4 Best Hotels in Banff for Couples For A Romantic Canadian Rockies Getaway

Banff, Canada

by Coco Tran On September 10, 2023

Are you planning a romantic getaway to Banff National Park, and want the best hotels in Banff for couples? I’ve compiled the best the crème de la crème of places to stay in Banff for couples.

From luxury hotels with hot tubs to cozy lodges with fireplaces. Whether you’re looking for a winter wonderland or a summer escape, Banff is the perfect place for a couples’ retreat in the heart of the Canadian Rockies!

In this article, I’ll take you through the 4 best hotels in Banff for couples including luxury hotels with hot tubs, cozy romantic lodges, and hotels with luxurious suites with the best balcony lake views Banff has to offer. Let’s get started!

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No time to read full article? This is the best hotel in Banff For Couples To Book Now

Fairmont Lake Louise Best Hotels in Banff For CouplesPin

best hotels in banff for couples: fairmont chateau lake louise

  • View of Lake Louise From your room
  • a world class restaurant
  • 5 star hotel with 5 star reviews
  • luxurious amenties and a spa

The Best Hotels in Banff for Couples With The Best Views

best hotel in banff

The best hotels for couples in Banff also offer the best views! If you want to whisk your better half away to a romantic getaway and want to have Lake Moraine or Lake Louise as your backyard,

here are my personal top picks for the best hotels in Banff for couples who want to enjoy the best views Banff has to offer.

best hotels in banff for couples : Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

A Luxurious Couples’ Getaway

Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of Banff, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise stands as a luxurious haven for couples seeking an unforgettable retreat. This is the

One of the best hotels in Banff for couples, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise boasts a prime location right on the shores of the world-renowned Lake Louise! it’s the only hotel with this prime view of Lake Louise. If you want to experience this luxury Book your stay at the Fairmont Lake Louise here.

The beautiful turquoise waters and the majestic Victoria Glacier create a beautiful backdrop for your romantic escape. As you gaze upon the stunning panorama from your room, enjoy your coffee in your robe.Book your stay at the Fairmont Lake Louise now.

Book Your Stay at the Fairmont chataeu lake louise:

Fairmont Lake Louise Best Hotels in Banff For CouplesPin

Rating: 9 /10 out of over 1,200 reviews | 5 star Hotel | Book Now

The Best View of Lake Louise: This chateau is best hotels in banff for couple. Perched by the ethereal Lake Louise with unparalleled views of Lake Louise or the surrounding mountain views

Why Book Your Stay at the Fairmont Lake Louise:

  • Luxurious rooms: Enjoy the luxurious comfort of their elegantly furnished rooms
  • Large rooms and suites: The Fairmont has a large selection of rooms available from suites to double guests rooms and even rooms with balconies
  • Amazing dining options: Ranging from the elegant Fairview to the cozy Lakeview Lounge
  • Award Winning Fairmont Spa: offers couples’ massages and treatments to rejuvenate your body and soul. It also features an indoor heated pool.
  • Guided mountain adventures and activities: Exciting activities such as canoeing, horseback riding, and snowshoeing, tailored to your interests and skill level
  • The Chateau’s iconic Ice Bar: During winter, where you can share a toast to your love while surrounded by shimmering ice house/sculptures. A bar completely made of Ice!
  • Winter wonderland: If you’re visiting during the colder months, lace up your skates for a twirl on the magical ice rink.

Reviewer’s Insight:

10/10 Excellent


Aug 2, 2023

Liked: Cleanliness, staff & service, amenities, property conditions & facilities

We had a wonderful visit this time at the Fairmont. It has been a few years since the last time and it was just a spectacular as we remembered it to be. We had the chance to dine at three of the restaurants and had an excellent experience and delicious food at all of them. We hiked up to the tea house and also did the lakefront walk. We did the sunrise canoe ride breakfast on the lake during our last visit so we chose not to do it this time. If they still offer this, it’s a MUST to try out!! The only issue we encountered was the major construction project that the hotel is undergoing. It was extremely loud for the majority of the day beginning early morning…. as well as an eye sore for the beautiful property. Although this cannot be helped, it definitely interferes with the peace and quiet of the lake so I felt it was worth mentioning. Overall, this property is absolutely amazing and we had an incredible time while visiting.❤️ 🇨🇦 ❤️

Don’t miss out! Book your stay at Fairmont Chataeu now:

Tip: Reserve a lakeview room for a mesmerizing sight of the sun rising over the turquoise waters (no need to find parking!)

best hotels in banff for couples: Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel

Fairmont Banff Springs –the Castle in the Rockies, is one of the most luxurious hotels in Banff, and it’s the perfect place in Banff for a couples’ getaway.

