what to wear to peyto lake banff
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what to wear to peyto lake banff

What I Wore To Peyto Lake, Banff

I visited beautiful Banff in September. This Was another look I styled and wore to Peyto Lake for sunrise, it kept me warm layers and comfortable in the cool morning air. This outfit feels stylish and functional! Here’s how I styled my outfit to Peyto Lake and suggestions on what to wear to Peyto lake, Banff

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What I Wore To Lake Peyto For Sunrise

What To Wear to Peyto Lake Banff. I wanted to keep a chic look yet make it appropriate for the outdoors. I wore my favorite oversized blazer and trousers because they can be easily layered over a thermal top or turtleneck for extra warmth. Plus, the oversized silhouette provides a chic and modern touch to your outfit. When it comes to boots, there are a few options that would work well for this occasion. Insulated hiking boots or waterproof rain boots are both practical choices that will keep your feet warm and dry in the cool, potentially wet, mountain air.

To style the oversized blazer and trousers with boots for a visit to Peyto Lake, try pairing the suit with a sleek turtleneck and boots. Add a sporty cap, a sporty and handy leather sling bag, and vintage sunnies to complete the look, and you’ll be ready to take in the stunning sunrise at Peyto Lake in style.

What do you think of my outfit? What did you wear? If you have questions ask below in my comments. Xx Coco

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