weather majorca april

Weather Majorca April: Guide to Weather & Top Things to Do

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Here’s your quick and easy guide to weather Majorca April. I’m visiting Spain in Spring during the shoulder season next year and am considering spending some time in Mallorca in April to take advantage of the warmer spring weather and beat the summer crowds. As I researched visiting Mallorca in April, I came across some great articles with helpful information, but they didn’t cover all the details I was looking for in one place.

weather majorca april

Visiting Mallorca in April:  Weather and Top Things to Do

I’ve compiled this comprehensive guide on the weather, events, sightseeing, hiking, accommodation, and more for visiting Mallorca in April. Whether you’re looking for warm sunshine, outdoor adventures, cultural sights, or seaside relaxation, this guide will help you make the most of your Mallorca holiday.


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Weather in Mallorca in April

April marks the transition from cooler winter weather to warmer spring conditions in Mallorca. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

april weather in majorca Pros and Cons


  • Pleasant daytime temperatures, less hot than summer
  • Lower prices on hotels and flights
  • Smaller crowds than summer at tourist sites
  • Great for outdoor activities like hiking
  • Vibrant wildflowers blooming in the landscapes
  • Experience more authentic island life


  • The sea is still too cold for swimming
  • Some businesses may still be closed pre-Easter
  • Mountains can be cooler – bring layers
  • Rain showers are possible so pack lightweight jacket
  • Limited boat trips and beach clubs open
  • Resort towns are very quiet

So in summary, April offers moderate temperatures to sightsee comfortably and dodge the infamous summertime crowds. The tradeoff is fewer businesses open and colder coastal waters. Pack in layers and avoid deserted beach resorts for the best April Mallorca experience. Let the lovely springtime island beauty and culture shine!

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weather majorca april Temperatures : Mallorca April Weather 

The temperature in Majorca in April are great for a holiday. See the average temperature in Majorca and palma de mallorca weather in april.

  • Average high: around 70°F/21°C
  • Average low: around 50°F/10°C
  • The days warm up nicely but evenings can still be cool
mallorca itinerary

majorca weather april Rain

  • Average rainy days: 5-6 days
  • More rain likely in the mountains

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April Weather Majorca Sunshine

  • Average hours of sun: 7-10 per day
  • More cloud cover early in April

All in all, April offers pleasant daytime temperatures for sightseeing and outdoor activities, along with cool evenings that may require a light jacket or sweater. The weather is milder and less extreme than the hot summer months.

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Top Things to Do in Mallorca in April

weather majorca april

01. Take a Scenic Drive Along the Stunning Ma-10 Coastal Road

The Ma-10 road winds 118 km along Mallorca’s northwest coast from Andratx to Pollença, linking picture-perfect seaside villages like Estellencs, Banyalbufar, Valldemossa, Deià, Port de Sóller and Fornalutx.

This mountain road boasts nonstop gorgeous Mediterranean vistas—think agricultural terraces, olive groves, pine trees, limestone cliffs, and the sparkling sea. It’s considered Mallorca’s most beautiful drive.

Tip: Don’t miss detouring down the thrilling, twisty Sa Calobra road to a peaceful beach at the end of the Torrent de Pareis canyon.

Tips for driving the Ma-10 April in Mallorca:

  • Book a rental car in advance
  • Take it slow on the narrow, winding road
  • Pull over for vehicles behind you when possible
  • Watch for cyclists riding along the road

Check current rental car rates in Mallorca here.

02. Go Hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains

The Tramuntana range runs along Mallorca’s northwest coast, offering superb hiking with mountain, valley and sea views. The landscapes earned this area UNESCO World Heritage status. April’s milder temperatures make it ideal for hiking before the summer heat arrives.

