural fusion concepts, a Michelin-approved meal in Barcelona promises to be a highlight of any visit. Just be sure to book well in advance!

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