Best time To visit Upper Antelope Canyon
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The Best Antelope Canyon Tours to book 

Arizona, North America

by Coco Tran On September 8, 2023

The Best Antelope Canyon Tours

Are you looking for the best Antelope Canyon tours? As one of the most beautiful slot canyons in the world, the best time to visit Antelope Canyon is during the Spring or Fall or early summer. Antelope Canyon is known for its stunning natural beauty and an array of beautiful colors on sandstone. In this article I’ll share the best 8 tours To Antelope Canyon! 

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my pick: The Best antelope canyon tour

Best time To visit Upper Antelope Canyon

Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon Tour

  • see both of the spectacular canyons
  • small group size
  • an experienced Navajo guide

If that’s not the one for you, there are 7 more options in this article. In it, I gathered together the most important information to make your decision.

Ready to Book the Best The Best Antelope Canyon Tours?

You’re in the right place because the best Best Antelope Canyon Tours in Arizona are featured here. How do I know they’re the best? I’ve visited Antelope Canyon and I’ve done tons of research before my trips, so I know my stuff when it comes to the Best Antelope Canyon Tours.

With tons of The Best Antelope Canyon Tours, it’s hard to know which are worth the money. That’s why I’m here to help!

I have been on several Antelope Canyon Tours throughout the years, and vetted all the tours in this article to make sure they’re highly rated and well-reviewed — so all you have to do is book a boat tour, and enjoy!

Below, you’ll find the top-rated Antelope Canyon Tours, so you know you’re making the right choice when booking your tour.

Don’t have time to read the full article?

 Book this Amazing Antelope Canyon Tour— a experience with a near-perfect 5 Star rating.

My Top 2 Picks: The Best Antelope Canyon Tours

Best time To visit Upper Antelope Canyon

Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon Tour

  • see both of the spectacular canyons
  • small group size
  • an experienced Navajo guide

Best time To visit Upper Antelope Canyon

Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon Tour

  • see both of the spectacular canyons
  • small group size
  • an experienced Navajo guide

Choosing The Best Antelope Canyon Tours: What to Consider

Selecting the ideal tour requires thoughtful consideration. Determine which slot canyon you’d like to experience, and which location you are traveling from. Tailor your choice to create an experience that resonates with you.

About Antelope Canyon Arizona : A Natural wonder

Nestled in the heart of Arizona, Antelope Canyon stands as a testament to the breathtaking beauty sculpted by nature’s hands.

This geological wonder has captured the hearts and lenses of countless visitors due to its unique blend of smooth sandstone walls adorned with vibrant colors. The canyon’s striking appearance is a result of the harmonious interplay between flash floods and wind erosion over countless years.

A World of Antelope Slot Canyons

Antelope Canyon is divided into three distinct sections: Upper, Lower, and Canyon X. Each of these segments offers its own distinct character and allure, inviting exploration and discovery.

Exploring Arizona Antelope Canyon & Visiting Antelope Canyon

To Visit Antelope Canyon is a journey into the heart of geological artistry. To experience this wonder, you have to go on guided tours offered by authorized Navajo tour operators as it is Navajo tribal land. Self-guided tours are prohibited in order to preserve the canyon. Tours typically last 1-1.5 hours.

Antelope Canyon is split into three distinct sections that require different tours to access and have accessibility requirements. Antelope Canyon three sections to see are – Upper, Lower, and Canyon X.

Each has its own unique characteristics. Upper Antelope Canyon is the most accessible and easiest to navigate. Lower Antelope Canyon requires climbing ladders and squeezing through narrow spaces. Canyon X is the shortest but also the quietest and least crowded. Here’s what to know about each antelope canyon section:

Upper Antelope Canyon: Accessible To Most 

Among the three sections, Upper Antelope Canyon stands as the most accessible and easiest to navigate. Its wide corridors and gentle inclines make it suitable for all ages and levels of physical ability. This section is particularly renowned for its captivating “light beams,” which grace the canyon’s interior during mid-day, creating a surreal and ethereal experience a photographers favorite. 