Some top hiking routes and viewpoints in Mallorca in April

  • Cornador Gran day hike near Valldemossa
  • Tossals Verds circuit hike in Sóller
  • Puig de l’Ofre summit hike for gorgeous panoramas over Port de Sóller
  • La Trapa viewpoint overlooking the sea near Estellencs
  • Castell d’Alaró hike to a mountaintop fortress with 360° vistas
  • Path of the Archduke trail along the coast to Sa Foradada peninsula

The charming villages of Sóller and Port de Sóller make great hiking bases with their proximity to numerous trails.

weather majorca april

03. Explore Picturesque Mountain Villages

Mallorca has no shortage of enchanting hillside villages, perfect for strolls, long lunches at sidewalk cafés and overnight stays.

Here are some of the prettiest towns in Mallorca:

  • Valldemossa – historic buildings, coastal views, popular tourist draw
  • Deià – stone houses clustered on a steep hillside, iconic Mallorcan village
  • Sóller – known for orange and lime groves, tram to Port de Sóller
  • Fornalutx – considered one of Spain’s most beautiful villages
  • Pollença – laid-back vibe with cafés around Plaça Major square

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04. Check Out the Walled Old Town of Alcúdia

On Mallorca’s north coast, Alcúdia’s pedestrian-friendly medieval center offers a window into the island’s layered history, from Roman ruins to Islamic and medieval architecture.

Meander along the cobbled lanes and battlemented city walls for:

  • Views over the Bay of Alcúdia
  • Atmospheric plazas and churches
  • Local handicrafts, art galleries, shops and restaurants
  • Archaeological museum with artifacts found nearby
  • Weekly markets held on Tuesdays and Sundays

05. Go Wine Tasting

Mallorca has a fast-growing wine industry centered around the northeastern area of Binissalem. The island’s winemakers focus on native grape varieties like Manto Negro and Callet.

Book a winery tour or just drop in for tastings of local reds, whites and rosés, often accompanied by Mallorcan bread, cheese, sausage and olives. You can find a wine tasting almost anywhere on the island.

Some top wineries in Mallorca include:

  • Bodegas José L. Ferrer
  • Macià Batle
  • Can Vidalet
  • Son Prim Estate Winery
  • 4 Kilos Vinicola

Take advantage of the cooler April weather to sip wines outdoors on terraces with mountain backdrops.

06. Stay in a Historic Finca Estate in the Countryside

For a uniquely Mallorcan lodging experience, book a room or suite at an antique estate house called a finca, converted into a small hotel property.

Finca hotels boast thick stone walls, beamed ceilings, courtyards and modern comforts like swimming pools. They let you immerse yourself in Mallorca’s rural landscapes and tranquility.

hotels on fincas worth booking:

07. Cycle Around the Island

Mallorca’s landscapes attract cyclists from across Europe. The mild April weather makes for ideal biking conditions before the summer crowds arrive.

Stick to less-trafficked back roads as much as possible for a safer, more peaceful ride. Or join an organized bike tour around parts of the island.

Some popular cycling routes:

  • Country roads around Artà in the east
  • Roads and villages of the Es Raiguer region
  • Scenic coastal roads like Ma-10 and Ma-11
  • Inland roads through Binissalem wine region
  • Climb to Castell d’Alaró fortress for panoramas over Palma

Watch for vehicles coming up quickly around blind curves.

Aerial Seashore

08. Take a Boat Trip in Mallorca

Get out on the Mediterranean waters surrounding Mallorca by booking a boat tour, whether a peaceful sailboat ride or exciting zodiac rafting excursion.

Some top boat trips and activities:

Pack a swimsuit if you want to jump in for a dip during stops. The water will still be chilly in April though.

