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Beat The Sacramento Heat at Sunsplash Golfland: Sacramento Water Park


by Coco Tran On September 9, 2023

sacramento water park

Are you looking for a a way to beat the scorching heat of Sacramento? I’ve got the perfect activity for the whole family! There are several Sacramento water park to help you beat the heat. These water parks offer exhilarating fun, filled with water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and an awesome time for the whole family.

In this article, we’ll dive into the largest water park in Sacramento, Sunsplash Golfland, and other popular water parks in the region for adults and kids of all ages! I’ll share my tips for water parks and things to know to make your trip to the water park awesome.

Sacramento Water Park: Sunsplash WATER PARK

With the recent scorching heat the summer brings to the Sacramento region, I like many others have looked for ways to cool down! We decided on Golfland Sunsplash and we had an awesome time. Here are some things I wish I knew before going to the park. 

Located in Roseville, 30 mins outside of Sacramento, Sunsplash Golfland is the ultimate largest water park in the Sacramento region. WIth 12 water slides and a tidal pool and a lazy river.  Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll find at the water park.

Endless Water Fun for the Whole Family

If you have little ones, there are plenty of fun rides for them and a whole section of kid friendly rides at Sunsplash Golfland. Short water slides to relaxing wave pools. Here are some of the attractions and slides for little ones!

Adventure Island

This is the area they will enjoy the most! The Adventure Island is an aqua park at Sunsplash Golfland area that features interactive water features, splash zones, and water-based obstacle courses for little ones. There is shallow water (which is just 3 and a half feet at its deepest), is a favorite spot of swimmers and non-swimmers alike. You can wade, splash, slip down slides or just relax. 

Best rides at SUNSPLASH

One of the highlights of Sunsplash Golfland is the variety of water slides! Experience the adrenaline rush as you zoom down steep slides and twist and turn through thrilling curves. Here are some of my favorites I recommend :

Zoomerang Water Slide

This was my favorite at slide at the park! The Zoomerang is an all new water slide experience designed to deliver high performance thrill mimicking the feeling of a bobsled race, the first of it’s kind in California. Zoomerang will send you sliding down fast as the G-Force clings you to the side of the wall on one of three open bowls. You won’t lose speed when Proslide’s patented BLAST technology propels you right back up. That was the best part! You will also get sprayed by the blast technology which was super fun and it was a nice release from the heat!

48″ Height Requirement/ 2-3 rider 

The Vortex

This one was definitely one of the most advanced and scary water slides! You ride down in pitch darkness and you feel like you’re freefalling in the tube down four stories into an open bowl of 8 ft deep water below! It’s a bit disorienting as get plunged in the water and have to swim up. Super fun now that you know what to expect!

48″ Height Requirement / no tube / single rider

The Stormrider Bowl Slide

This was a fun 4 person tube ride. You will really experience the rush from a massive drop from over 7 stories up. Feel the G-forces as you go nearly vertical clinging to the side of the bowl. How many revolutions can you make in the bowl before splashing down in the water below? 

Double Dare

For those seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush, the free-fall plunge is not to be missed. Step into the capsule, feel the anticipation build, and then brace yourself for a jaw-dropping vertical drop. This heart-stopping attraction is reserved for the bravest of adventurers.

single rider , no tube/ 300 lbs limit / 48″ Height Requirement 

Things To Know About Sunsplash Golfland Before You Go

Sunsplash tickets & ticket prices:

Admission TypeDescriptionPrice
General Admission (Mon-Thu)Water park admission for guests over 48″ in height (Monday-Thursday)$53.99
General Admission (Fri-Sun)Water park admission for guests over 48″ in height (Friday-Sunday)$56.99
Junior AdmissionAll Day Water Park Admission for guests aged 3 years old to under 48″ in height$48.99
Senior AdmissionAll Day Water Park Admission for guests aged 60 or older$48.99
Toddler AdmissionAll Day Water Park Admission for guests aged 12 months to 35 months$6.99
Nite Slide Admission (Mon-Fri)Slide under the stars at Nite Slide (Monday-Friday, select nights after 5pm)$40.99
Nite Slide Admission (Sat)Saturday Nite Slide Admission$44.99

  • What are Golfland Sunsplash roseville hours:

the hours change month to month, check their schedule here: They open typically from 11am -5pm and in July they have “NIGHT SLIDE” which is 5-10pm.

We went for their nightside and it was a better experience because the sun wasn’t scorching during that time but it was still hot outside. The lights turned on at night.  