Lower Antelope Canyon: A unique narrow perspective 

 Lower Antelope Canyon is the most beautiful in my opinion and it’s the one I think made for more beautiful photos!

This section demands traversing ladders and navigating through narrow passages, adding an additional dimension to photos.

The reward? A unique perspective of the canyon’s intricate formations and an intimate connection with its geological story.

Canyon X: A Hidden Gem 

Canyon X, although the shortest of the three sections, offers an escape from the crowds.

Its quieter ambiance allows for a way to experience this canyon without rubbing shoulders with others visitors.

Canyon X offers a moment of stillness  amidst the vibrant hues and twisting sandstone walls. A great antelope canyon 

Best Tours to Antelope Canyon and Best Tour Company for Antelope Canyon

best antelope canyon tours.

Here are 8 best Tours to Antelope Canyon to book:

Best Upper Antelope Canyon Tours

best antelope canyon tours

Rating: 4.5/5 | Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours | Book Now

Go on an exploration of the captivating Upper Antelope Canyon, renowned for its stunning light beams and exquisite sandstone formations. Highlights include:

  • Guided tour of the Upper Antelope Canyon’s remarkable beauty.
  • Witnessing the enchanting interplay of light and shadows.
  • Professional guides sharing insights into the canyon’s geology.

Reviewer’s Insight: “The Upper Antelope Canyon tour was a mesmerizing experience! The guides were attentive, and the way the sunlight illuminates the canyon’s walls is truly magical. This tour exceeded my expectations.”

Best Lower Antelope Canyon Group Tour

Best time To visit Lower Antelope Canyon
Lower Antelope Canyon

Rating: 4.5/5 | Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours | Book Now

Discover the magic of Lower Antelope Canyon on this group tour. Wander through the narrow sandstone passages and witness the breathtaking interplay of light and shadow. Highlights include:

  • Guided tour through the iconic Lower Antelope Canyon.
  • Captivating photo opportunities with the stunning light beams.
  • Expert guides sharing insights into the canyon’s geology and history.

Reviewer’s Insight: “The Lower Antelope Canyon tour was an incredible experience! The guides were knowledgeable and made the journey truly enjoyable. The way the light dances on the walls of the canyon is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. A must-do for anyone visiting the area!”

Best Antelope Canyon X Tour

top things to do in page az
antelope canyon

Rating: 4.5/5 | Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours | Book Now

Uncover the lesser-known Antelope Canyon X, a hidden gem with its own captivating beauty. Escape the crowds and enjoy a serene experience. Highlights include:

  • Guided tour of the enchanting Antelope Canyon X.
  • Opportunity to explore a quieter and less crowded section.
  • Immersive experience of the canyon’s tranquil atmosphere.

Reviewer’s Insight:Antelope Canyon X was a delightful surprise! The tour was peaceful and allowed us to connect with nature without the usual crowds. The canyon’s unique formations and peaceful ambiance made it a truly memorable visit.”

Best Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

Rating: 4.5/5 | Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours | Book Now

Immerse yourself in the wonders of both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon with this comprehensive tour. Explore two distinct sections of this natural masterpiece. Highlights include:

  • Guided tour covering both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon.
  • Witnessing the distinctive characteristics of each section.
  • An in-depth experience of Antelope Canyon’s mesmerizing formations.

Reviewer’s Insight: “This tour provided a complete Antelope Canyon experience! The guides shared interesting facts about the canyons, and visiting both Upper and Lower sections allowed us to truly appreciate their unique beauty. A fantastic journey!”

Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon from Page, Arizona

Best time To visit Upper Antelope Canyon

Rating: 4 /5 | Duration: 8 hours | Book Now

Go on a local tour from Page, Arizona, to discover both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon’s natural wonders. Dive into the heart of these geological marvels. Highlights include:

  • Guided tour departing from Page, Arizona, to explore Antelope Canyon.
  • In-depth exploration of the captivating formations and features.
  • Learn about the canyon’s significance from knowledgeable guides.

Reviewer’s Insight: “The Antelope Canyon tour from Page, Arizona, was a fantastic experience. The guides shared fascinating insights about the canyons, and the tour provided ample time to appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of this geological wonder.”

Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend from Las Vegas

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

Rating: 5/ 5 | Duration: full day | Book Now

Get ready for an exciting day trip from Las Vegas to explore Antelope Canyon and the iconic Horseshoe Bend. Capture the beauty of these natural wonders up close. Highlights include:

  • Guided tour from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.
  • Chance to see two breathtaking landmarks in one day.
  • Marvel at the unique rock formations and stunning vistas.

Reviewer’s Insight: “The trip from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend was well worth it! The guides were friendly and informative, making the journey enjoyable. The sights were simply breathtaking, and I’m so glad I took this tour.”

Best Photography Antelope Canyon Photo Tour

Coco Tran — Aesthetic Travel Blog By Film Photographer Coco Tran

Rating: 5/ 5 | Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours | Book Now

Calling all photography enthusiasts! Join this specialized photo tour of Antelope Canyon to capture its beauty through your lens. Highlights include:

  • Guided tour designed for photography enthusiasts.
  • Ample time for capturing the canyon’s intricate formations and light displays.
  • Professional photography tips from experienced guides.

Reviewer’s Insight: “As a photography lover, this tour was a dream come true! The guides understood the importance of lighting and angles for great shots. I managed to capture some stunning images of Antelope Canyon that I’ll cherish forever.”

Crafting Your Antelope Canyon Experience

What to Expect on Your Antelope Canyon Tours

Your tour of Antelope Canyon is guided by a knowledgeable Navajo guide who will lead you through the winding corridors, revealing the stories etched into the canyon’s sandstone canvas. Learning about its history and formations

Are tripods allowed in antelope canyon? While photography is allowed during certain portions of the tour, larger equipment like tripods and selfie sticks are prohibited to ensure the safety of both visitors and the canyon itself.

Weather Considerations: Nature’s Unpredictable Dance

Antelope Canyon’s tours can be subject to temporary closures due to weather conditions, particularly the risk of flash floods. It is advisable to stay informed and be prepared for possible adjustments in your plans. Moreover, booking your tour well in advance is recommended, especially during peak seasons, as the slots tend to fill up quickly! It’s recommended to book tours well in advance since they can sell out, especially during peak seasons and reservations are required to visit. 

The Best Antelope Canyon Tours for Various Explorers

Best Antelope Canyon tours for families

For families with young children or those seeking leisurely exploration, both Upper Antelope Canyon and Canyon X offer accessible terrain and captivating sights suitable for all ages.

These sections provide an opportunity for families to bond over nature’s wonders while creating lasting memories.

Best Antelope Canyon Tours 

If you’re an adventurous soul and want unique beautiful photos like mine, the Lower Antelope Canyon is your playground.

With ladders to climb and narrow passageways to conquer, this section promises beautiful pictures through the heart of the Earth’s geological evolution.

If you’d want the best of both worlds the combination of upper and lower tour is your best bet.

Best time to Visit Antelope canyon Catching the Magic

Mid-Day “Light Beams” in Upper Antelope Canyon

If witnessing the famed “light beams” that illuminate the interior of Upper Antelope Canyon is on your bucket list, plan your visit between April and September, around mid-day.

During this period, the sun’s rays penetrate the narrow openings, creating an otherworldly spectacle that leaves visitors in awe.

Year-Round Beauty

While the mid-day light beams steal the spotlight, both Lower Antelope Canyon and Canyon X offer their own charms throughout the year.

Whether it’s the tranquil serenity of Canyon X or the timeless allure of Lower Antelope Canyon, there’s no shortage of natural beauty to see.

Choosing Your Base: Where to Stay by Antelope Canyon

If you’re looking for the best place to stay near Antelope canyon check out my article here.

Page, Arizona: The Gateway to Wonders

Staying in Page, Arizona, offers convenient access to Antelope Canyon and its neighboring marvels.

The town’s proximity to Lake Powell and the Colorado River provides a plethora of outdoor activities to complement your canyon experience.

Day Trips from Las Vegas

For those seeking a day trip adventure, Las Vegas serves as a feasible base.

While the drive to Antelope Canyon might be longer, the journey is well worth the reward of witnessing nature’s artistic prowess up close.