Events and Festivals in Mallorca in April

Mallorca offers some fun annual events and colorful local festivals in April as the tourist season starts ramping up:

  • Fira d’Andratx Fair – Local food, music and dancing in Andratx village
  • 312 Mallorca Marathon – Extreme cycling race across 312 km of Mallorca
  • Boat Show – Yachts and nautical displays in Palma, with live music
  • Orange Fair – Celebration of Sóller’s orange harvest, tastings & special menus
  • Salt Fair – Sampling of gourmet salt, cooking demos in Colònia de Sant Jordi
  • Easter Week – Passion plays, processions and fanfares island-wide, dates vary

Where to Stay in Mallorca in April

Mallorca has lots of great places to stay from budget to luxury. Here are some top-rated options:

Budget: Hostel Sóller Albergue Juvenil – Great location for hikers

Mid-range: Los Geranios Hotel in Port de Sóller – Charming waterfront hotel

Luxury: La Residencia by The Belmond Hotel– Elegant boutique hotel in upscale Deai

Other towns good for overnighting include Valldemossa, Pollença and the island capital, Palma.

Stay outside the purpose-built beach resorts, which won’t be lively yet in April. Check current rates and availability for your travel dates here.


Packing Tips Mallorca in April

Bring the following items to make the most of Mallorca in April:

  • Light jacket and layers – for cool mornings/evenings
  • Hat and sunglasses – for sunny days
  • Sturdy shoes for hiking – trails can be rocky/uneven
  • Bathing suit – for hotel pools and sunny lounge days
  • Reuseable water bottle – stay hydrated during activities

Getting There and Getting Around Mallorca

  • Fly into Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI)
  • Rent a car for easier access to varied sites across the island
  • Alternatively use public bus network run by TIB
  • The historic Sóller train offers scenic rail service from Palma

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FAQs About Visiting Mallorca in April

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about spending time in Mallorca during the month of April:

Is Majorca hot in April?

No, Majorca would not be considered hot in April. Average high temperatures are pleasantly warm around 70°F (21°C), but it cools down at night with lows around 50°F (10°C). The weather is milder than the summer months. Pack layers of clothing and a light jacket, especially if visiting the mountains where it can be chillier.

Can you swim in Mallorca in April?

Most locals and seasoned tourists do not recommend swimming in Mallorca in April. While air temperatures feel nice in the sun, the sea only reaches about 60°F (15°C) which is quite cold for swimming for most people’s preferences. Only the heartiest of souls who don’t mind brisk water would swim that time of year.

Which Balearic island is hottest in April?

The Balearic island that records the hottest average temperatures in April is Ibiza. Being further south and west than Mallorca, Ibiza sees higher average temps reaching over 20°C (68°F) and sunnier skies in April. For reliably hot and sunny weather in the Balearics for early season island hopping, Ibiza is tough to beat weather-wise.

Are restaurants open in Mallorca in April?

Yes, the vast majority of restaurants are open in Mallorca in April to cater to the beginning influx of tourists, especially around Easter week dates. Some smaller, locally-owned eateries may remain closed until right before or after Easter. But visitors will have their choice of many excellent open restaurants island-wide come April for sampling Mallorcan cuisine.

Is Majorca rainy in April?

April still sees some passing rainstorms, primarily earlier in the month, averaging around 5-6 rainy days in Mallorca. The showers don’t usually last very long. The risk of rain is higher if venturing up into the mountains. So bring lightweight rain gear just in case, but substantial rainfall is not as common as the winter months on the island.

What should I wear in Mallorca in April?

Mallorca still has cooler temperatures in April (especially at night), so packing layers is key. Clothing you can layer on for warmth like light sweaters and jackets is essential for wearing in the evenings over shorts/t-shirts. Hiking boots or closed walking shoes, long pants and hats are smarter choices for exploring the Tramuntana mountain villages versus sandals and sundresses. But carry some summery clothes for when the sun comes out!

Is Palma nice in April?

Yes, April is a lovely time of year to visit the Mallorcan capital Palma. Compared to summer, April offers milder weather, fewer tourists crowding attractions and streets, more locals going about everyday routines and lower hotel prices. Visitors can explore this vibrant port city at a leisurely pace, enjoying sights like the gothic Palma Cathedral, boutique shopping and harborside cafés in peace. Wandering around without oppressive heat or humidity is a vacation win as well!

Can you go to the beach in Palma de Mallorca in April?

