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7 Best & Most Aesthetic Coffee Shops in Sacramento

Sacramento, California

by Coco Tran On September 12, 2023

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

So you’re visiting Sacramento and you’re looking for the best coffee Sacramento has to offer?

Well, you’re in luck, because Sacramento has some of the best coffee shops and awesome local coffee roasters.

As someone who takes their latte seriously, and cares about aesthetics just as much.

The best coffee in Sacramento also happens to be some of the most aesthetic coffee shops, coincidence? I think not.

Here’s my list of favorite and most aesthetic and best coffee shops in downtown and midtown Sacramento!

Milka Coffee, Sacramento

7 Aesthetic Coffee Shops With the Best Coffee in Sacramento

If you’re looking for the best coffee spots in Sacramento that serve good coffee but are also cute coffee shops, I’ve got you!

Sacramento coffee shops are some of the best in Nor Cal. Founded, roasted, and brewed right here in Sacramento! I’ve been on a caffeine-fueled journey to find the best brews in Sacramento that are equally good as well as aesthetic, and I’ve compiled a list of the top coffee shops that you absolutely should check out! Whether you’re looking for cute coffee shops Sacramento, or the best coffee in Sacramento, you’ll find your perfect coffee spot.

Here’s my list of 7 of the best coffee In Sacramento

best coffee shops sacramento

#1 best coffee sacramento

Milka Coffee


Milka Coffee Sacramento

The Aesthetics and coffee are unparalleled, they know how to brew an aesthetic latte that tastes as good as it looks! There’s plenty of comfy seating to chat or get some work done. You bet there’s wifi! Milka Coffee is a the best coffee shops in Sacramento to study at. There’s plenty of seating and it’s not too loud.

#1 Best Coffee Shop in Sacramento

Scorpio Coffee

coffee shops in midtown sacramento

Scorpio Coffee

For an elevated Japanese modern aesthetic coffee shop in Sacramento, visit the darling Scorpio Coffee in the heart of Midtown. It’s our very own Arabica-esque coffee spot in Sacramento. There’s limited indoor seating, with a cute patio to enjoy, swing by and grab a cup of their matcha latte –it’s on point! They have yummy small breakfast and lunch plates with a Japanese twist as well (try their mushroom toast, it’s so good!)

#3 best coffee sacramento

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters


Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

If you’re a fan of iced or cold-brew coffee, then you must visit! Their cold brew is one of the best in Sacramento, and they also offer a range of other coffee drinks that are equally delicious. They take pride in their brewing techniques, every cup of coffee is made to perfection.

#3 best coffee in sacramento

Old Soul Co

coffee shops in midtown sacramento

Old Soul Co

This coffee shop not only serves excellent coffee but also has a great selection of pastries and lunch to enjoy with your drink. Their location in an old warehouse gives the place a rustic and industrial feel, making it the perfect spot for a casual hangout. Their bowl of soul is my go-to! it warmths my soul!

#5 best coffee in sacramento

The Mill Coffee

coffee shops in midtown sacramento

The Mill Coffee

if you’re looking for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy your coffee in Sacramento, then look no further than The Mill Coffee. This feminine aesthetic coffee shop in Sacramento has a light and inviting vibe, perfect for getting some work or studying done. Their coffee is brewed to perfection, and their pastries and snacks are a great accompaniment to your cup of joe.

#6 sacramento coffee shop

Temple Coffee Roasters Sacramento

coffee shops in midtown sacramento + Other Locations

Temple Coffee Roasters

The original coffee shop that put Sacramento’s craft coffee shops on the map, Temple Coffee Roasters is known for its exceptional coffee beans and brewing techniques. One of the first coffee shops in Sacramento and have a huge following. They are one of the handful of local Sacramento Coffee roasters who roasts their beans in house. They have multiple locations that have a mid-century modern aesthetic to it. They also have THE BEST fragrant Jasmine tea. Order their Enlightenment tea (sub jasmine for chamomile). It’s my absolute fave!

#7 best coffee in sacramento -cute coffee shops sacramento

Pachamama Coffee


Pachamama Coffee

Farmer Owned, roasted locally in small batches. Quality exudes from Pachamama, inspired by the mountains of Peru. Their aesthetics are modern and earthy as is their coffee. Come by and grab a cup. Their beans are also some of the best to brew your own at home!

Have you tried any of these? Let me know which is your favorite!

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