Tips for visiting Antelope Canyon

When planning a visit to the incredible Antelope Canyon, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

First, be aware that Antelope Canyon is subject to unexpected closures, particularly during monsoon season when flash floods can occur.

The operators of Antelope Canyon and the Navajo Parks and Recreation department make any decisions about closing the canyon due to weather risks.

Tour companies like National Park Express have no control over these closures, so visitors should be prepared for last-minute changes to their plans.

Second, pay close attention to the prohibited items list for Antelope Canyon tours.

  • Professional cameras and video equipment are banned during the guided walks through the canyon.
  • You also cannot bring backpacks, binocular cases, camera bags, clear plastic bags, fanny packs, purses, oversized totes, or bags with printed patterns or mesh.
  • Tripods, selfie sticks, and monopods are also not allowed.

Leave these items behind to avoid having to store them elsewhere during your tour.

Finally, don’t forget to pack a few essentials to make your Antelope Canyon experience more comfortable.

Bring a hat, sunscreen, and shoes appropriate for walking on uneven ground and climbing ladders. These items will help protect you from the desert sun and allow you to safely traverse the canyon.


is visiting antelope canyon worth it?

Undoubtedly, the effort invested in an Antelope Canyon tour yields a reward beyond measure.

The sweeping sandstone walls that encapsulate your every step, the kaleidoscope of colors that dance before your eyes, and the stories whispered by the wind leave an indelible mark on your heart and memory.

As you traverse the corridors of Antelope Canyon, you become a witness to a geological tale that has unfolded over millennia. The Navajo guides who shepherd you through this realm share the canyon’s secrets, inviting you to connect with the Earth in a profound and personal way.

Can you go to Antelope canyon without reservation?

Yes. You can go to Antelope Canyon without a reservation, but it’s recommended to book your tours in advance. Antelope Canyon is really popular and can get sold out in the peak season. You’ll want to reserve well in advance.

How much does Antelope Canyon cost?

The cost of a tour of Antelope Canyon varies depending on the tour operator and the section of the canyon. You can plan between $60.00 to $150.00 per person for a 1.5 hour tour.

Is it better to see Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon?

Many advise seeing Lower Antelope Canyon over Upper Antelope Canyon. Lower Antelope Canyon requires more physical effort with narrow passages and ladders, but it is more adventurous and less crowded than Upper.

What time is it in Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon adheres to Arizona Time (MST) year-round without daylight savings. In winter it is one hour ahead of Pacific Time, and in summer it matches Pacific Time, making it one hour ahead of Utah (MDT).

What is there to do at Antelope Canyon?

Guided walking tours are the main activity when visiting Antelope Canyon. They provide a chance to take incredible photos of the unique rock formations and beams of light.

Where is Antelope Canyon in Arizona?

The canyon is situated right outside Page, Arizona on Navajo Nation territory, very near the border of Utah and Lake Powell.

Do you need a permit for Antelope Canyon?

Access permits are obligatory to enter Antelope Canyon. The Navajo Nation charges an $8 per person entrance fee, sometimes included in tour prices or paid separately.

Is Antelope Canyon a national park?

Antelope Canyon is not a national park, but part of the Navajo Nation Parks. There are costs associated with visiting.

Is Antelope Canyon free?

Visiting Antelope Canyon is not free – guided tour bookings and Navajo permit fees must be paid.

Page, Arizona is the best place to stay when visiting Antelope Canyon since it’s the nearest town.

Canyon X is a more affordable alternative to Upper Antelope Canyon, going deeper underground for more light. But Upper Antelope remains more renowned.

In conclusion, Antelope Canyon tours promise an odyssey through time and geology, a communion with nature’s artistry that is nothing short of extraordinary. The marriage of light and stone, the legacy of flash floods and wind, the whispers of Navajo guides, and the footprints of explorers merge to create an experience that resonates in the hearts of all who venture here. Whether you choose the accessible elegance of Upper Antelope Canyon, the thrilling adventure of Lower Antelope Canyon, or the tranquil serenity of Canyon X, you embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary and immerses you in the realm of the sublime.

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