The hotel offers a range of rooms and suites with private hot tubs, fireplaces, and stunning views of the mountains. This iconic castle-like hotel also features a world-class spa, fitness center, multiple restaurants for guests to enjoy, and an indoor pool. The elegant rooms feature plush bedding, a fireplace, and a private balcony. To experience this luxury for yourself book the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Now.

Tip: Surprise your loved one with a private horse-drawn carriage ride through the stunning Bow Falls

Why You Should Stay Here:

  1. Plush modern rooms with breathtaking views: suites with a fireplace and a private balcony
  2. Award-winning dining experiences
  3. A world-class spa that has: a large indoor & heated outdoor pool and outdoor hot tub
  4. Unwind together: Indulge in a rejuvenating couples’ spa treatment or take a leisurely dip in the mineral pools.
  5. World Class Golf course
  6. Endless outdoor activities in the surrounding wilderness, you can even surprise your loved one with a private horse-drawn carriage ride through the stunning Bow Falls.
  7. timeless elegance: Dubbed the “Castle in the Rockies, “Fairmont Banff Springs exudes old-world charm.
  8. Dine in style: Savor exquisite cuisine and fine wines at one of their many top-notch restaurants, perfect for a candlelit dinner.

The Best Hotel For: Suites with Private balcony & Close to Banff Gondola

The Fairmont Banff Springs

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel offers top-notch amenities, large suites with fireplaces, and private balconies with a view of the Rockies.

photo by: Fairmont Hotel

2nd best hotels in banff for couples: Rimrock Resort Hotel

A Mountain Haven

Fairmont Lake Louise Best Hotel in Banff For CouplesPin

If your goal is to find the best hotels in Banff for couples that offer jaw-dropping views, look no further than Rimrock Resort Hotel. Perched high above the town, this hotel offers unparalleled panoramas of the surrounding mountains.

With its elegant rooms, top-notch amenities, and delectable cuisine, you’ll be on cloud nine. Not to mention, the nearby Upper Hot Springs provides the perfect spot for a steamy soak à deux.

The hotel’s unique position on the side of Sulphur Mountain offers guests breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. It is also conveniently close to popular attractions such as the Banff Gondola, the Upper Hot Springs, and the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

  • Breathtaking views: The hotel’s elevated position offers couples stunning panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains and valleys, setting the stage for a romantic escape.
  • Unwind together: Indulge in a rejuvenating couples’ spa treatment or take a leisurely dip in the mineral pools.
  • Dine in style: Savor exquisite cuisine and fine wines at one of their many top-notch restaurants, perfect for a candlelit dinner.
  • Proximity to attractions: The hotel’s convenient location allows easy access to popular Banff attractions such as the Banff Gondola, Sulphur Mountain, and the Upper Hot Springs.
  • Exceptional service: The attentive and welcoming staff will ensure your stay is memorable, helping you arrange any special requests or surprises for your significant other.

The Best Hotel For: Blend of Luxury & Romance with suite Balcony Panoramic Views

Rimrock Resort Hotel

Rimrock Resort Hotel offers couples an ideal blend of luxury, romance, and adventure, making it a top choice for a memorable getaway in Banff. It also offers a suite with panoramic balcony views of the surrounding mountains and is close to Banff downtown.

photo by: Hotel

3rd best hotels in banff for couples : Moraine Lake Lodge

A Lakeside Cozy Lodge Lake

Moraine Lake Lodge is an exceptional choice for a romantic getaway for couples in Banff, boasting its stunning location steps away from the picturesque Moraine Lake, surrounded by majestic mountains and pristine wilderness, offering couples a serene and intimate retreat. Besides its unparalleled location, the lodge offers a plethora of amenities that cater to couples, including cozy and luxurious cabins with breathtaking views, delicious gourmet meals with breakfast included, and a variety of complimentary outdoor activities such as guided hiking, canoeing, and star gazing.

  • Direct lake view: Moraine Lake Lodge boasts an idyllic setting, with the serene lake and towering mountains as your backdrop.
  • Cozy cabins: Curl up by the fireplace in one of their charming cabins, providing a secluded and intimate escape for couples.
  • Endless adventure: Take advantage of complimentary canoeing (Typically $140 for the hour rental!) or guided hikes to explore the stunning landscape together.

