Hotel Building in Sunlight in Hanoi

Getting From Hanoi Airport to Hanoi City Center Your Hotel

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Okay, you’ve landed at Hanoi aiport (Noi Bai International Airport) after that long flight. Now you just need to get from Hanoi airport to hanoi city to check into your hotel or Airbnb. I’ve broken down all the transfer options by budget and convenience to make your arrival as smooth as can be.

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Getting From Hanoi Aiport to City Center Your Hotel

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  • Book a Private Transfer – Most convenient option starting at $14, no haggling 
  • Uber in Vietnam /Grab (Vietnams rideshare) – Affordable ride share apps from $12
  • Taxi – Standard cabs for around $14, stick to reputable companies
  • Airline Shuttle Bus – most affordable $1.30, goes directly to the Old Quarter
  • Public Bus #86 – Most budget-friendly at $1.30, also reaches Old Quarter
Ha Noi

Information on airport in Hanoi vietnam

Airport Code Hanoi 

Hanoi is served by the Noi Bai International Airport (airport code Hanoi HAN). It’s the main airport serving northern Vietnam as well as the capital city.


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Hanoi airport to city center distance

The airport is located about 28 miles (45 km) northwest of Hanoi’s city center.

By car, it takes approximately 40-60 minutes to reach the Old Quarter neighborhood depending on traffic.

Distance from Hanoi Airport to City Centre

The driving distance from Noi Bai Airport to Hanoi’s city center and the Old Quarter area ranges from 18-28 miles (29-45 km) depending on your final destination. The travel time is typically 40-60 minutes by car or taxi.

Despite its international airport designation, Noi Bai is actually closer to Hanoi than you might think. It’s only about 18 miles (29 km) from the middle of the Old Quarter, which is considered the heart of the city.

For some perspective, the driving distance from Noi Bai to the Old Quarter is similar to the distance between central London and Heathrow Airport. So while Hanoi’s airport isn’t literally in the city, it’s still pretty conveniently located nearby.

Helpful Tip: If you’re staying in the Old Quarter, let your transportation driver know that’s your destination. It’s the main tourist hub they’ll be familiar with.

No matter which airport transfer option you choose – private car, taxi, bus, etc. – the routes will be pretty straightforward heading into the city from Noi Bai. Just sit back and enjoy that first glimpse of Hanoi’s infamous traffic chaos!

If You Want Maximum Convenience: how to get from hanoi airport to hanoi city

Let’s start with the easiest options. If you don’t want to deal with any hassles after your trip, just book a private airport transfer Hanoi. Prices start at $14, but go up if you need a bigger vehicle for your group. Your driver will be waiting as soon as you get through arrivals to take you straight to your accommodations – no waiting around or negotiating.

Helpful Tip: Book your private transfer in advance for true door-to-door service.

Hotel Building in Sunlight in Hanoi

Hanoi aiport to old quarter by Grab

Ride apps like Uber and Grab are also really convenient, with fares around $12 to the Old Quarter area. Just request your ride through the app and you’re set.

Scam Alert: make sure you have the correct Grab, some cars will waive tourist into their car but it’s not your actual Grab driver  

TransferCostGood For
Private TransferFrom $14Hassle-free arrival, door-to-door service
Hanoi aiport to city GrabFrom $14Affordable convenience, track your ride

Hanoi airport to Old Quarter Bus

Hanoi airport transfer by public transportation

If you’d rather save some cash, Hanoi has really affordable public transit options from the airport. A lot of the airlines offer shuttle bus services for about $1.30 per person that will drop you off right in the Old Quarter. Easy enough but the wait and with luggage is something to consider.

But if you really want to travel on a backpacker’s budget, take the public bus #86 for the same $1.30 fare. It makes a few stops around the Old Quarter before terminating at the main station. Not the fastest route, but it’s an easy way to start experiencing the city like a local right after landing.

Helpful Tip: Have some Vietnamese dong ready if you go the public transit route for fares.

how to get from Hanoi airport to hanoi city by bus

Hanoi has a decent public bus system that can be a great way to see different areas of the city without breaking the bank. Buses run from very early until around 10pm. Just make sure to have plenty of small change in Vietnamese dong to pay the fares.

TransferCostGood For
Airline Shuttle Bus$1.30Cheap and goes directly to Old Quarter
Public Bus #86$1.30Most budget-friendly, great for experiencing the city

However you choose to get there, just know that once you arrive, the chaos and excitement of Hanoi will be waiting to greet you. The narrow alleys, street food aromas, buzzing crowds – it’s all part of the experience. 

The only downsides are the routes can be confusing for visitors and the buses get extremely crowded during rush hours. But embrace the chaos – that’s just how public transit rolls in Hanoi!

Personally, I’m a fan of arranging a private transfer, you start your trip hassle free.

Helpful Tip: Use ride apps to estimate your public bus route and stop, if you go that way. The apps come in handy for navigation around Hanoi too.

Got it, here’s the recommendation with private transfer as the top option and Grab as second:

Vehicles and Motorcycles on the Road

How to Get from Hanoi to Hanoi Airport

For getting from Hanoi city center to Noi Bai International Airport, I recommend booking a private transfer. This door-to-door service is the most convenient and hassle-free option.

Your private driver will pick you up from your hotel at a scheduled time and get you to the airport reliably, even dealing with any Hanoi traffic delays. Prices start around $14 USD. It’s worth the cost for a seamless experience, especially if you have lots of luggage.

If a private transfer doesn’t appealing, your next best option is to request a Grab car. The ride-sharing app is popular in Hanoi and generally costs $12-15 USD from the Old Quarter to the airport terminals.

While not as seamless as a private transfer, Grab allows you to track your driver’s arrival and gives you a set fare, avoiding any taxi hassles. Just be sure to book an adequate vehicle size for your group and luggage.

How To Get Around Hanoi During Your Stay

Of course, once you make it into Hanoi, you’ll need to figure out how to get around the city during your stay. The good news is the transportation options are just as plentiful and affordable as the airport transfers.

Grab Your Ride The Grab app you may have used for your airport transfer will definitely come in handy for rides around town. It’s the Uber of Southeast Asia and works exactly the same way. Just open the app and request a car or motorbike taxi with the tap of a button.

The best part is the fares are super cheap, especially for the motorbike taxis that can cut through Hanoi’s notorious traffic. Just be prepared for a wild ride weaving between cars and dodging pedestrians! It’s all part of the Hanoi experience.

Helpful Tip: For longer rides, ask your Grab driver to run the meter instead of taking the flat rate on the app. It’s usually cheaper.

Walk If You Can Despite the motorbike-choked streets, Hanoi is a fantastic walking city, especially around the Old Quarter. Lace up your walking shoes and wander the maze of atmospheric alleys, dodging street vendors and taking in all the sights, sounds and smells.

Just be careful crossing roads here. The motorbikes never stop! Look both ways about a hundred times and walk slowly and confidently across the intersections.

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