Palma’s beaches are still pleasant to relax on in April if simply soaking up some sunshine versus swimming. While cooler than summertime, the daytime temperatures allow for sunbathing and picnicking on the sand to get your vitamin sea fix! Just come prepared with layers of warm clothing, towels or blankets to bundle up with when ocean breezes pick up. And don’t expect to linger out as late as the longer summer nights.

What time do people eat dinner in Mallorca?

Dining late is embedded in Spanish culture, including Mallorca, as evening meal times follow the siesta period after businesses reopen around 4 or 5 pm onwards. Restaurants don’t usually start serving dinner until 8 pm. Locals generally eat around 9 pm. But some tourist-oriented restaurants cater to early birds with dinner seatings as early as 6:30 pm. So expect a later, leisurely dinner hour during your Mallorca visit in April!

What clothes to wear in Palma in April?

Palma is already seeing warmer weather in April while still requiring some layers for out and about comfort. Recommended clothing includes light jackets, long sleeve blouses or shirts, pants, jeans or leggings, sweaters/cardigans, and closed walking shoes. A foldable umbrella and sunglasses are smart extras to pack as well. Nights and heavily air-conditioned interiors warrant carrying an extra layer or scarf even with days warming up nicely.

Is it warm enough to swim in April?

The average sea temperature is still quite cold in April at around 60°F/15°C, so swimming will only appeal to those used to cooler waters. It’s generally considered too brisk for casual swimming or snorkeling in April.

Are all tourist sites and businesses open in Mallorca in April?

Most tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels are open by April but some smaller businesses may still be closed until closer to Easter. Late April has pretty much everything open to visitors.

Is Mallorca in April very crowded?

April is still considered shoulder season, so there are fewer tourists than during the summer madness. The island gets busier around Easter week depending on when it falls. Overall, April offers a nice balance – warm weather but smaller crowds.

Can you sunbathe in Majorca in April?

Absolutely! One of the most popular pastimes for visitors to Mallorca is catching some rays on golden sand beaches or at seaside resort pools. While April is still too soon for the summer crowds, the increasingly sunnier weather makes it an ideal month for travelers to work on their tans and bliss out on lounge chairs before the tourist mobs arrive. Lather up with sunscreen of course and throw a sarong or light cover up in your beach bag for later breezes. Happy sunbathing!

What is the best month to go to Majorca?

The prime time with the best weather to visit Mallorca is May, June and September when temperatures are hot but not scorching, rains are infrequent, and humidity is comfortable. These shoulder season months offer summer weather and water conditions but smaller crowds and lower prices before peak tourism kicks in July & August. Travelers can enjoy proper beach lounging and al fresco wining & dining minus extreme heat or packed tourist attractions.

Is the water clear in Palma de Mallorca?

Yes indeed! The Mediterranean waters surrounding Palma feature stunning translucent turquoise hues reminiscent of Caribbean beaches. On sunny days, visibility deep down into the sea can reach upwards of 30 meters thanks to relatively little boat traffic and lucky ocean currents carrying away debris or sand stirred up from waves. It makes for excellent area sailing, sea glass hunting and swimming once temperatures warm up enough come early summer.

How close is Palma to the beach?

Palma puts visitors in close range of both sandy city beaches and dramatic nearby coastal landscapes. Right in town, beachgoers have their choice of the long Playa de Palma running east of the city center to Arenal or the cute S’Arenal Cove. Venturing just 25 minutes north, pristine blue waters await at places like Portals Nous or Costa de la Calma for tranquil vibes. There’s no shortage of scenic Mediterranean backdrops paired with local culture and cuisine in Palma!

Aerial View Of Island

The Bottom Line

With pleasant spring weather and wildflowers blooming, April is an ideal time for visiting Mallorca before peak tourist season without intense heat or crowds. It’s easy to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and boat trips as well as sightseeing in charming mountain villages and Palma.

So get ready to take in the gorgeous Mediterranean vistas and explore Mallorca’s rich history, landscapes and culture during a laidback April island getaway. Just don’t forget the light jacket!

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