  • TIP: For Sunsplash online tickets: be aware that tickets will sell out online when they reach their capacity. From my experience, it’s better to purchase tickets early in the morning on the day of. Not knowing this I waited last minute because we couldn’t decide if we were going for night slide or daytime.
    • I tried to buy tickets before going there, to find out it was sold out. Luckily, my friend purchased 2 sets of tickets one set for the night slide and one set for day time using the corporate discount on their website.
    • I’m happy to report we were able to get into the park using the daytime tickets as it didn’t have a different color barcode. We had originally planned to get the daytime tickets refunded but I’m glad we didn’t as they were sold out!
  • redeeming your online tickets at sunsplash:if you purchase online, there are self-serve machine booths you scan your tickets and the wristbands get printed, then you walk into the park and they do a bag check before you walk into the park.
  • parking at Sunsplash: parking is free and plenty. there is a garage and outdoor parking 
  • Storing your belongings lockers at Sunsplash. lockers are available, and there are machine kiosks in the middle. of each row that you pay for and enter a 4-digit pin. you will need to line up to go to the kiosk again if you want to open your locker. the cost of the locker at Sunsplash is $12 for a small and $18 for a large locker.  



Tips for an Amazing Experience

  •  Purchase your Sunsplash tickets online at a discount using a corporate code! My friend works at Kaiser and brought her badge but they didn’t check her badge. Buy your tickets here and input your corporate to see your ticket discount I think it was a saving of 5-10 dollars depending on which tickets you purchased.
  • leave your stuff in the car, the line for the lockers is long.
  • you can reenter the park with your wristband
  • bring straps for your sunglasses and a hat with straps. Sunglasses without straps aren’t allowed onto most rides
  • bring water shoes that won’t fall off. a lot of the rides you can’t have shoes on that can fall off.
  • there are no change rooms so change in the bathroom or the car after
  • Wear plenty of sunblock !

Other Water Parks in Sacramento, Northern California

While Sunsplash Golfland is the largest waterpark resort in Sacramento, there are other fantastic water parks worth exploring in the region. Here are other Sacramento Water parks to check out.

Wake Island Waterpark

Wake Island Waterpark, located near Sacramento, is a must-visit for water sports enthusiasts. This unique water park offers cable wakeboarding, paddleboarding, and water skiing. It’s the perfect place to test your skills or learn something new while enjoying the refreshing waters.

Raging Waters Sacramento

Raging Waters Sacramento is a popular water park known for its thrilling slides and attractions. With over 25 exhilarating water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools, Raging Waters Sacramento promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Unfortunately, it is closed for renovation for the 2023 season, but according to the CEO of Raging Waters,  “Silverwood presented a three-year plan to invest over $30 million into the park to completely reimagine the property,” CEO Steven Dooner said in a statement. The park has plans to open a new kids’ ride section, renovate the entrance, and add new slide rides! 

Splash Parks for Little Ones

If you’re visiting with toddlers or younger children, there are several splash parks in Sacramento and its surrounding areas. These parks provide a safe and enjoyable water play experience for little ones, ensuring they have a blast while staying cool. Some popular options include Aqua Park at Sunsplash Golfland and various community parks equipped with water play features.


Still have questions? Send me an e-mail or comment below and I’ll do my best to help!

Can you bring your own floaties to Sunsplash?

no, you can’t bring it any floaties. There are lifevests available in the park

Does Sunsplash have a lazy river?

yes! It’s a fun lazy river with a few waterfalls to cool off.

Do you wear shoes at a waterpark?

yes! Bring watershoes that won’t fall off (so crocks aren’t a good idea). The pavement gets scorching hot so having watershoes is recommended. Can you wear Crocs to a water park? most waterpark will permit you to wear crocks but won’t allow you to wear crocs on the water rides as they aren’t secured enough on your feet.

How many rides are at Sunsplash?

12 slides and over 30 total attractions. How many waterslides are at Sunsplash? 12 waterslides

Can I wear a shirt and shorts on water park?

You can but jean shorts or cut off jeans shorts aren’t allowed. It’s best to wear a swimsuit and a cover up

Q: Are there any birthday party packages available at Sunsplash Golfland?

A: Yes, Sunsplash Golfland offers birthday party packages that include water park admission, reserved seating, food options, and other awesome perks. Sunsplash Golfland takes family fun to a whole new level with its exciting events. From special holiday celebrations to live entertainment and themed parties, there’s always something happening at the park.

Q: Is Sunsplash Golfland open during the summer?

A: Absolutely! Sunsplash Golfland is open during the summer months and provides a refreshing escape from the heat. Check their website for specific opening hours and plan your visit accordingly.


A: Absolutely! Sacramento water park Sunsplash offers designated areas and attractions specifically designed for toddlers and younger children. These areas ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the little ones.

Does Sacramento have a water park?

you bet! There are two waterparks in and around Sacramento you should check out. See my article for full post

What is the scariest ride at Sunsplash Roseville?

From my experience, I’d have to say the vortex is crazy scary!

Can I bring food into Sunsplash?

No food or drinks aside from a sealed bottle of water is allowed in. You can bring an empty water canteen.

Is Wake Island open?

it is open during the summer months and reservations online are required

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