Plan a surprise picnic by the shore of Moraine Lake, complete with gourmet treats and a bottle of bubbly, for an enchanting afternoon of romance and relaxation.

The Best Hotel For: A romantic getaway with idyllic views of Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake Lodge

Moraine Lake Lodge is an exceptional choice for a romantic getaway for couples, boasting its stunning location just steps away from the picturesque Moraine Lake. Free parking and complimentary canoe rental. By Staying here you won’t have to miss the epic sunrise!

photo by: Hotel

lake louise best hotels for couplesPin
early morning at lake louise

Ready to book your couples romantic getaway in banff ?

Don’t miss out! Book your stay at Fairmont Chataeu now:

#1 Best Hotel with stunning views of Lake Louise

book your roon now at : Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Enjoy the magnificent view of one of Banff’s most iconic lakes and luxuriate in this 5 star hotel. It’s the ultimate luxury for a romantic couples getaway in the Canadian Rockies!

photo by: Fairmont Hotel

Should I stay at Lake Louise or Banff?

Both Lake Louise and Banff are incredibly beautiful places to visit and have their own unique charm. It ultimately depends on what you are looking for in your trip.

If you are looking for a quieter, more secluded experience with stunning scenery, then Lake Louise may be the better choice for you. The lake is surrounded by towering mountains and is a popular spot for hiking and skiing. There are also plenty of luxurious accommodations and restaurants in the area.

On the other hand, if you want a livelier atmosphere with more dining and entertainment options, then Banff might be a better choice. Banff is a larger town with a bustling downtown area and a wider range of activities to enjoy. It is also home to many popular tourist attractions, such as the Banff Gondola and the Banff Hot Springs.

Ultimately, both destinations are well worth a visit, and it is possible to visit both on a single trip! If you have the time, consider spending a few days in each location at the hotels above to fully experience the beauty and charm of both Lake Louise and Banff.

Is it better to see Lake Louise in the morning or afternoon?

Lake Louise is a beautiful destination to visit at any time of day, but if you’re looking to avoid crowds and get the best lighting for photographs, then visiting in the morning is generally recommended.

In the morning, the lake is often calmer, with less wind and fewer people, allowing for better reflections of the surrounding mountains in the water. Additionally, the soft morning light can create a beautiful and serene atmosphere, making for stunning photographs.

That being said, visiting in the afternoon also has its advantages. The sun can cast beautiful shadows on the mountains, and the changing light can create different moods and colors in the landscape.

Which is better Lake Louise or Lake Moraine?

Ah, the age-old question: which is better, Lake Louise or Lake Moraine? It’s a bit like asking which is better, chocolate or vanilla. The answer, of course, is both!

In all seriousness, both Lake Louise and Lake Moraine are absolutely stunning destinations that offer their own unique charms. Lake Louise is known for its iconic turquoise waters, soaring mountains, and the luxurious Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Visitors can enjoy hiking, canoeing, and skiing, among other activities, and take in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds the lake.

Meanwhile, Moraine Lake is known for its crystal-clear waters, towering peaks, and stunning hiking trails. Visitors can enjoy hiking, boating, and wildlife viewing, among other activities, and take in the beauty of this iconic Canadian destination.

Ultimately, if you’re planning a trip to the area, we highly recommend visiting both Lake Louise and Lake Moraine. Each lake has its own unique beauty and charm, and you won’t want to miss either one.

Can you walk between Lake Louise and lake Moraine?

While it is technically possible to walk between Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, it’s not a recommended or practical option for most visitors. The journey would take you on no marked trails or facilities along the way. Also, it’s about 9 miles one way, definitely not a stroll in the park!

How far in advance should I plan Banff couple’s getaway?

Banff is a highly popular tourist destination, especially during peak season (June to September), and hotel availability can be limited. Therefore, plan your trip and book your accommodations well in advance, ideally at least 6 months ahead of time, especially if you have specific dates in mind or want to stay at a particular hotel.

Booking your accommodation early can not only secure your preferred lodging but also save you money. Many hotels offer early bird rates or promotions for guests who book in advance.

Planning ahead can also help you make the most of your time in Banff by allowing you to book activities and tours in advance, avoid long lines, and secure reservations at popular restaurants.

Want to know more about planning your trip to Banff See these articles below!

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