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Traveling from Athens to Santorini: Flights, Ferries, Costs, and Considerations

Santorini, Greece

by Coco Tran On September 8, 2023

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Getting from Athens to Santorini, you have two main options – flying or taking a ferry. Both have their advantages and your choice will depend on your priorities like time, budget and convenience. This comprehensive guide will outline all your transportation choices between Athens and Santorini, compare the pros and cons, and help you decide which works best for your trip!

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How to Set Up Google Flights Price Alerts

Ferry From Athens To Santorini

  • fast and convenient
  • 3-5 hours

Flying from Athens to Santorini

If you want the quickest and most direct route, flying is the way to go. There are multiple airlines that operate regular, short flights between Athens International Airport and Santorini Airport. The flying time is only about 45 minutes, giving you more time to enjoy the island. Here’s an overview of your flight options:

Airlines Flying from Athens to Santorini

– Aegean Airlines – Up to 6 flights daily
– Ryanair – Up to 2 flights daily 
– Volotea – Up to 2 flights daily
– Ellinair – Up to 2 flights daily
– Sky Express – Up to 2 flights daily

Aegean Airlines is Greece’s major domestic carrier and offers the most flight frequency between the two destinations. Ryanair and Volotea budget airlines also cover the route for cheaper flight prices.

Flight Duration Athens to Santorini: How long is the flight from athens to santorini

All Athens to Santorini flights take approximately 45 minutes, regardless of the airline. This makes flying the fastest way to travel between the two cities.

Flight Cost Athens to Santorini

How much do flights from Athens to Santorini cost? Well, flight prices vary by airline and departure date. For a one-way ticket, expect to pay:

  • Aegean Airlines: $65-$220
  • Ryanair: $50-$150 
  • Volotea: $45-$140
  • Ellinair: $50-$140
  • Sky Express: $60-$120

Aegean and Ellinair offer more flexibility for booking changes and baggage allowances. Ryanair and Volotea have cheaper deals but stricter change and baggage policies.

You can sometimes find better rates by booking in advance or traveling in the off-season between November to March.  Book your flights on Expedia in advance here. High season flights in July and August have more expensive pricing.

Athens to santorini

Santorini Airport

All flights from Athens land at Santorini Airport, located about 6 km southeast of the island’s capital Fira. The airport serves both international and domestic flights.

The best way is to find prices is to google flights Santorini to Athens

Transportation from Santorini Airport to your hotel options:

  • Taxi: $25-$35 for up to 4 people
  • Shared airport shuttle: $10-$15 per person
  • Public bus: $2.50 per person to Fira

Taxis are the quickest but most expensive option. Shared shuttles take slightly longer but are more affordable. The local bus is the cheapest option but involves waiting and transfers. Book your transfer in advance from booking here. 

Flying Athens to Santorini Pros

– Fastest option at only 45 minutes
– Direct flights with no transfers  
– Choice of airlines and frequent flights
– More time to spend on the island

Flying Athens to Santorini  Cons  

– Generally more expensive than ferries
– Baggage restrictions on low-cost airlines
– Airport farther from Fira than port

Taking the Ferry from Athens and Santorini 

Ferries are the classic way to island-hop in Greece. Taking the ferry from Athens to Santorini takes longer but offers beautiful views of the Aegean sea. You’ll dock right in the heart of Santorini’s capital Fira. Book your ferries on Ferry hopper the easiest way to reserve ferries. Check Ferry timetables here

Ferry Companies from Athens to Santorini

There are three major ferry operators that sail between Piraeus Port in Athens and Santorini’s ferry port in Fira:

Blue Star Ferries – Up to 5 ferries daily in summer
– Hellenic Seaways – Up to 3 fast ferries daily in summer
– SeaJets – Up to 2 fast ferries daily in summer 

Blue Star runs traditional ferries with multiple classes of service. Hellenic Seaways and SeaJets operate faster vessels like catamarans and high-speed ships.

Ferry from Athens to Santorini 

if you’re wondering how long is the ferry from athens to santorini:

The sailing duration ranges from 4.5 to 10 hours depending on the ferry type: 

– Conventional ferry: 8-10 hours
– Fast ferry from Athens to santorini: 5-6 hours
– High-speed ferry: 4.5-5 hours

Conventional ferries are the most economic but lengthier option. High-speed ferries complete the route in just 4.5 hours but are more expensive.

Ferry From athens to santorini price 

Ferry fares differ by company and class of service. Expect to pay:

– Blue Star Ferries: $60-$180
– Hellenic Seaways: $70-$210 
– SeaJets: $90-$220

Athens to Santorini Ferry time:

Athens to Santorini Ferry times: 5 to 13 hr

Click here to check the timetables for the ferry Athens to Santorini on ferry hopper here.

First class tickets provide the most amenities and comfort but cost about double the basic economy class. Private cabins are available on most overnight sailings.  

Season and advance booking can impact prices. July/August weekends sell out faster. If possible, book 1-2 months in advance for the best rates.

Santorini Ferry Port

All ferries from Athens dock at Santorini’s main port in Fira. This lively hub connects directly to the central bus terminal and the capital’s shopping and nightlife.

Getting to your hotel to Santorini ferry port is easy via:

– Taxi: $15-$25 depending on destination
– Shared shuttle: $5-$10 per person 
– Local bus: $2 to most island towns

Prebook your taxi from your hotel. Or better yet reserve your transportation on booking in advance

Taxis offer convenience while shuttles and buses cost less. The port’s central location allows easy access around the island.

Taking the Ferry Athens greece to santorini Pros

– More affordable than flying
– Scenic views sailing the Aegean
– Arrive in the heart of Fira
– Availability of overnight sailings

Taking the Ferry to Santorini from Athens Cons

– Much longer trip time
– Prone to delays in rough weather
– Fewer daily departures than flights
– More complex booking

Comparing Flight vs. Ferry from Athens to Santorini

So should you fly or sail between Athens and Santorini? Here’s a comparison of the key factors to help decide:

ferry athens to santorini : Ferry time from Athens to Santorini 

– Flight: 45 minutes 
Ferry: 4.5-10 hours

Flying is significantly faster, especially on high-speed vessels. Take a flight if your time is limited.

Ferry price from Athens to Santorini

Flight price from Athens To Santorini

  • Flight: $50-$220
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Flights are generally more expensive, but ferries can match higher-end flight prices at busy times. Opt to fly if cost is your main concern.


– Flight: Direct with no transfers
Ferry: May require overnight stay in Athens

Flights mean less time getting to and from ports. Ferries often involve an overnight in Athens before or after.

Travel Experience

– Flight: Quick and direct 
Ferry: Relaxing with beautiful sea views

Ferries let you appreciate the journey and the gorgeous Aegean scenery. Flights get you there without fuss.

Baggage Allowances

– Flight: Restrictions on low-cost airlines
Ferry: Usually no baggage limits 

Ferries easily accommodate luggage. Budget airlines have tight size and weight restrictions.

Availability and how often 

– Flight: Dozens of flights daily 
Ferry: Around 5 daily in season

Flights offer maximum flexibility. Ferries have fewer daily departures, especially outside summer. 

Which is Best from Athens to Santorini?

For the fastest and most direct trip, opt for a short 45 minute flight. Fly if you have limited time to enjoy Santorini.

To maximize scenery and relax on your journey, sail by ferry. Ferries work best if you have extra time and don’t mind a longer trip.

If budget is your priority, compare flight and ferry deals. Off-season you may score cheaper flights or find great ferry sales.

No matter how you travel between Athens and Santorini, you’ll be rewarded with amazing Greek history, culture, cuisine and stunning island views! Have a fantastic trip!

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